20 Best Marketing Tools for eCommerce

Wix may seem like a typical website builder tool but it is more than a drag-and-drop builder. It also allows you to customize your site with marketing apps fully. In this article, you’ll learn 20 of the best marketing tools that you can use on your Wix website.


Best for: people who want to set up a referral program on their Wix site. This app allows Wix website owners to create their programs with a few clicks.


Product Details: OSI Affiliate operates based on the idea that you can get more leads and sales if you have a referral program on your website. It helps you to create a referral program right from your website platform. It doesn’t matter if you are running your website on Wix. It is a versatile referral software that operates on different platforms.


Best for: eCommerce sellers, service providers, content creators, or anyone who wants to track the user behavior of their target market. It is useful for strategy formulation and implementation.


You can only respond to the needs of your market if you know what they need. You will need to do more than guess this. You need to look at actual data that tells you how your market behaves and how they react to your content. Visitor analytics on Wix helps you to do this.


Best for: paid advertisers who want to cut down on their advertising fees. By retargeting, they can serve ads only to the most relevant people in their funnel.


One of the problems with paid advertising is it can get crazily expensive. This problem happens when you don’t know how to use your data to edit your ads. You will end up paying endlessly for ads without seeing a significant return on your investments. The right solution is to implement retargeting. This method is where you only advertise your products to the people who have shown prior interest in it. But you cannot do this out of whim. You will need a tool that will track your audience’s behavior. You can then use this data to improve your online ads.


Best for: struggling marketers who can’t seem to sell their products and services because they lack testimonials. Sales Pop is a fantastic way to remind their customers that their products and services are in demand.


If there’s one thing that customers are looking for, it is usually social proof. It is quite familiar for customers not to jump on the idea of buying from you right away. They will most likely search the market for what other people are saying about your products. Sales pop adds this to your site by showing your potential customers that other people are just like them who are buying from you. It can then be considered as instant social proof.


Best for: eCommerce sellers or service providers who have their audiences at different points in their journey. This is a fantastic tool to see where their leads are on their journey to provide a relevant solution.


A welcome bar is great if you want to display different content to first-time visitors. This app gives you an excellent opportunity to provide them with a limited discount code or ask them to sign up to your list. The best thing about this tool is customer segmentation. You don’t only get to greet them. You also get to know where they are in the customer journey and how you can help them.


Best for: people who already have Facebook pages for their business. This is an excellent way to share traffic and boost your page’s likes and engagement.


You can also use your Wix website to build your social media pages. As I have mentioned, social proof is everything. It can boost your website’s credibility, and it can help you get more sales. Integrating a like button to your Wix website is easy because of this app.


Best for: Wix website owners who want to get ranked higher on the search engines. This is a great tool that can help you boost your site’s organic traffic so that you don’t always have to pay for your leads.


Marketing is essential if you want to rank your website on the search engines. You mustn’t only have highly optimized content. There should also be several websites that point to your website. This is what Site Booster can help you do.


Best for: services or retail product sellers who work bestselling to people near them. This is a great way to increase visibility for your business in your area.


Did you know that one of the easiest ways to get more sales is to find the leads that are nearest your location? This works exceptionally well for delivery services and others. This app offers free submissions to local directories so that you can gain more exposure to your business.


This is for new website owners who are struggling to get their initial boost of traffic. These are paid services that Wix website owners can pay for traffic.


You may need to drive traffic to your content for it to be effective. Traffic also contributes to your search engine rankings. In my experiment, I found that as more people visit your website, you’ll rank on the search engines. This is a tool that can help you get more hits and clicks on your website.


Best for: website owners who want to get their products and services in front of their target audience through a mobile app. This tool creates an instant app from the user’s website.


The number of mobile users has grown so much in the last five years. This means that user  behavior has changed so much. They no longer visit the search engines as frequently as they used to. Now, they focus on their mobile phones. The best way to get in front of your target market is to create a mobile app. This tool transforms your site into an app in just a few clicks.


Best for: website owners who want to segment their market and prequalify leads before giving them anything. It is also an excellent way to show that you care because you took the time to get to know your audience.


One of the best ways to give what your customers need is to get to know them. There is now an ongoing trend in funnels where you can prequalify your leads by asking them to fill up a quiz. Through this, you can customize your offer based on the characteristics of your audience.


Best for: detail-oriented individuals who want to see and understand what is going on in their eCommerce websites.


Storemetrics is one of the top analytics tools on Wix. It is excellent because it is made explicitly for eCommerce. It shows you where your website traffic is going. Then, it also helps you to look at abandoned carts and loyal customers. All of these factors are essential if you want to convert your eCommerce leads into sales.


Best for: paid advertisers who want to have an all-in-one advertising and analytics tool that can be easily integrated onto Wix.


One of the quickest ways to drive targeted traffic to your Wix website is to advertise. While it may cost you, it will still be faster than sitting around and waiting for organic leads. VK Pixel is a tool that helps you to create targeted ads. The best part is that it has integrated analytics. This means that you can study your market’s behavior as you advertise.


Best for: website owners who want to improve their search engine rankings and need a go-to tool that they can use to analyze their sites for search engine optimization.


Rabbit SEO is more than an SEO analytics tool. It does not only scan your pages to ensure that they are highly optimized for the search engines, but it also analyzes the top keywords in your niche so that you can have a competitive advantage. It is an excellent tool for monitoring keyword ranking performance and how you can improve yourself.


Best for: active Instagram users who want to share their feeds with their Wix website.


Instagram is a great way to advertise your products, especially if you have an appealing feed. You can share the vibe with your Wix website by displaying your posts as a stream. This apps helps you to do that. Plus, it also allows your website visitors to discover your Instagram profile for more followers.


Best for: new and existing Mailchimp users who want to easily create beautiful opt-in forms on their website.


One of the ways to increase your traffic and sales is to build your list. It would help if you had an online community of supporters. To do this, you should have a lead capture form. Mailchimp is excellent because its services are free until you have reached a certain list count. This is a tool that allows you to display Mailchimp forms on your website easily.


Best for: active social media users who want to integrate their profiles with their Wix website.


One of the easiest ways to promote your website is to integrate it with social media. This will give your Wix website visitors the to discover your social channels and participate in your community. This is a simple tool that displays social media icons on your website, but it is a very effective way to get more leads to your social pages.


Best for website owners who have multiple Instagram account, and they want to display the content in one location. You can also use it to allow your audience to interact with your Instagram profile.


If you want to promote more than one Instagram account on your Wix website, you can do that with Instagram Pro. This is a tool that also allows your audience to view individual pictures right from your Wix website. It is a useful tool to help you integrate your Instagram with your website.


Best for: website owners who want to create an iOS app for their business.


Here is another tool that can help you create your app.; But this one is available for Apple. The best part is that you can instantly get your app on the App Store once you are done. This is an excellent way for your audience to quickly get push notifications on their mobile gadgets.


Best for: people who understand the value of video and want to integrate the strategy into their business. It can also be used for creating videos for promotions.


Video ads are viral these days because the online audience is now more interactive and engaged. This tool allows you to share videos of your products and services on Youtube and your website. It also comes with premade themes. This is a great way to create professional videos in just a few steps.


Final words

As you can see, there are so many ways to promote your business in Wix. With all the tools listed here, you’ll indeed find one that fits your marketing strategy.


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