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Online courses, e-Learning, or Massive open online classes (MOOCs) have been growing non-stop the past few months due to the pandemic. With social distancing measures in place, many people are continually turning to online learning. For learners, they do it for career advancement; some do it as a way to pass the time, while others do it to learn a new skill. On the other hand, educators do it to earn extra and leverage on things that they’re already an expert in, while some do it for their passion for teaching.

If you’re an expert on something, the idea of selling online courses is pretty tempting. Besides, selling online courses is just a matter of finding the right online course platform for you. However, if you’re not tech-savvy, going through all the hoops to finally be able to sell online courses might be daunting, not to mention the headache that you’ll get in using a substandard platform.

Jumping into MOOC as an educator can be quite overwhelming and confusing at first, but we’re here to help! This blog will guide you by giving you a list of the best online course platforms that will surely match your requirements.

What makes a Good Online Course Platform?

While there’s always the option to build your website and course platform from scratch, we will go with the easy way to sign up with an all-in-one online course platform.

So the question is, what should you look for in an online course platform? These are the top factors to consider in choosing the right MOOC platform for you:

User-friendly Interface

By subscribing to an online course platform, you should be able to hit the ground running without worrying about the technical stuff. Thus, the platform should be straightforward and easy to navigate, especially for beginners. Another thing is to make sure that the platform is optimized for mobile usage.

Massive Learning Tools

Your end goal is to teach other people effectively, so you can start earning from your online courses. However, if there are not enough learning tools available for the students, you can’t expect them to get good value from your course. Hence, it’s essential that the platform you’ll choose can facilitate active learning and equip you with the necessary tools, including videos, audio, text, PDFs, etc.

Extensive Engagement Tools

As a lecturer, one way to gauge if your students are learning is by doing quizzes and hearing questions from your students. Online learning is no different; you must choose an online course platform that offers engagement tools like quizzes, forums, Q&A, Certificates, etc.

Seamless Third-Party App Integrations

One thing that many lecturers overlook is this aspect. As you go on with your choice of platform, you might want to increase its functionality and integrate it with an email service app. Unfortunately, you’ve chosen a platform that doesn’t support such integration, thus, leaving you with manual work. To avoid this headache, you can already check at the beginning of the online course platform allows seamless integration with other apps.

Customer Support

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a beginner, this is a must-have. Having reliable customer support will help you solve your issues quickly, offering better productivity. On the other hand, when you choose a platform with lax customer support, you might have to wait for days to fix your issues, causing you to lose potential sales.

Now that you have a good understanding of the critical factors to consider in signing up for an online course platform let’s look at the top brands that made it to the list!


Teachable serves as a home to more than 100,000 instructors, with courses from essential knowledge-base to lifestyle, skills, and other types of highly engaging topics, many self-help instructors have turned their knowledge into more than $500 million profit to date. Teachable has everything you need to create and sell online courses in no time.


  • Supports multiple content types
  • Allows course content dripping
  • Allows engagement like quizzes, course compliance, certificates, etc.
  • Well-designed course player
  • Coaching product for one-on-one or group sessions
  • Robust Marketing features
  • Robust analytics and reporting tool


  • Limited site themes
  • Limited customization features for the site builder
  • Doesn’t support community forum


  • The Basic Plan costs $39 per month plus 5% transaction fees
  • The Professional Plan costs $119 per month with 0 transaction fees
  • The Business Plan costs $299 per month

Why should you use Teachable?

Teachable is highly recommended, especially for lecturers who want to work with high-level support that gives them an option to improve the way they operate and the way they reach out to their students. With an affordable price of membership and an easy-to-use system, Teachable certainly is one of the best online course platforms today.

Do you want to know more about what Teachable offers? Check out my review article on Teachable below for more.


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Thinkific provides essential tools, essential to turn knowledge into a sustainable business that influences. These tools are designed for both creators and audiences and are optimized for active and successful learning. Thinkific offers its content creators full control over their data within the platform. It’s also a straightforward platform, making it perfect even for beginners who are not tech-savvy.


  • Supports multiple media content types
  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • Easily customizable course contents
  • Wide theme collection for your site
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Built-in Marketing & Promotional features
  • Seamless integration with other apps


  • No quick options for customer support, only email
  • Paid plans might be costly for beginners


  • FREE for up to three courses
  • The Basic Plan starts at $39 per month
  • The Pro Plan starts at $79 per month
  • The Premier Plan starts at $499 per month

Why should you use Thinkific?

Thinkific has the most intelligent features intended to create impact for both the students and the course providers. Going beyond and above the courses, Thinkific understands and provides the tools needed to create a profitable online course business, and growing it along the way. Thus, making it one of our top choices.

If you want to know more about Thinkific, check out my full review article below.


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Optimize Press

OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin designed for advanced marketing. It allows the creation of landing pages, sales pages, sales funnels, membership websites, online courses, event pages, and more. With OptimizePress, users can create high-converting landing pages, impactful sales, launch pages, and powerful funnels to boost leads and sales – perfect for online courses.


  • Wide theme collection for your site
  • Easy opt-in forms
  • Highly customizable
  • Mobile responsive
  • Advanced marketing funnels
  • Customizable checkout funnels
  • Seamless integration with third-party apps


  • A bit of learning curve especially for beginners
  • Setting up might take some time


  • The Essential Plan starts at $99 per year for a single site
  • The Business Plan starts at $149 per year for up to 5 sites
  • The Suite Plan starts at $199 per year for up to 20 sites

Why should you use OptimizePress?

Flexible, simple, and fast – everything a landing page, sales page, and funnels should be. Thus, if you’re looking to build an online course page with high conversions, OptimizePress is the way. With the platform’s capability, businesses are in for a powerful marketing strategy targeted for growth.

We highly recommend using OptimizePress because it is relatively cheaper than its competing solutions, and has complete functions like membership portals that businesses can truly leverage.

If you want to know more about OptimizePress, I recommend you to read our full review article below.


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Build Your Online Course Business Today with Optimize Press


Overall, these are the best online course platforms that we recommend for those of you who are looking at other streams of income and are interested in online courses. With the tools listed above, getting started at online teaching will surely come handy. These platforms will surely equip you with the best tools that you need to jumpstart your online teaching business.

If you’ve been thinking of sharing your knowledge with the world or simply postponing your passion for teaching, this is the best time to dive into this industry. With the pandemic changing the way we learn, you’ll be helping yourself by earning more money while teaching many people around the world. Who knows, there may be some people who have been wanting to learn about your expertise!

What do you think about this blog? Do you have other online course platform options in mind? Leave us a comment below!

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