7 Key Elements To Scaling A Successful Dropshipping Business

How To run a Successful eCommerce Dropshipping Business without Getting Burnt Out

There are many things to consider when you are running a drop shipping business. It can be overwhelming. This guide was created to help people identify the core things that need to get done on a day-by-day basis. Looking at the vast number of successful drop shipping businesses around, they have these 7 key elements to them.


Add Value

This is the first one for a reason. When you don’t have much value to offer to customers, they won’t be buying. You wouldn’t be on this blog reading any of these posts if they weren’t adding value to you. As such, adding value is big. 

You may be thinking though “Wait I’m a dropshipping business. I’m already adding value.” True you are selling a product that a customer wants. However, the successful and small merchants realize a few other things as well. It’s not just the product, but their selling insights, solutions and information.


Spend Time On Marketing & SEO

Second is equally important, marketing, the ability to drive traffic to your site. The largest problem at the beginning is traffic. No one knows that you exist. It doesn’t matter how nice the site is at the beginning. So many people spend a lot of their time making the most amazing site, and then launching it, only for it to flop. 

This is incredibly important, especially if funds are low and you are bootstrapping your business. You want to be honing your skills in SEO, marketing, guest posting (posting on other peoples sites), and outreach. You want to be doing this in the first six to twelve months of business.



It’s better to know a lot about one topic rather than a know a little about a lot of topics. That isn’t the case when it comes to a niche. When you look at the successful drop shipping businesses, you’ll find they carve a piece into a specific niche. The more you specialize, the more success you’ll have.

For example on specialization, you don’t want to sell just generic backpacks. Specializing would be selecting backpacks designed for particular uses. Things like backpacks for travelers, or for business executives. You want a very specific target market of people.

All in all, this is tricky to pull off at the beginning. If you are new to the niche, you won’t be familiar with the segments and your question might be "what’s the best one to focus on first?" That’s quite alright. As you gain experience and learn what your customers are buying, you can start adding value by narrowing down what you sell specifically.


Have A Long-Term Perspective

A dropshipping business is just like any other business: it’ll take time, a lot of commitment, and money to make it work. Realistically, you’re looking at least a year to building the dropshipping business before it can generate a full-time income.

This fact alone might make people want to give up on it. Especially since the first few months of this are tough. You’ll have doubts, issues and more, but the truth is, that’s normal. Instead, the successful drop shipping businesses have people who are thinking long term. They’ll think the short-term pain is worth the long-term advantages.


Offer Outstanding Service

With social media being incredibly popular, it’s more important now for businesses to be involved in social media. The reason for this is that it builds a business reputation. If you treat people well, they will use social media to spread the word. Mistreating people, and they’ll talk about the horrible experience. 

There will always be people who won’t like your business, however, what’s important here is that when things go wrong, you go out of your way to fix it. Even in the light of mistakes, you want customers to get value and have an overall pleasant experience. It’s a smart marketing tactic so ensure you have a good customer service set for the business.


Don’t Worry About The Details

Details are important, but you don’t want to spend days on them. Especially the smaller things. Things like the company name, logo, or the website theme are not going to be the major factors of success. They’re important, but not that important. 

What will make you a success are the things I’ve been talking about here: adding value to the customer, your marketing strategy,  the outstanding service you offer to the customer, specializing and being committed to this long-term.

Don’t get flustered with the details. You do not want to spend months, weeks or even days thinking about what’s the best shopping cart or providers to pick. By all means, make an informed decision, but at some point, you need to start moving.


Go And Start

The last key is simple: Just do it! Seriously. So many people will get hung up on the business. Some will plan so much or won’t start until they have a rock solid foundation. The truth is, it may sound fantastic in your head, but in practice, it might not. You get into a process called analysis paralysis where you will get locked in and can’t do anything.

In a lot of cases when you get into analysis paralysis it stems from the fact that you’ve overprepared yet didn’t prepare for that one thing that actually happened. You psyched yourself out. You don’t want it to be like that.

Instead, the best way to get over that is to start building, that’s if you are serious about this. This doesn’t mean walking in blindly. Take a few hours - perhaps a day - planning everything out and then launching it. It’s not going to be perfect, but every business out there isn’t either.



This is your own business, so do what you like. Make sure that you are willing to work hard, but to also enjoy the business too. Yes, times will be tough, but when you apply these elements in your business, you will find success coming to you faster.

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