7 Reasons Why You Need to Unplug from the Web and How It Helps with Scaling Your eCommerce Business


Hey, Trevor James here with eCommerce Paradise. 

Today's episode is about seven reasons you need to unplug from the web and how it can help you scale your eCommerce business.

The web is a fun place to be. You can do a lot of research, lots of fun things, and build a business. It's pretty amazing. But the web is like the spider web, and like flies, we can definitely get stuck in the web and not find ourselves getting out of it easily. But sometimes you really got to put some head down and work into your business to build it. And there are no excuses. It's just hard work that gets you there.

I'll be totally honest. You know, there really are no shortcuts. You can try to take shortcuts, but honestly, you'll be short cutting your life and your income in the future if you try to take those shortcuts. This all starts with an understanding that it takes a lot of hard work on the web specifically to build the business. You have to understand that you have to make time to get away from the web, take time off re-calibrate, reset your mind, and get out there, enjoy your life to get more ideas.

Here are seven reasons.

Number one is to clear your mind to meditate.

You have to clear your mind at least once a day. And the key here is meals. What I mean by that is breakfast, lunch, dinner. Those meals should be made without smartphones, without or without tablets or laptops. And hopefully, with friends and family around you. Because what you really want to do is you want to clear your mind of what you've been doing for the day. You also need to connect with people and have social time, because it's during a social time that we tend to have the most emotionally engaging moments of our lives. It's during those moments that you actually remember the most. I can't even remember all the hours I've spent on the web building my business specifically, but I remember those moments in between where I was going out and doing cool things and having fun. At the end of your life, when you're on your deathbed, the moments you're going to remember are the moments that you spent with your friends and family. The moments you did went out doing cool things.

Life isn't just all about building an online business. Life is a lot about doing the things that you wanted to do in the first place. And the reason why you started your online business, it's got to do things so clean your mind.

Meditating just kind of gets you out of the whole web thing. If you're trying to build a business and you're not 100 percent positive in which direction to go, it can be really stressful.

The key here is to meditate and calm yourself, because a lot of times when we meditate, clear our minds and slow down, we actually tend to come back to the simple parts, to the basics of what we're doing. In the basics lies the foundation of what we're doing. If you get caught up, just go back to the foundation and understand why you're doing this first and start small.

Number two is you've got to digest all the information you're learning.

For me, I like to learn a lot. I watch a few videos every single day so I can gain a lot of new information. The human brain works in a funny way. Memory banks don't store all the information you're learning consistently, especially if you start learning a lot, and you don't have all the little memory banks to store all that stuff consistently. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is that you don't keep the information that you learn consistently. It kind of sucks. So if you ever heard the term, "your cup is full, and you can't really learn new information," which ends up happening. It happens a lot when you go to conferences. It happens a lot when you're taking online courses. Your cup gets full, and it's totally OK because that's just how the brain works. You have to understand when your cup is full. It happens when you start drowsing off, or when your eyes start wandering, and you start thinking of other things. Those are the moments when you need to break and digest the information you're learning.

Meditate again.
Clear your mind.

Look away, stand up, stretch, walk outside for a minute and meditate. I'm not like a brain scientist or anything, but I listen to a lot of cool stuff by Brian Tracy and all these personal development guys. They know how to store information correctly. You learn and digest. That's one reason why you really need to unplug for just a little while, at least throughout the day, so that you can digest the information you're learning.

Number three is to talk with people about the ideas you're learning and the things you're doing.

Get more ideas from them. That's why networking is the key. If you unplug from the web to talk to people in person, you get a whole different experience.

Talking to somebody over the web is fun and awesome. But a lot of times it's not through talking. It's a message, and it's a different means of communication.

What's valuable is the person. A person, vocal communication. You can see the eyes, mouth, body language, and what they're doing. It really helps get a better understanding of how they really feel about you or your product or service of the idea that you're trying to pitch them or ask or brainstorm about. And that matters a lot because you don't get that when you're messaging with somebody. I mean, you can do it through a video chat, and it helps you. That's really good. But still, you're not in the physical presence of that person. You can't feel their energy. And that is a real thing, feeling somebody's emotional energy. Make time to hang out with friends that are on the same path as you and network with them in person. It really does help. You'll get a better understanding, a deeper understanding of what an outside perspective on your idea or plan or startup is like.

Number four is you got to enjoy the show.

Enjoy your life to the fullest. You got to do the things you want to do when you first started on this journey. This goes with goal setting and dream lining the four-hour workweek. Tim Ferriss talks about this a lot.

It matters that you enjoy it because when you first start in your entrepreneurial journey, you're probably dreaming like traveling all over the place on Earth, eat delicious food and go on excursions. But then you get caught up in natural control's journey, and you have to work a lot and heads down work and build something amazing. While that is awesome and you should definitely be working as much as you can to build your business, you have to make time to enjoy your life and do those things you wanted to do when you first started this.

Entrepreneurs are the only people on Earth that are willing to work twice as much time as long as they're working for themselves and working on something they're passionate about because it's not really working anymore. It's more of a passion. It's more of a drive. That is why you need to take time to enjoy your life.

I like to do a thing where it's three weeks on, one week off. That feels really good because you got three weeks of just hard work and a few days off in those three weeks. Get some projects done, and then you take one week completely off. If you set everything up ahead of time, especially with your eCommerce business, you can have all your email flows get sent out during that week automatically. You can have content released automatically throughout that we can schedule out. You can have a VA taking care of everything for you. You could literally go on a tired backpacking trip or something like that during that week, disappear completely, and reset your emotional and physiological clock. And when you get back, you'll feel so much better.

Number five is to observe the marketing messages that are around you all day long.

While you are enjoying your life, take a look around you - advertisements, like billboards and posters. If you see one you like or even when you see ones you don't like, hack them and figure out why you like them or why you don't like them, break them down like a scientist. Figure out what parts of it are good and aren't good. Look at the colors used, the text position, and the white space in the advertisements. You've got to try to figure that out so that you can replicate the greatness of the good ones in your own ads and avoid the bad points of the ones you don't like. By doing this all day long, by creating a habit out of that, maybe even use a smartphone to take pictures of these advertisements, you can improve your own marketing messages with that information.

Number six is to observe things and look at it from an outsider's perspective.

When you come to your business from your time off, think about the things you have observed. When you come back to your business, you're so much more fired up to grow. It can drag you down a little bit, especially if you do not see immediate results. I compared doing eCommerce to winning little jackpots all the time. When you get that "ching" on your phone from your Shopify app, it really does feel like you've just won. Like, you just put all this work, and you're making a huge bet that somebody doesn't want to buy that product from you. And boom! It just paid off. It feels really good. And so when you get back in your business after taking time off, you're so much more fired up to get at it again. That's why it's worth it because you really got to reset yourself.

During that time, you will be digesting all the things you learned - getting back to the basics, back to the foundation of life, back to the foundation of why are doing things in the first place. You're going to come back with a new perspective, with new things that you've observed and learned, and then you can just start scaling again.

Number seven is to have all new ideas to experiment with.

That's the key here. Your marketing messages will be as good as your observations and influences from the outside world. The more you can go out there and get inspiration and influence from things around you and other marketers, the more you're going to have to replicate that in your own business. Do not ignore them. Break them down and think about them and focus on that.

I really hope you enjoyed this episode every seven reasons why you need to unplug from the web and how it can help you scale your eCommerce business. Honestly, this is important.

The other thing I want to add here is that creating content to help other people in their lives through video is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. So if you want to do it, just do it and have fun with it. Make a YouTube channel. Make a podcast. Get out there. It's one of the most rewarding experiences because you can feel like you're helping people all around the world.

I hope you enjoy this.

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Remember, going to the web and learning new things is fun but don't forget to unplug once in a while.

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