A closer look at AnswerThePublic: How it works

A closer look at AnswerThePublic: How it works


How do you write good content? What constitutes quality content? Why would readers consume your content? These are the basic questions you need to answer in writing content to make sure it becomes worthy of reading, not to mention, to rank.

Most readers consume content that they find useful and answer their burning questions. However, how do you know exactly what the readers are interested in knowing? Do you still generate ideas through the “Jurassic” way by conducting surveys? Or have you developed a technique using Google answers? While the Google suggest tool does an excellent job in generating the most frequently used keywords, it doesn’t give you a holistic view when it comes to your defined keywords.

In this blog, we introduce to you a very cool tool that will give you some sort of “interview questions” that you can use for your content marketing. This keyword tool will help you answer the right queries to make your content useful and on top of search results.

While there are tons of available keyword research tools online, we found this tool extremely useful. It’s called AnswerThePublic


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More than just a keyword tool

AnswerThePublic is a free keyword research tool online that presents you all popular search terms with your keywords. This keyword tool is beneficial because it gives you almost all search queries for your keywords at once.

Need an unlimited source of content ideas? AnswerThePublic can work as your content generator. By knowing what people type in their search bars, you’ll know how to structure your ideas correctly so readers can easily consume your content. Relevant and straightforward content generates traffic, which will eventually lead to a higher ranking.

Are you looking to discover more keywords for a specific niche? AnswerThePublic can help you realize a potential niche for your keywords, so you’ll get higher ranking in a particular niche than fighting for a spot for a super competitive keyword. Know your possible niche and give more focus on that niche that can provide high converting targeted traffic.

Ask The Public 

But what exactly can AnswerThePublic give you? How do you see a holistic view of what the public asks?

AnswerThePublic gives you five different sets of content ideas for your keywords.

First is through QUESTIONS. AnswerThePublic will give you the when, who, what, how, where, and why of your keyword. A full 360° view of your keyword. 

Second is through PREPOSITIONS. A preposition is when you use a keyword with commonly used words like “with,” “without,” “near me,” “for,” and “to.”

The third is about COMPARISONS. Searching by comparisons is when you get results based on a relevant keyword—for instance, Instagram and Facebook.

Fourth is ALPHABETICAL; wherein all keyword results are presented alphabetically.

Lastly is through RELEVANCE. Getting results based on relevant searches is so far the most useful one wherein AnswerThePublic provides you with similar keywords that might be related to your keyword.  

Does it look complicated? Not at all. With AnswerThePublic, you’ll get a simplified view with each of these results like that of a mind map that is very easy to understand. And trust us, once you do, you’ll keep on using this keyword tool.

On the flip side, if your keyword is too specific, AnswerThePublic might not be suited for you. It is also worth noting that AnswerThePublic may not be 100% relevant for all keywords. But for whatever it’s worth, you can always try their free keyword research tool and see for yourself. 

Subscription plans

You may check the complete details and prices in the following paragraphs; however, you can always visit their website if you’ll need more information.

Are you one of those cautious entrepreneurs who prefer to use free online tools? Don’t worry; you can still get AnswerThePublic services for FREE. The only downside is you only get limited searches daily. But who cares, it’s already pretty good for a free keyword research tool, right?

Then there’s the MONTHLY plan. This monthly package costs $99 / month wherein you’ll get more search data, unlimited searches, unlimited users, data comparison, CSV export, ability to hide branches & suggestions, high res images, and priority customer support.

Finally, the ANNUAL plan costs $948 annually or $79 monthly. Save 20% with this plan while getting the full stack of Pro features.

Whatever your current state is, AnswerThePublic can fit in. AnswerThePublic offers different plans for freelancers, agencies, and teams of every size.

What to expect in the paid version

Unlimited daily searches – Key in all your keywords as much as you can. Get the best content ideas for all your niche without limitations.

Compare data over time & track new suggestions – Monitor seasonal trends and shifts in keyword searches, so you always make sure you’re on top of your game.

Export your results to CSV – If you are a spreadsheet geek, then this is best for you. Plus, looking at the data for prolonged periods can be a nuisance. With this, your data will come handy for you to manipulate whatever way you want.

Hide unwanted branches & suggestions – Omit branches that are highly irrelevant to your keyword and only keep the useful ones. This feature makes you select only things that you want to see.

Export high-res images to present your insights – Simplify complex research into high-resolution photos to create presentations that make sense. 

Unlimited team members – Get anyone from the team to utilize AnswerThePublic for better collaboration and enhanced productivity.

Priority customer support – What is an online company without excellent customer support? AnswerThePublic is known to be extremely reliable with their help center, where you can easily search for literature than can instantly help you with your issue or connect with an expert who can address your complicated problems.

What we think about AnswerThePublic

Discovering what your audience needs can be a daunting task. AnswerThePublic provides you a hassle-free solution that will save a lot of time and effort while giving you maximum results.

If you are looking for an unlimited source of content ideas, then you should check out this tool. AnswerThePublic will surely provide you with the relevant questions people frequently ask online in your niche. Why? Simply because you can try it for FREE! Now, what else is stopping you?

Do you have other questions or comments about AnswerThePublic?

Let us know in the comment section below!


Click Here To Get Your FREE Account With AnswerThePublic


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