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The Ultimate Guide To Using Google Ads To Get More Sales for Your High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Stores


I gave a talk at Bali Bustle a Coliving Space & Coworking Space in Bali. The topic is all about Google Ads for eCommerce and High Ticket Dropshipping. 

I surveyed the audience what kind of ads,  price points, and if it is branded or generic for their eCommerce business. Some mentioned they are using Facebook Ads,  the price point is below $100, and they are generic. 

There is a significant difference in your marketing techniques when it comes to branded products versus generic products because the keywords you are targeting are different.   

Just a heads up that when you are using Google ads, you are using a vast search engine that is based on search queries. When people search for keywords on Google, they usually type in three different kinds of keywords. 



If you want to purchase a shovel, the first thing you will type in “buy a shovel,” “cheap shovel,” and “shovel for sale.”


What if they want a particular type of shovel with serrated teeth on it,  a very long arm, or maybe custom engraved. 


The shovel has a model name and SKU number. 


The first and foremost essential ads in eCommerce are google shopping ads.  It is usually that picture that shows up on top of your search result. 

Google shopping ads are so lucrative as it is the number one thing that drives traffic to my very successful business.

Just remember that google shopping ads don’t allow digital products, sex toys, or weapons. If you want to use google shopping ads, you can read their policies first. 

I do high ticket drop shipping products which I sell expensive products online that is ranging $1000 to $5000. They work well in google shopping ads.   

When somebody is interested in buying products, the first place they look is either google, amazon, eBay, or Wayfair. 

Google is a comparison shopping engine that is why their shopping ads work so well. You can pay per click to get your self ranked in days after putting up your website. For that reason, it is also lucrative for small ecommerce business. 

This works for any country, and you have to make sure you set up your ads correctly. 


The search text ads will show on the top and bottom of your organic results. It cost more per click, and they are not optimized for leads because they don’t have pictures and special offer.  It is used for products that sell well to be optimized.


The general idea of it has top, middle, and bottom. At the top, you build a relationship with then at the bottom, and you make sure to close a sale with them. 

If the product they are buying is below $50 and they don’t care what brand they want, they will buy it right then and there. That is called impulse buying decisions. You don’t have to do optimization as you don’t have the keywords to work with. 

When you are selling expensive products, you have to work down the funnel as far as search results go. 


If the people want a massage chair, they search it on Google, and they will see five results in shopping ads. 


Then there is a link to a website that is doing good. People will be interested in it then we will consider it the middle of the funnel where they are interested in the brands and what they want.  


This is a specific model or SKU numbers of the product. You are going to be targeting that in the search engine. 

The critical point is when you create an ad and somebody type that in, sees you at the top, they are ready to buy. They want to find the best website that best suited for them. That will make you win the sales.


You have to set up three shopping google campaigns. You have to set up a  priority campaign system. You are telling Google to show this campaign first before you confirm the other campaigns which are a lower priority.

Your highest priority campaign is your generic keywords, and the middle campaign is your brand keywords; lower priority campaigns are product keywords.

The reason it is done this way is that we are making people push down through the funnel. We are going to bid high on the bottom of the funnel traffic. You want to show them your ad on top. When they already know the specific model and brand, the best thing you need to do is bid $5, $3, or $2 per click because the traffic is meager for the keyword, but it is very targeted traffic. 


Everything in Google works in positive keywords; google shopping keyword works in negative keywords.  You have to tell Google what not to show your ad for because naturally, they are the one who will choose what to show your ad for. 




All this keyword and priority campaign are where your optimization starts. However, there’s a lot more after that. 

When I see the best selling products, that means I will use google text ads. If you have ads all over the place, your buyer will trust you more. 

It is easy to set up as it will be the same keywords and negative keywords, but this time, you will make it positive keywords. It is easy to set up but cost a little bit more. 


The next thing to do is to set up your remarketing. What is the point of getting all these leads? 98% of your website visitors will not buy from you. The conversion rate of ecommerce is 2%. You won’t have a profitable company until you set up remarketing.    

To set up google ads is to set up google merchant center. It will be easy to set it up.



Just type the product you are selling on google and see what else google says is the best result for that product. You get the idea of what keywords to use for your product page. Use that keyword and use it in your product page. 

Optimize with photos and videos as it is essential for customers to see the product that they are about to buy. 

Optimize using the lifestyle benefit with a picture of it. It will all be like a catalog back in the days. There are lots of images more than descriptions. 


If you are not building an email list, you are missing out return traffic, return customers, and closing sales. 


You can get email by doing a pop up on your website about promotions. They can input their email in exchange for a promotional code. 



It works the same way as sales funnel. 

Step 1  - Grab their attention. 

Step 2 - Make it enjoyable. 

Step 3 -  Conversion technique. Create a limited offer, scarcity, social proof, and guarantee.

Step 4 - Post-purchase. It is a psychology thing that you make the people did not purchase feel that they miss out something. 



The email marketing software I use is Klaviyo. It is excellent as it links to your products. 


Store-like email 

Personal email


It will increase your conversion rate.  When you are using Shopify, there are lots of apps you can use to do upsells. This is one way of offering them more products. 


You have to understand the target market, so you know what kind of pop up you are going to use for your store. Spin the wheel would not fit for professional looking website but for a website that is playful. 


For low ticket, they work great as you are targetting interest. An interest group is awesome, especially for hobbies. You will get cold lead ads and run them through the series for a number of days. Facebook ads are also suitable for warm leads where you do retarget. It is suitable for mobile users. 



Email remarketing is excellent as it is free, unlike facebook ads, but it is part of the puzzle. When you fill in all the pieces of the problem, it will work. 


 When you look at shopping ads, you are going to see all the campaign level, AdWord level, and product level. It is hard to discern if you don’t have everything organized. 

All your products will be subdivided with ID numbers. This is the key to understand what products are trending and what products need to be optimized more, and what products are selling. 

This will make you create a campaign for all your adwords that are selling products. The way to organize it is by doing a custom label. 

It is essential to separate ad groups for each product because it is not until you do that then you will know what queries they showed your ad for. 



Q: It is possible to create a youtube video of the product.

A: You can create but once the people are already searching that item has probably seen that product. However, you can create a youtube channel that is talking about your product with the content of unboxing the product, using the product and more. It will be very fun optimizing your product once you are passionate about it.

Q: Is facebook ads cheaper than google ads?

A: It depends as it is an auction-based format. Some niches are saturated; some are very open. It is really about targetting the sub-niche. With my experience, I am spending $50 - $10 for leads through facebook. It not barely a customer. 

For high ticket product, your lead will cost lower, but at the same time, you want to make sure that your profit margin is going pay for your points. 

Q: Is it possible to estimate you're cost before finding leads for Google ads. 

A: Look for the search volume of the product. You can look up all your three types of keywords using keyword finder tool and understanding the amount of search volume that there is and assuming the baseline that it will cost you per click. This is shopping text ads. Until you find the best seller, it is tough to see how much it cost. 

Q: Should you be aiming when profitable using google ads, or are you trying to get more money when you are doing remarketing?

A: I would say that you will not be profitable until you do remarket set up. Most of the people will come to your website will leave. The thing you do is get their email when they come to your site. At that point, you can send them an email to remind them about the product and offer them a promotion. 

Q: Does Google have a pixel?

A: It has pixel based on cookies. You can install a code on your website where you can install conversion tracking pixel. 

Trevor Fenner

Hey there! I'm Trevor, the Founder of eCommerce Paradise. I have been an Entrepreneur since a young kid and I've been selling things online with eCommerce since 2005, and I've been doing High-Ticket Drop Shipping since 2010. I'm an internet marketer, YouTuber, podcaster, digital nomad, and world traveler. I have lots of hobbies including spending time with my girlfriend, Skateboarding, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Photography, Tattoos, Animals. I'm currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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