Adnabu Review: Best Google Ads Software for Ecommerce

Online marketing ads are only successful if it is shown to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Consequently, strategically placed ads become futile if it's poorly managed. Managing and measuring ads performance involves tedious tasks that frustrate the life out of online marketers. Fortunately, various PPC (Pay-per-click) software are now available due to these emerging needs.

PPC Software is essential to every business as it effectively puts users ahead of the competition by automating the tiresome process.  Investing in good PPC software lets the user saves time on keyword research, target channels, manage multiple PPC advertising platforms, boost ROI, reduces costs, and channel keywords into groups. 

Adnabu is a PPC Software for eCommerce that helps generate more sales from Google Ads campaigns. It provides automation capabilities, 24/7 Live Support, and best-in-class optimization.

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 Adnabu Review

Adnabu Key Features

Here are what users can enjoy while using Adnabu.

Google Ads Management

Optimization of google ad campaigns is the most complex task in Google Adwords. Optimize the business’ campaigns by focusing on keyword managing.

Keyword selection is the core of campaign performance. Adnabu automatically reduce bids for a poorly performing campaign during bid optimization. It is also capable of finding keywords that are getting a lot of clicks but not resulting in any conversion. By this feature, the user can allocate budgets on keywords that actually work for them.

Effective Shopping Campaign

Adnabu users have seen a significant increase in shopping campaign performance by 30%. This is through creating efficient single product group ads and identifying high ROI keywords.  

With this feature, the user is provided by significant search words a product attracts, which allows the business to optimize bids, improve product titles, and focus on the most profitable products. ADNABU also lets its users segregate campaigns according to high performing searches, low performing searches, and new searches.

Product Specific Search Campaigns

This feature helps users to identify keyword searches for each product and create a single keyword ad group after which results in a better conversion rate. It offers fully customized options in building search campaigns, from product-oriented to category-based searches.

Keyword Tools

Users are able to create a campaign by finding the right keywords based on intent and traffic. ADNABU also gives a rough overview of clicks and impressions a business generates from a campaign, which allows users to allocate budget efficiently.

This feature includes:

Negative keyword tool- improves the Adwords campaign by eliminating searches that are not relevant to the product.

Duplicate keyword tool- removes duplicate keywords that create internal competition, which drives up cost.

Long-tail keyword tool- creates a long-tail keyword from short and generic keywords.

Keyword Multiplier tool – enables users to create long-tail keywords from a small list of keywords in multiple lists. 


Ad Creation

ADNABU offers ease in Ad creation by creating customizable ad templates that can be used later on to generate ads across multiple campaigns and Ad Groups. It enables users to create multiple ads inside an Ad group.


Automated Reporting for Google Ads

There are multiple comparisons and performance metrics for Google Ads. Analyzing things such as impression, conversion, and cost per conversion can be a complicated task. Adnabu gives users convenience by sending concise and accurate reports through email configured based on the user’s choice. Moreover, Adnabu also generates data in a tabular form that can be subdivided into a weekly or monthly basis.


Google Adwords Audit

While running multiple campaigns, some mistakes can be overlooked that may affect the overall campaign performance. Adnabu automatically audits Google Ads accounts and its campaigns. It looks at missing keywords in an Ad group, missing ads, and missing bids at the Ad Group level as a basic routine health check.


In addition to all these features, Adnabu also offers users the following:

  • Accounts Alerts
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Bid Management
  • Budget Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Tracking

 Adnabu Review

Adnabu Pricing

Adnabu comes with different plans based on the business needs at reasonable pricing.

Plans include Growth, Evolve Single Store, and Evolve Multi-Store at monthly or yearly plans.

Monthly Plans are priced at $99, $499, and $999 for Growth, Evolve Single, and Evolve Multi-Store, respectively. The yearly plans come at $999, $4999, and $9999.

These features are included in the Growth Plan:

  • Smart Shopping Setup
  • Basic Dynamic Search Setup
  • Automated Budget Management
  • Search Campaigns Setup
  • Optimize keywords for maximum ROI
  • Automatic keywords suggestion
  • Bid Optimization
  • Shopping Fee Audit
  • Free remarketing tag setup
  • Free conversion tracking setup
  • Free concierge onboarding worth $100


Evolve Single Store Plans users may enjoy these additional exclusive benefits:

  • Regular Shopping Campaign
  • Advertise up to 10,000 products free
  • Product sync every 24 hours
  • Dedicated Account Manager


While Evolve Multi-Store users only have access to these features:

  • Product sync every 8 hours
  • Connect up to 3 Merchant Centers
  • Advertise in up to 3 Google Ads accounts

Adnabu also offers a demo to guide users and answers queries with regard to the software.

 Adnabu Review

Final Thoughts on Adnabu

Adnabu is a great software investment for a business. It ultimately helps a brand grow by improving and optimizing its marketing efforts. 

What makes Adnabu stand out is its automation capabilities, which gives its users the convenience to create and monitor Campaign Ads. It’s like having a full-time marketing assistant working for the business. The assurance that the campaign's key metrics are performing also builds confidence that the business is not wasting on the budget. The best thing is that there are varieties of plans to choose from based on the business needs at a reasonable price.

Overall, Adnabu is worth the time, effort, and money.

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