Affiliate World Asia 2017 Day 2 Takeaways - Neil Patel and Landing Page Optimization

Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise. 

I'd like to talk about my takeaways from the Affiliate World Conference - day two. 

My biggest takeaway was from Neil Patel's talk. He is a guy who practices what he preaches. His talk was about optimizing domain pages. 

When you go to his website, the first thing you will see is the landing page. There are links without pictures but with words. It looks very clean. You can go anywhere you want. 

He did a great talk about seven landing page hacks that will double your sales. I actually went up with nine. I wrote a couple in there that weren't actually steps but can serve as a hack. 

Here are some points he talked about:

  • Add moving GIF of what the customer will receive. It boosted his conversion rate by one hundred percent.
  • Make your option and navigation easier to read. Make it bigger. 
  • Add a cart. Add a call to action within each section of the homepage. 
  • Quiz people. It helps you get to know when somebody lands on your website. Engage with them as you ask them questions. This activity will bill trust. It literally builds your relationship with your customers. 

Examples: Are you a man or a woman? What are your goals? 

Enter info to get results.

Neil Patel got his conversions on his landing pages to increase by a hundred eight percent. He said he used a tool here called lead quizzes. 

  • Using exit pop, make the background top a GIF.
  • Send emails to all people who are going to leave. 
  • Use Slider's sticky call to action, have a benefit, remove other articles, highlight comments, answer objections, and have call to actions within the sidebars. 
  • Use geo IP location targeting to target content to the user's location. This is especially important for local consultancy businesses, for any business that deals with anybody's location, if you have a GOP targeting software or app on your website. Know that you can automatically send them the right content for their location, which is really useful. It gets them to trust your website and make them come back more often.
  • Next is a checkout bump. He said that a really good way to increase sales is to get people who buy something to buy something more. He usually makes it around fifty percent less than the main product. It's an easy sell. Explain the benefit in a few short sentences, and it needs to be largely discounted. Make the buy buttons large, and prices should be clear in the currency of the user. 
  •  And the next things that make it hard for people to buy, because when you make it a little bit difficult, it gives you more. It starts building desire more and more as it goes. It starts saying things like, "oh, we found all this cool stuff," warning. After that give an option to buy. By that time, they'll be like dying for it.
  • Another example he gave was the six-pack shortcuts, which I thought was really funny. I've seen that he said the guy's no longer doing that for a long time, which is interesting to me. And I guess, yeah, I don't see him out there doing those YouTube ads anymore. But that was a few years ago. And that guy, he would pre-qualify people with a quiz. He would say, are you interested in this, this, this, or this? Change your life in these ways. Okay, great. You qualified for this product. By asking those questions, the reader is qualifying themselves. That's important. It helps increase conversion rates.
  •  And the next one, he said, was copy tricks have the biggest impact on conversion. Copywriting is really important. If you want to improve your landing pages, you got to learn good copywriting. He has some really good tips here. Most will read the headline like most people that go to your landing page will just read the headline, but only a few will read the rest of the page. Here are the simple tactics used to rank number one for online marketing. Headlines matter the most, right? Numbers and negative words. 
      • He said increase click-through rates and read numbers in negative words. I think what I meant was negative. 
      • The next thing is odd numbers performed better than even numbers like three, seven, eleven, that kind of stuff. Six words for your headline, which I'm not sure if he's following that here, but I think he's right. If he were to simplify this down to six words to be a lot easier to read, and he's got a good point there. Use power words. 
      • "Somebody quit doing something, and what happened next will shock you." Those kinds of things really kind of capture attention, right? In a conversational tone, use words like 'you' and 'I.' That sounds like you're talking directly to that person. 
  • Make it quick. Make the landing page clear, dark, and easy to read. Make the texts pop out. Easy to read that way. Go for simplicity, which I think is really key here. All of this stuff is all about simplicity. 
  • Answer objections. Make short videos to explain the product instead of pictures. I think it showed an example of a landing page with a picture that didn't really make sense. And he said if he would have shown a short video of that product, it would really increase conversion rates. 
  • Evoke fear. A VPN was the next example for the landing page. He said if the VPN were in such a saying, I'll be very afraid someone could have access your computer if they actually gave real data of the user that's on their page at that single time to scare them. Like, for instance, we know that you're in Bangkok, Thailand, and you're using a Mac and Safari. We know that you're probably a very loyal Mac user and a very loyal Safari user from that information. You might be interested more in their products. That kind of scares people. It's really good to understand that. That'll get people to buy that product. 
  • The last one is to ask customers and visitors for a favor. He said to survey people and ask them for stuff in exchange for something. Suppose you can go out and network in the marketplace and get other people to recommend your stuff, and you can even write a post for them or something like that. In that case, it's going to really increase your sales because you're getting a personal recommendation from somebody. Like, for me, I'm working in that direction, and I would probably build a product and go out there and then reach out to someone who has a list in my niche and say, "Hey, would you mind sending this email to your list?", a few times over the next week as a launch. It would have more of a chance of converting those people into sales because I've been recommended by someone they already trust. 

That was Neil Patel's talk. It was really good. Neil Patel is a great guy. He has some really funny stories about his history growing up and something about his past. He has multiple companies, and he does a lot of analytics work and stuff like that. He really does teach a lot of people about analytics, SEO, and content marketing. This is literally everything you need to do as an eCommerce professional. 

It was just an amazing talk by that guy. I wanted to mention the only other thing again was the Tan Brothers, Steven and his brother, Tan Tan Brothers. They do eCommerce leads mastermind, and they've a Facebook group, I believe. But yet I remember seeing their their their screenshots a few months ago, and it was like two and a thousand a day, a million dollars and a month in sales. They scaled to this massive level where they're importing in China. They have a fulfillment warehouse out there and they're selling worldwide in multiple continents, multiple countries and yet low cost products. But they're selling tons of them and they've really scaled their Facebook ads and assist. Incredible to see on such a high level what they're doing. And yeah, it really is amazing. I definitely recommend that you check out the world conferences. 


Thanks for watching. 

We'll see you later.

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