Affiliate World Conference Day 1 Takeaways


Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise. 

Today I just wanted to talk about my key takeaways from a two-day event, the Affiliate World Conference - day one. 

I got up pretty early in the morning and got some work done first, then head over to the conference area. As we walked in, it was pretty easy to get to the registration. And I walked to the conference, and right when I walked in, the first thing I noticed was all these booths for affiliate marketing companies that I'd never heard of before. It's pretty interesting to see many companies positioning themselves between affiliates and publishers and between vendors and merchants with affiliate programs. It's a vast industry. It's very wide. It's not something I've been deeply integrated with. It's something that I'm still building and trying to scale up - my affiliate marketing career.  

As of the last year, I've probably made around close to five thousand dollars like that with affiliate marketing. I'm really not that advanced yet, but I am doing it, which is cool, and it's really exciting, and it's something that I really want to scale. 

I got to go into the first few talks of the day, and that was really interesting. The first guy talked about how he went from quitting his job and soon found some success with online poker. He figured out how to do a digital marketing agency. He ended up taking that full time and traveling the world while doing that. That was really inspiring. 

Target Person's Behavior

There were talks about complex subjects like data analytics and psychographics versus demographics and how you can make your ads, Facebook ads, specifically better targeted towards a person's behaviors. And like, for instance, the Myers Briggs tests and the personality type that someone has, you might design the automobile ad, which was the example that I used to talk about, the safety of the persons primarily concerned about the safety and being in control, as opposed to someone who's more of a relaxed type. You might talk about speed in the experience. Big automobile companies like BMW are using these data analytics to understand consumers better and promote and push them different ads that that better suit that better is based upon their personality instead of just what their demographics are. That's really fascinating what's happened in the big data industries and the companies that are positioning themselves in between. 

Each one of us is a product. Facebook is selling us their access to us anyway. It's incredible to see how, when we interact on Facebook every single day, we're telling Facebook more about us, and they're able to sell that information to advertisers. You and I are products just because we use their platform and like and comment on stuff that we like and feel like commenting on. It's a good understanding from a business perspective that you can utilize Facebook ads to target people with interests or with certain personality traits that you know. You can target them with different messages and target them super specifically and most likely get some kind of action out of them, conversion of some sort. Either sent up an email list or purchased the product. That was a really good talk. And then next came up some networking. 



We went out, and we actually ran into Ernest Epps out in the out in the open. He was doing an interview. We just finished our wrap that up and said hi to him. And as we were talking, Neil Patel walked by, and that was really cool. I just talked with Ernest for a while and hung out and just kind of talked about traveling and talked about him and what he's doing built to sell and clarity of commerce and all the big stuff he's doing. And it's really, really fascinating to see all the work that he's doing. He's really taken his businesses to the next level on helping so many people in the process. I knew I was looking forward to a really good talk from him.

We went out and had a little water and got some food. And then it came back and listened to his talk. It was really good. The main takeaways were not necessarily just about high ticket drop shipping. It was more about I think he really drove the point home about why you want to make money. I think that is really key behind all of this. 



If you establish that one biggest motivating purpose behind why you're trying to make money online, then you can have a reason to wake up every single day in the morning and go to work, and you won't get burnt out because it's going to be the most exciting thing ever for you, because you've got that why. 

I've been thinking about what my why has been for a long time. I love helping people. That's a big why. But it doesn't make me want to get out of bed in the morning. What really makes you want to get out of bed in the morning is the possibility of travel and experiences and adventure. Whenever I get stuck in a routine, I get burnt out. I notice that. We get stuck in routines almost everywhere we go if we stay for more than a few weeks. We realized that the best thing for us is to travel every few weeks, at least. And so we're trying to build our schedules around one month in one place, one month and another with a short week vacation somewhere in between. And we'd like to do retreats. We were looking up retreats now and find out like every month or every two months or three months where the retreats are around the world that we could go to. And those are really fun, especially the ones with entrepreneurs because you get to hang out with entrepreneurs while you're doing all these cool things you would normally be doing on vacation anyways. 

In my opinion, the smaller, the better, because then you really get a one on one atmosphere with a lot of really, really interesting people. 

We got back from doing the Abundant Circle retreat in Bali not too long ago, and it was just an incredible experience. 

Ernest, he brought up that his family is his why. And, you know, it's not just the kids and his fiancee. It's also all of his students that he's trying to help. He has all these people that are counting on him now because he's really built out an amazing platform for teaching. And that's his why that's why he wakes up and the way he spends hours and hours and hours every day helping people one on one. 

He told us over the last couple of days, he's only had about six hours of sleep. That's how much time he spent working and helping people. It's really, really inspiring. It really got me thinking that I need to be creating a lot more content and just really diving into helping people more often. I am making as many YouTube videos and podcast episodes as I can and trying to make them as valuable and actionable as I can as well, doing reviews about stuff that I've used so that people know what's good and what's not good. And then also really want to create courses. 

I start diving into creating courses. I mean, I haven't really done before or something that I've been kind of free to do that. I have tons of valuable information to share with people and insights into research and stuff like that. I'm now working on a course, and it's going to be really exciting, and it's going to be a series of mini-courses. I'm going to combine them into one big course eventually. But anyway, besides that, my main purpose of making money is travel. That's what I'm really excited about. Of course, I do love skateboarding, and I really love eating good food, being able to work wherever and whenever. But that all kind of goes behind the travel aspect of everything. 

You know, that's kind of where my main thing was from the beginning of his talk. And then really like the rest of his talk was super simple. That's what we always do with high tech drop shipping, finding a product that's selling, finding the right target market for that product. Finding suppliers and selling the products. It was just a clean, really simple talk. He really did a great job of explaining it thoroughly. 

There was one thing that I didn't realize you could do, which I'm sure a lot of you do, which is you can use Facebook audience insights to make sure that your niche is actually being searched for and shopped for by people that are within the income range that needs to be buying that particular type of product. I mean, kind of goes without saying if it's a thousand or a product that people making maybe over a hundred thousand dollars a year would be shopping for that product. But using Facebook audience insights, you can get tons of data about those people in their other interests and psychographics and demographics data and put it into research, which I'm going to be, of course, adding into my courses when I go on there, because it really is fascinating information. 


I'm excited for tomorrow. Day two is going to have some amazing eCommerce speakers.

I mean, it's just amazing to see the affiliate world in the eCommerce world really blending now because I think they realized that affiliate marketing and dropship mean. They really have a lot in common. You know, we are really all middlemen, and we are really all providing value to merchants through the creation of content to help them sell their products. And so whether you get paid out a different way or not, whether you have to do customer service or not, it's the same methods of content creation. Similar methods of content creation, similar methods of selling and similar methods, conversion rate optimization and driving traffic, and all that stuff. The affiliate world is full of people trying to diversify. They're diversifying into eCommerce and drop shipping. We're diversified into affiliate marketing in crypto currencies. There are a lot of intersections where we're all meeting now. 

You know, it's a great place to go if you have an eCommerce structure. We want to learn more about affiliate marketing or vice versa. You want to scale your businesses, and I've always loved affiliate marketing because I like building assets and assets are really cool because they sell for you over and over and over again over time. I've been reading a lot of DotCom secrets and expert secrets by Russell Brunson. He explains how to do webinars and webinars are really the way that you sell high ticket products. And so that's the direction I'm working. 

Now, I have to build these products out. I have to build the webinars, build the sales funnels for it. I'm really learning all about how sales funnels work so I can create really simple ones. The whole thing behind this is that you're making money. You're doing all this to make money, and what are you making money for? Think about that tonight. 

Why are you pursuing making money on my way, pursuing affiliate marketing dropship in any of this stuff? Why are you pursuing being an entrepreneur? 

Is it because you want to help your family? Good. 

Is it because you want to travel great. 

Decide what that is and then sit down and actually make those plans to do that and realize what those milestones are and realize the achievements that it was going to look like when you actually achieved that milestone.


I definitely recommend Affiliate World Conference. It's really a good conference with lots of great speakers, affiliate companies, and lots of great networking to be done. 


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