Affiliatly Review: Best Affiliate Tracking Software for Small Ecommerce Business


People are consumed with the idea that in order to grow a business, a complete concept of self-promotion or personal marketing is essential – but that’s not always the case. Today, along with the proliferation of digital nomads, business models have significantly evolved.

Imagine making money on idle days, and even without battling the surge of competitors on the internet space. Or maybe visualize a growing ecommerce business with a minimal effort on prospecting?

Of course, a specific ecommerce site can always utilize methods like Facebook, Instagram promotion, and email marketing in reaching out to prospects. However, building a community for a particular brand might take some time.  Likewise, it takes a while to have a substantial audience that will patronize most of the things thrown at the online store.

With Affiliate Marketing, total engagement and high traffic are possible.

Affiliate Marketing drives sales and generates more leads for online revenue. How does it work? Basically, third party affiliate marketers hunt for leads from several platforms across the internet and direct them to a single site. These affiliates promote the brand by influencing people to buy, coming from different channels. In return, affiliates get a share of profit for each sale successfully made.

Furthermore, Affiliate Marketing encompasses most of the marketing tactics needed for leads generation as a form of paid marketing. It leverages the idea of different parties executing different marketing strategies engaged in one product simultaneously. This system's effectiveness has been widely recognized, thus bringing up the number of brands hopping on to the affiliate marketing trend to 81%.

This blog will then highlight an affiliate tracker software called “Affiliatly," including its features, pricing, and more. This review will also answer the question:  Is capitalizing on affiliate tracking apps like Affiliatly results in faster ROI?


What is Affiliatly?

Affiliatly is an affiliate tracking software that comes with a fully working affiliate program. Founded in 2014, Affiliatly has grown to be one of the best affiliate networks available for micro and small ecommerce businesses. So successful that in the past years, it has impressively tapped 16% of all online sales.

What does it actually do? Affiliatly lists and tracks all affiliates, and then provides traffic flow numbers. It gives an overview of the network and delivers comprehensive information on all visitors on a particular ecommerce site. 

Furthermore, it goes beyond the figures as the tracking app also breaks down the number of visitors each affiliate brings in, plus the actual conversions.  The software can also give a separate view of the total paid or unpaid orders.

The form of payment to affiliates is also made amenable by Affiliatly. Merchants or an ecommerce site owner can choose to pay its network through commission-based percentage or standard fees and obtain complete choice on minimum payment sum.


Affiliatly Features

Affiliatly claims that the platform is an easy to use affiliate tracking software. Affiliatly guarantees users full control and tracking of the whole system from just a browser with its neat and straightforward interface. No installation, no further set-ups, so users can just jump into actual promotion and boosting sales.

Popular with the small ecommerce players, Affiliatly offers an extensive selection of features.

Comprehensive Settings - By obtaining an administrator account, users get complete control of the affiliate program and full customization on every part. This allows users to manage even the slightest detail possible.

Uploading of Banners – Usually, ecommerce sites provide an individual banner for each affiliate for promotion. However, this smart feature eliminates the hassle for creating banners for each. Instead, users can easily upload one image for everyone to use. Affiliatly then takes care of the distribution of the ready-to-use banners to affiliates.

Manage and Track Affiliates Individually – As a business engaged in affiliate marketing services, the first concern would be managing the horde of affiliates coming in. Nevertheless, Affiliatly makes it a lot easier, as it permits the user to straight-up manage each affiliate account. Statistics per affiliate is also available for quick insights, should users need reports on performance, activities, and traffic.

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Affiliate Program Ladder – The app, although made for growing visitors and customers, has a unique feature that allows expanding the affiliate base. A unique two-tier program that covers giving out commissions for affiliates who invite other members into the network. In addition, through pop-up notices, ecommerce sites can invite customers to join as affiliates should they have the right platform.

Easy Link Generation – All links by the affiliates must redirect to the ecommerce site. Affiliatly supports an easy link generation for affiliates without technical concerns, so they can easily share and reproduce the link wherever.

Payment and Gift Cards – Effortlessly complete and pay affiliate transactions with Paypal. Should there also be different arrangements, Affiliatly approves payments of affiliates in the form of gift cards.

Activity Management – Aside from activity tracking, users can also export each affiliate’s sales performance and incorporate them into a spreadsheet for straightforward comparison and a basis for decision making. Also included in this feature are cookie management, and tracking of affiliate referrals as well.

Clean and Informative Dashboard – The dashboard displays the primary information about the affiliate program. It also shows the affiliates' detailed statistics for generated visits and corresponding earnings.

Integration with Frameworks – Affiliatly is compatible with the best and most common of the ecommerce platforms. These include Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, 3dCart, SquareSpace, Storeden, Jumpseller, CrateJoy, HikaShop, and Ecwid.  For other frameworks, Affiliatly provides JavaScript and PHP integration codes for custom build e-commerce sites.


Additional Features

  • Select only products to be available for the whole affiliate network.
  • Fully customizable interface.
  • Create predetermined rates or commissions for unique products and offerings.
  • Manage modified affiliate tracking codes
  • Convenient customer service through website and social media


Affiliatly Pricing

Affiliatly’s pricing scheme is flexible enough to cater to different scales of ecommerce business.

  • Starter – priced at $16 per month. It is the cheapest plan offering designed for start-up and micro-businesses. The plan can manage up to 50 affiliates.
  • Advanced – priced at $24 per month. This plan is well-matched for transitional ecommerce businesses, with 200 affiliates.
  • Professional -   priced at $39 per month.  The professional plan is best suited for advanced small businesses. It can accommodate up to 500 affiliates.

Affiliatly also offers broader affiliate management solutions to larger businesses. These are offered in plans like:

  • Pro 1000 – priced at $59 per month. This plan is appropriate for an enterprise business model that allows 1000 affiliates.
  • Pro 2500 – priced at $79 per month. Pro 2500 is made for intermediate-sized businesses working with thousands of site visitors every day. It can manage up to 2500 affiliates.
  • Pro Unlimited – priced at $129 per month. For big ecommerce businesses that have almost million of visitors on a regular basis. This elite plan can deal with an unlimited number of affiliates.

All prices posted are exclusive of tax. No other charges are placed on top of the plan amount.


Affiliatly: Is it Worth Trying?

For a small ecommerce business, it is really worth to explore affiliate marketing app like Affiliatly.

It just doesn’t grow business through affiliates, but it also provides professional business direction that covers a broader audience range.

Affiliatly’s simple and neat platform is a great head start for fostering partnerships and more significant opportunities. 

Lastly, to answer the question, capitalizing on affiliate tracking software like Affiliatly results in higher store traffic and better engagement. With all the marketing efforts and benefits combined, it certainly can lead to a faster return on investments.

Have you tried out Affiliatly services? How did it improve your marketing and sales?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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