Announcing the eCommerce Paradise 30-Day High-Ticket Drop Shipping Store Launch Challenge

Are you looking to launch your high-ticket drop shipping store in 30 days or less? Or do you already have a launched store and want to scale? Need some motivation to get it done?

I've found that the best way to make sure you don't procrastinate and get the work done is to become accountable to a group of people.

So, I've created a 30-day challenge that will require you to post to the member's only group every day for 30 days with three things:

  1. Your achievements from the day before (this gets you into an attitude of gratitude)
  2. Your goals for the day (this gets you motivated to get the work done)
  3. Your accomplishments throughout the day (this is something you'll be keeping track of in a written journal as you go about your day, then post to the group at the end of the day)
  4. If you already have a store, on your first post, put your goal for the 30-day challenge. (You'll be able to look back in 30 days and see how far you've come!)

You can get the work done super fast if you apply yourself to the work that needs to be done every day. 

The best things about getting work done every day are that you create a habit of working in the new business that will make you unstoppable after 30 days. 

If you're interested in being a part of the 30-day challenge, please click the button below and opt-in. You'll receive an email from me every day for 30 days with a reminder to post in the group and get into the masterclass.

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