AWeber Review: Best E-mail Marketing Tool for Small Business

How can small businesses sell more with email marketing?  It has always been a puzzle on how micro to small businesses can leverage marketing tools to help them grow.

Email marketing has been around for quite a while – because up to this date, it is still effective as any other digital marketing tools available. Why is that so? Email marketing is the most straightforward form of communicating with leads. Moreover, it can be personalized to earn a sweet spot from the receivers. With this, leads are developed to be customers and patrons along the way.

Email marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that can be engaging at most times.  Users can either choose to deliver a piece of information in an entertaining way or according to the brand’s communication guidelines. It brings a sort of connection and goes beyond the cold-calling phase of the sales funnel. Almost 99% of customers are checking their emails on a daily basis. Hence, for small businesses, it should be the top choice for a communication channel.

For starters, it is also good to grow their own mailing list for better targeting. Although social media can also nurture leads, in some way, leads from email marketing are much more likely to convert successfully.

So how to get started with email marketing? First would be a list consisting of high-quality leads. Second, an email marketing software provider – like AWeber.

This review will focus on AWeber, one of the most in-demand email marketing services today.

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Is AWeber Legit?

AWeber has been around since August 1998. Since then, the company committed itself to make an impact on small businesses ever since. As a people-first company, AWeber is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs in realizing their goals through a powerful, but simple to understand email marketing tool.

The company has a diverse team that values collaboration, flexibility, and entrepreneurial spirit. Hence, these values, embedded to AWeber, is extended from its people to its product. AWeber email marketing service seeks to create deeper customer relationships and facilitate excellent communication with the audience.

Driven by core values such as creating remarkable experiences, executing with passion, and a lot more, AWeber empowers small businesses in every way.

So yes, AWeber is legit.

What is AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing service provider. The platform promises to contribute 90% of the work and leave only the fun part of email marketing to the users. AWeber provides a simplified, and remarkable features to assist small businesses in growing. Through the platform, it is easier to connect with people and eventually turn them into loyal customers.

As an industry-leading email service, AWeber ensures maximum deliverability.  With an end to end control, it guarantees that every email is sent directly to the inbox and not on spam or junk folders.

AWeber Code-Free Emails and Landing Pages

AWeber Review

As a small business, it is perfectly understandable to have limited resources and manpower. Hence, don’t expect every business of this kind to be full technical or even so, have a standby web developer. AWeber eliminates the need for any technology-related talks.

Create professional-looking and engaging email templates and landing pages without touching on any IT codes.

With AWeber’s Smart Designer, users can create stunning templates in just a couple of seconds. The AI-powered email template designer is easy to use and comes with a clean interface that isn’t intimidating at all. Anyone can jump right into it and start creating beautiful templates, according to preference.

Aside from emails, landing pages is also a crucial digital marketing element. Maximize customer engagement and lead gathering by creating a landing page for every campaign or targeted ad. AWeber makes it a lot easier to design and customize landing pages that pull in more leads. What’s enticing about this feature is that it doesn’t require any website at all – perfect for businesses that are just getting the hang of the processess.

AWeber enables the creation of visually stunning emails, even without coding.  Users can create custom emails in a matter of minutes, or they can choose from the broad collection of the template library. Pre-built templates are available to use for free, and 100% designed for businesses of any kind.

AWeber Automations

Automate emails and campaigns without the hassle. AWeber smartly automates emails via the usage of triggers and flows. Thus, resulting to prompt, accurate and timely delivery of emails.

Moreover, tagging also comes with smart automation from AWeber. Tag people on a specific list to easily select and identify them when launching targeted campaigns or personalized email content. With AWeber’s tagging and dynamic content, campaigns are sent to the right people. Hence, lets business expects a higher response rate because of personalized communication.

By automating delivery, tagging, and personalization, businesses can save a lot of time and focus on more important details. Automating marketing efforts has never been comfortable with AWeber.

AWeber Analytics and Insights
Aweber Review

No matter what scale, data, and analytics are essential in running a business. AWeber helps every user to capture performance overview and arrive with data-driven decisions.

AWeber has a collection of pre-built reports that are designed based only on the best practices on reporting. These come in dashboards and reports that are insightful and beneficial when checking the email campaign’s performance. In addition, split testing is also enabled for different subject lines and messages so users can decide what set performs better.       

Adding more reasons to fancy AWeber’s reporting tool is that it comes with key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential in determining the overall business position. Data also comes in handy as these analytics are available in mobile through the AWeber Stats app, should owners need a quick data reference.

AWeber Engagement

AWeber provides all the tools for building and growing the mailing list. It also has features to efficiently manage contacts to reach them at the best time.

AWeber’s easy subscriber management feature allows users to categorize names and neatly organize them for faster targeting and sending. Its quick segmentation provides a better reference for campaigns as well as when launching promos or custom offers.

AWeber also permits the creation of sign-up forms to take full advantage of engagement. The same with landing pages and email templates, create beautiful sign-up forms that are mobile optimized and responsive in a short span of time.

Even before employing AWeber, of course, some would have their list already, kept somewhere. The good thing is that AWeber offers migration services so businesses can effortlessly transfer or copy the existing list from any platform to AWeber’s at no cost at all!

 AWeber Mobile Apps

These days, mobility is a top priority. AWeber takes good care of this necessity by producing a couple of applications that are entirely beneficial for any email marketing campaign.

  • AWeber Atom – Always on the go? Create sign-up forms through mobile and watch the mailing list grow.
  • Curate – Indeed, everything can be made on mobile nowadays. That includes stunning and eye-pleasing newsletter from any mobile device, using content from blogs and websites.
  • AWeber Stats – Get the perfect business overview through statistics and analytics whenever. Through AWeber stats, users can obtain full reports and performance tracking, conveniently lying on their mobile devices.

AWeber Integrations

Make the best use of email marketing by tapping more marketing and sales applications to go with AWeber. Connect the email marketing service or campaigns with beneficial business systems for better engagement and conversions.

AWeber integrates easily with some of the powerhouses such as Facebook, Shopify, WordPress, Paypal, Etsy, WooCommerce, Privy, and hundreds more of other applications.

AWeber Pricing

Grow the list and watch the business grow. AWeber offers two plan options, all designed for small businesses. Although users should take note that the Pro plan’s price is flexible, based on the subscriber number and chosen payment scheme.

Free Plan - priced at $0 with 0 to 500 subscribers is best for those starting out with email marketing. It allows up to 3,000 email sends per month and list one profile. It also comes with the primary email features such as email automation, drag-and-drop email builder, and access to email templates. Albeit free, it is enabled to create unlimited landing pages and with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel tracking as well. The free plan can also create sign-up forms, subscribers tagging, and even simple subscriber and message analytics for reporting.  This specific plan can be used by unlimited users, enabled for integrations, comes with free migration and can access the 24/7 live support.

Pro Plan – Starts at $19 per month, for the first 500 subscribers, if paid monthly. This plan has unlimited usage from subscribers, email sends, and list profiles. It has everything the free plan has to offer and all other unique features. The pro plan lets users create email split testing, behavioral automation, remove AWeber branding, and sign-up form split testing. It also gives access to advanced message analytics, advanced audience or account analytics, and webpage tracking. This plan also taps cart abandonment and purchase tagging for ecommerce. The same with the free plan, it can be used by unlimited users, enabled for integrations, comes with free migration, and can access the 24/7 live support.

To get the full list of AWeber’s Pro Plan pricing matrix, head on to their official website.

Do We Recommend AWeber?

For small businesses, joining AWeber is definitely a great move. Imagine obtaining a powerful, yet straightforward email marketing solution starting at zero cost.

AWeber is an excellent platform to get the email marketing campaign set-up and running. Packed with industry-leading features, small businesses can create amazing results with minimal spending. The 24/7 customer support is also something to rave about, not to mention that it is one of the few that offers free email marketing services to date.

AWeber definitely has all the expertise every business needs for launching a successful email marketing strategy. So yes, by all means, we do recommend AWeber.

Have you tried AWeber? Please share your thoughts on the comment section below!


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