This is the first episode in a series I'll be doing every day while I'm in Bangkok, Thailand. I live here most of the year, so it makes sense to keep these posts in a series since I'll be doing a lot of them. You can learn about my lifestyle, my daily comings-and-goings in Bangkok, and gain from the lessons I learn in the process.

First things first, I started a workout routine not too long ago. Just a simple half-hour upper body workout in the gym every morning around 8 or 9 am. My goal is to build core strength, my chest, and my arm muscles. It feels great to get the blood flowing after getting some work done in the morning, and yes, I consider blogging "work" which is funny because its some of the easiest work I have ever done in my life. 


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My gym has an amazing view. 😍😅😁

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After my workout session, I spend some time in the coworking space on the rooftop of my luxury condo. It's awesome up there. 41 floors up so I can see most of the rest of the city, the river, and the landscape. It's a great place to get some heads-down work done.



Then, I usually head over to the Phrom Phong BTS station area. I usually grab some food at Vegenerie like this smoothie bowl I got today.


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Delicious smoothie bowl at @veganerie ❤️🙏🏼

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Afterward, I hop over to Starbucks by the park and get some more work done. Today, I focused on blogging, my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass, and email marketing.


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When the rain is coming it looks crazy. 😱

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I usually work in 2-3 hour sessions. After which I take a break. I come home and relax with my wife, grab some food at the local vegetarian restaurant and some hot tea, then maybe a foot massage or oil massage at the local massage parlor. It's definitely a good life.


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I LOVE Thai food 😍🙏🏼❤️

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I rediscovered something today that really got me thinking about the future of my eCommerce businesses. For a long time, Zipify Pages has been around and they offer custom build squeeze pages, sales pages, and drag-and-drop page building tools for Shopify store owners. 

I am trying to improve my SEO and that means I am going to need to move off of using Leadpages and find a squeeze page builder I can use on my own root domain on Shopify, and Zipify Pages is the perfect solution. So I am going to start building my funnel on my own Shopify store using Zipify Pages so all my traffic will now be going to my own website and my link profile will improve dramatically, hopefully advancing me to the top spot of Google for my main keywords.

This same app will be excellent for building out professional looking pre-sales blog posts and sales pages for best-selling products. In the past, I've used the built in Shopify page editor, but it's very limited and is not a drag-and-drop style editor, so I can't make it look like a magazine or catalog. 

I'll be learning how to use this tool and partnering with them as well so I can teach how to use it in my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass. I'm really excited about this and can't wait for it to come to be.

I'm also learning more about the power of email marketing using tagging and segmenting to craft offers only to send to people who are interested in them. I'm trying to figure out better how to remove people from offer lists when they are no longer interested as well, but that will probably just require some simple automation I can use via content linking. I'm currently using ConvertKit for email marketing and it's going great as I learn how all this works and how to make it all work.

I'm going to start building out the advanced social media marketing, advanced email marketing, and advanced Google Ads modules in my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass very soon, so I'm excited about that. Our new store is almost at the $10k sales mark for the first 30 days which is just what I had expected. I expect it to double month after month until it hits around $100k in a month in about 5-6 months.

At that point, we will need to re-assess things to see how far we want to scale this business because we will need to hire a bigger team to manage everything like customer service, sales, and vendor relations. I don't mind hiring a big team, but it means we have to hire a manager too, and that requires a lot of time and effort, so it's a lifestyle decision we will need to make at some point.

Regardless, it will be a fun journey. I need to get back on the podcasting and Youtube bandwagon soon as well. I have a whole list of content to make, I just need to get back into the habit of making the content. So look out for that. Talk soon.

Bangkok Chronicles Ep. 2

Woke up to another beautiful day in the big city. Bangkok this time of year is perfect. It's warm, sunny, and humid. The weather in Bangkok throughout the fall and winter months is typically warm and sunny, however, in the summer months, it rains a lot. We lived here over the summer and it rained almost every day. It was actually great because it gave me a chance to build my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass and work on the dropship store.

Here's the view from the roof of my condo this morning.


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Beautiful day in Bangkok. 😍🙏🏼❤️

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The first thing I am doing in the morning now is writing a blog article about the day before, then recording a podcast talking about it. This is the best way to get into an attitude of gratitude, chronicle my life and adventures, and help you guys peer into the life of a digital nomad eCommerce entrepreneur who also does a lot of blogging, podcasting, and coaching.

As soon as I finished up blogging for the morning, I whipped over to True coffee to get caffeinated and get my new squeeze page done on my Shopify store with Zipify pages. I'm really happy how it turned out. You can see it here and get my niches list while you're at it: https://ecommerceparadise.com/99niches

After I finished, I got in my morning workout. I upped my dumbbell weight to 25 lbs each and did an easy set of 10 curls, then 10 pushups, a one-minute plank, 10 sit-ups, 10 crunches, some stretching, and that was it for the morning. I'm starting off with my workout routine really easy because it's been a while and I also don't want to stress my body out too much in the beginning. I can already feel a difference. My core muscles feel stronger and I am already noticing more muscle definition in my chest. It's amazing what working out every day for a little bit can do for you in the long run.

After the workout, I got some work in at my condo's rooftop co-working space. I got some more review article outlines started, and then I took off for lunch. I went to Vegenerie again, my favorite spot for a smoothie bowl.


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So good! 😍🙏🏼

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I headed over to Starbucks right after lunch to dig into a chai tea latte and some more work. First, I checked my email and saw that my buddy Earnest Epps was offering a holiday sales course to teach how to make a great holiday offer. It was only $29 and he is a good friend of mine so I went ahead and bought it. 


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Hot chai tea latte and funnel hacking. ☕️🙏🏼💰

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After this, I made a plan for my new funnel for eCommerce Paradise. Some things have come to my attention lately that are hurting my SEO ranking, so I made the plan to make adjustments and build out the remaining portions of my value ladder. This is something taught in the book DotCom Secrets by Russel Brunson, a book that changed my life forever.

I started digging in and figured out a way I could actually build my entire membership program and online course on my Shopify store without the need for Teachable. I could use Zipify Pages with the Locksmith app, but it would be a little clunky. So I'm writing Zipify pages to see if they can build a sidebar navigation functionality that can be used with groups of pages. With something like that, I could definitely build a nice online course portal using their page building tools. 

I dug more into the Locksmith app and learned about their Mechanic app which creates a lot of awesome automation you can use to make your life easier. I'll be digging more into that and seeing what it can do later on.

After all this, I made a plan for what to accomplish during my evening work session, then I took a break and got a one-hour massage. Massages here in Bangkok are usually between $5-$10, so I get one pretty much every day, sometimes even twice a day.

After my massage, I headed back over to the same Starbucks again to get my email confirmation funnel completed. Before, I had set up my funnel to send people directly to my mini-course, but this is flawed because I don't ask them to confirm their subscription first, then they get a bunch of emails from me instead of one at a time. So I changed this. I wanted them to consume my free guide first, but not in the form of a free guide, instead, in the form of a sales page for a front-end offer like Russel Brunson talks about in DotCom Secrets

I successfully completed this funnel. So basically, it prompts you to check your email for the confirmation, confirm it, then it tells you to check your email again for the welcome email with a link to the guide. This gets them trained to see your emails, mark them as important and star them, then they get to read your sales page for your front-end product. Next, I am going to build out my front-end product, High-Ticket Drop Shipping Niche Hacks. My goal is to research tons of niches and provide niche research as well as all the tips for finding the best niche for you.

I'll also be creating an inner-circle mastermind group which anybody can join, even those who aren't a member of my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass. The goal here is to do bi-monthly live webinars to answer any questions you have from niche selection to getting suppliers to website design and conversion optimization and beyond. 

After getting all this done and finished planning it out, I discovered that my Leadpages wasn't sending leads to my Convertkit email marketing service for who knows how long. I used Leadpages in the beginning because I didn't know about Zipify pages, but now that I realize for SEO that I should have all the traffic going to my root domain, I have now switched to Zipify pages for building my funnel out. I fixed the link and I'm still getting lead notifications from Leadpages so I need to figure out where they're coming from. I probably used the original link somewhere so I need to dig through my work and find those links.

In the evening I ordered dinner in with my wife. We had vegan mac n cheese along with a litany of other vegan food. It was delicious!


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Love ordering dinner in with her. ❤️

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Today, I'll try to finish the niches list page on Zipify pages which will eventually be the sales page for my niche hacks course. That's it! Thanks for reading. Talk soon.


Bangkok Chronicles Ep. 3: Thanksgiving and Sales Funnels

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There are a ton of expats and digital nomads in Thailand that congregate together for Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving every year. 

...But, I generally don't hang out with other digital nomads and expats that much anymore. It's not that I'm antisocial, but I just find it a huge waste of time. I'm constantly working on building my online business and handling the business I already have. After work, I spend my time meditating. 

So, that's the main reason I moved from Chiang Mai to Bangkok last year, but also it's the reason why I am a recluse here in Bangkok. I don't work from co-working spaces, I work from a Starbucks in a big high-end mall and the co-working space at my apartment, and my apartment itself. I don't go to events much, besides ones specifically tailored to eCommerce and affiliate marketing.

This all depends on the level you're on. If you don't have anything figured out yet, then, by all means, go to these events and network, that's what I did in the beginning. It's actually a really small world and kind of fun to meet all the various nomad heads, but after that, you realize the great majority are the same. They're a bunch of dudes that are single and work out all the time, party, and sit together at co-working spaces doing eBay drop shipping or Amazon FBA, or bitcoin trading, sometimes you'll find a blogger here and there, and they are trying to get chicks the rest of the time. 

It's cool and all, I guess... I really have nothing against any of them, I love them all, it's just not my scene. I live life on the fringes and focus all of my attention towards my wife, my family, my customers, and my suppliers and vendors. I don't spend a bunch of time with my peer groups. Even in my other networks like skateboarders and couples, I don't network too much. I make acquaintances here and there, but it's not a big thing for me.

This all stems from a decision I made a couple of years back to build my life around a dedicated focus on my customers. I realized that if I wanted to build a truly successful business of information products and coaching, that I would need to focus all my attention on helping my clients become successful. This takes a lot of work. My clients are not my potential competitors, thus why I don't go around my peer groups trying to help everyone out now. If someone comes to me, by all means, I'm more than happy to help, but I don't go overboard anymore. It's a waste of valuable energy I could be spending creating content for my target market.

With all that said, today is Thanksgiving and I didn't do much but work on my sales funnel. It was a productive day outside of that as well. I got a good workout in this morning and I'm starting to see real results.


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More workouts this morning. 💪🏻

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I caught a nice pic from my rooftop pool on the out. It's such a beautiful view and I've only swum in that pool once because I've been getting new tattoos constantly for the last month or two. 


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Your dream is my reality. 😅

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I started off the day with a breakfast smoothie at home. I make a smoothie with coconut water, two bananas, hemp protein powder, spirulina, and maca root powder. It leaves me feeling healthy and energized. 

My first work session of the day was very productive. I added Trust Guard seals to this website and to my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass sales page. I use and recommend Trust Guard because it helps people feel safe about buying from you and increases conversion rates. I also added my Shopper Approved seal to the sales page which helps raise social proof awareness because it's a third-party review collection app. I need to import the rest of my reviews to that app, hopefully, I'll get that done tomorrow.

There was some small issue with the review star color with my Judge.me app, so I fixed them to yellow. That was easy. I use Judge.me for reviews and I highly recommend them because they have a low price for all the same features that other apps charge hundreds per month for. 

After the morning work session, I had a smoothie bowl and hot tea at Vegenerie. It was a great way to keep the energy going and break off for a walk before getting back to work. I like taking walks, they help me meditate and relax. I don't even drive or ride a motorbike in Bangkok. I walk everywhere and take the Skytrain or subway if it's farther away. 

During my second work session, I started making my new niches list page, which will eventually be the pre-sales page for my front-end membership program. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to call it yet, but it will be a low-cost monthly membership with weekly live video calls students can tune into and get help with growing their business. 

The first step to building a really good pre-sales page is to find a competitor to model. So, after some digging, I decided to use the Niche Hacks niches list pre-sales page as what I would model in terms of format. I am actually doing it completely differently, but I am taking ideas and morphing them into my own unique thing. The point here is to never copy, but instead, model their work and make your own unique thing, improving on it.

I also started digging into Clickfunnels again for inspiration. They have a ton of sample funnels which can give you ideas on how to build pretty much any type of sales funnel or page. But, when I got in there, I discovered that they build a whole new dashboard a lot like Shopify. They also created two brand new super in-depth training programs called Funnel Builder Secrets and Traffic Secrets. Both are free with your click funnels membership. So, I signed up for both and am currently consuming them, getting new ideas and reaffirming old ideas. 

I also dove into the Niche Hacks Insider membership program which I signed up for to learn more. Tons of resources, all written, but very in depth. It's a gold mine if you don't mind reading.

After all of this, I took another break. I went to the park to meditate with the turtles. They're cool.


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Hanging with the turtles at the park. 🐢💚

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Back to Starbucks for more funnel building and working on my niches list page. An idea popped into my head. Why not build a directory blog on my website of high-ticket drop shipping suppliers, but make it available only to people who are members of my membership program or masterclass. So I decided to do that. Anytime I add new suppliers to my niche research sheet, I'll add a blog post with their information on the website. This will allow future students to have easy and fast access to as many drop shipping suppliers as possible and make for a great selling point for my membership program.

I also realized, with Shopify, that I can create a separate template for each blog I do, so I can pitch different things in the sidebar. For instance, I would want to promote different things to people who are my students vs. those who aren't my students. I would also want to pitch a different funnel to those who are in a blog related to affiliate marketing or information products rather than my high-ticket drop shipping guides blog. 

Next, I realized I needed to update my Facebook ads custom conversion because I changed the page my funnel is on. It wasn't tracking conversions anymore. So I created a new custom conversion and attached it to the ad, all good. I have been using my thank you page pixel to create a new custom audience to promote to, so now that I have a new thank you page I'll need to wait a week or so and then I can switch that custom audience over to the new page so it will work the same again. Basically, it takes the profiles of people who have already converted on my opt-in and crosses them with only people interested in drop shipping and serves my niches list lead generator ad to only those people. Usually, they're the perfect people, right in my target audience.

After more work, I left to get lunch at Khun Churn, another local restaurant in Bangkok that serves vegan food. After lunch, I met Juliana at the park, but I started feeling really tired, so I went home, took a shower, relaxed, re-hydrated, and headed back out to the park to celebrate Loy Krathong, the floating flower boat festival.

A bunch of people gather at the park, build little flower boats, sell them for a little bit, and you can light a candle and float away all your bad luck from the previous year. It's pretty fun and beautiful. 


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Juliana’s float for Loy Krathong ❤️

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We were pretty exhausted by the end of the festivities, so we went home, relaxed, I kept working on my funnel and watched some of Funnel Builder Secrets, then passed out around 9 PM. I try to go to bed early these days so I can wake up early. I take melatonin now, which helps me fall asleep super fast. Before, I had insomnia and would stay up all night, but now I go to sleep early and rock out on work first thing in the morning which is usually my most productive part of the day. 

My most important lesson from the day was to stay focused on your work and your goals. Don't lose sight of the big picture and why you are doing what you are doing. Build a masterplan and stick to it. It will evolve over time but finish what you started. If it's something you're truly passionate about, you'll get the work done. 

Oh yeah, and while writing this, I got a sale on my dropship store that put us over the $10k sales mark for this month. It's the first month this new site has been live so I'm happy with the results so far. Our goal is to double sales month after month. 



Bangkok Chronicles Ep. 4: Sales Funnels and Email Marketing Automation

Bangkok is warm and sunny and calm this time of year. It's really nice. 

I spent the morning blogging, podcasting, and sending an email to my list while creating my plan for the rest of the day. 

Juliana filled out a bunch of supplier applications for our high-ticket drop shipping store as well as updating some products and sending a black Friday email to our list. 

I learned some powerful lessons today.

These are things I've learned in the past, but today, they were re-affirmed and cemented.

It's something Russel Brunson said that stuck out to me.

He said, "a list of buyers is the best list to have" in regards to making a trip-wire offer.  

A trip-wire offer is a low dollar offer, usually, under $10, that is super valuable. 

It's also something you can add up-sells to after the initial purchase. 

This is something I'd like to do with Shopify, but right now it just isn't feasible because of the way their system is set up.

You can't pursue more sales after the initial checkout in an optimized way. 

There is a thank you page app that lets you add a video and text and buttons to the checkout page, and this might work, but right now you can't change it according to which product was purchased, which is a big issue because if you have different products then you'll need to offer different up-sells.

I can do it easily through email, however, but it isn't as fast and easy as doing it an online funnel.

Maybe that's a good thing though?

Regardless, I'm working on a trip-wire offer for just $7 that I can provide to my audience interested in niche selection.

Basically, I'm going to make a PDF guide that covers niche selection in-depth, and if they want to then get the video course version of the guide, they can buy the up-sell which is the $97 course. 

At that point, I'll up-sell a front-end continuity program which I will provide weekly Q&A webinars for members.

It's going to be a lot to build out, for sure, but it will be worth it because I'll be able to start doing a lot more with paid traffic.

The point of a trip-wire offer is to create a way to break-even on ad costs so you can scale your ad spend. 

You will only make money with this, however, when you have your back-end up-sells, so I'm not going to scale paid traffic until it's all completed, in place, and set up and optimized.

So, after realizing this, I took a break and relaxed at the park with the Turtles.

I decided to dig into my email marketing automation to fix everything because it's been really messy for the last couple of months ever since I switched from Aweber to Convertkit.

I needed a way to make it so only my best leads got certain emails, and I set up unique tags, sequences, and automation so that when subscribers click the link in the email, they get the next set of emails, but if they don't click the link, then they don't get the emails.

This will greatly increase my open rate and click through rates as well as my conversion rate on my offers.

I'm not going to share how I set it all up here, because that's top secret for now, but I will be working on putting together an email marketing masterclass in the future to teach what I am learning by doing.

This work took me all day to do, but I'm so glad I got it all done because now I have finished my foundation and am ready to build on it like crazy in 2019. 

Speaking of 2019, I think it's about time to re-film a lot of 2018 Youtube videos. I'm going to get into the "studio" next week and get it all done alongside my new funnels and products and updating my masterclass with a ton of new lessons.

I'm excited about all of this because I know that what I learn will help you expand your business like crazy in the future.

While I was finishing up my email sequences, I updated my High-Ticket Drop Shipping Secrets course with thumbnails, transcriptions, captions, and blog post resource links.

So, when someone signs up for my free mini-course, they will now get an email every day for 9 days with a link to the lesson and a call to action to enroll in my masterclass.

I also began work on a sequence for masterclass leads. This is for anyone who clicks a link in my email to enroll in the masterclass but doesn't enroll.

I'm going to begin creating a pre-sales page on my Shopify store to answer any common questions people have before they enroll both in text and video/audio format.

Each day, I'll send an email addressing one common objection, then link to the pre-sales page which will link to the masterclass sales page.

This is a step I've been missing this whole time and yet have been very successful, so I believe it will help lubricate the sales process.

I may also build an "application funnel" between the pre-sales page and the sales page that is simply a quiz that asks the lead a few important questions first before they are sent to the sales page, this way I can follow up by email and a phone call to hot leads to re-introduce myself and close the sale.

I also started my resources list sequence. This will the foundation of my affiliate marketing career in 2019. My goal is to make a review post and email sequence for each software I use that I have an affiliate partnership with. This will help me get new affiliate commissions on autopilot every day.

After all this work, I went to a local Bangkok health food restaurant called Sustaina. They have delicious food. While sitting there, I sent out a black friday email to my lists. 

Talk soon,



Bangkok Chronicles Ep. 5: Tattoos, Pain, and Hustle

This past Saturday, Nov. 24th, 2018, I got two new tattoos at BT Tattoo in Bangkok.

I got a two tigers Sak Yant on my lower back and a lotus flower with ohm symbol on the nape of my neck.

Up until now, the pain I have felt when getting a Sak Yant or machine tattoo has been rough but bearable, but today was different.

These two areas of the body are very sensitive and a Sak Yant is much more painful than a machine tattoo because the artist is tapping your skin with the needle instead of pressing into it.

I took some pain relievers, but it wasn't enough, I could really feel it. 

Suffering the pain of a tattoo is no easy thing. It's like a form of slow torture. The mind has to adapt quickly and go into a state of deep meditation in order to cope. 

It took about 3 hours for both tattoos to be finished and by the end, I was feeling exhausted.

I've been pretty good about taking pain and exhaustion and transmuting it into productive energy.

For example, whenever someone tells me I can't do something or it won't work, I use that emotional pain and work 10x harder to make sure it is successful. 

Whatever you're going through in your life right now that is painful, remember to transmute that pain energy into hustle energy and you'll find success.

The pain I felt from the tattoos made me feel tired at first, so I went home to hydrate and take a nap, but when I was back in the swing of things Sunday, I was ready to get into building my business.

Sunday, I woke up to a beautiful day in Bangkok.

I grabbed some delicious brunch at one of my favorite cafes in Bangkok, OhLaLa cafe soi 50.

I got a crazy sugar rush after this, so I decided to stop by my other favorite cafe Vegenerie and grab some tom yum soup and hot tea to calm down.

While I was there I watched some more of Russel Brunsons Funnel Building Secrets course. He does a great job of keeping things simple and making it easy to digest the information.

Before diving into work, I decided to get a workout in at my gym and caught this awesome view of Bangkok.

I decided to film some advanced social media marketing lessons for my masterclass after the workout. I got 4 new lessons done as well as a lesson on closing sales over the phone. 

My goal is to finish all the modules and lessons in my masterclass that I have planned out within the next two weeks. To do this, I'll need to be super focused, hydrated, well fed, and not distracted.

I'm also going to Los Angeles in about 2 weeks, so if I can get it all finished by then, I will be able to actually take a break for the holidays and get back into things early January when we return to Bangkok.

I dug into a lot of stuff today. Everything from email automation using Convertkit to examining example funnels in Clickfunnels, building out my inner-circle group coaching membership program, and getting my niche hacks course set up. 

It's going to take a lot of time and work to get all this stuff done but I'm fully committing and excited to announce when they're ready.

Talk soon,




Trevor Fenner

Founder of eCommerce Paradise. High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Digital Nomad, Skateboarder, Photographer, Tattoo Enthusiast, and Cat Guy. Currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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