Best 10 YouTube Channels for eCommerce

YouTube Marketing is a powerful strategy for eCommerce brands. It’s the perfect way to engage with your customers while being entertaining and informative at the same time. In this blog, we’ll give you the Top 10 YouTube channels for eCommerce that will surely help jumpstart your YouTube marketing strategy.

This list is a combination of expert tutorials and existing brands with good performing content that you will learn from. I guarantee that if you follow these brands diligently, your brand will enjoy not only YouTube conversions, but also unlimited reach.

eCommerce Paradise

Are you interested in dropshipping? If yes, then you don’t want to miss eCommerce Paradise’s YouTube channel. In the channel, you’ll be seeing tons of informative content about eCommerce and High-ticket dropshipping. Learn from Trevor Fenner, the best high-ticket drop shipping coach and founder of eCommerce Paradise, about how to build your own high-ticket dropshipping business that will surely give you the life you’ve always wanted as a digital nomad.

Trevor has been in the business for over a decade. He is now traveling the world as a digital nomad while managing his own multi-million-dollar high-ticket dropshipping business on the side. You can also check out his YouTube channel for his travel and skateboarding vlogs that will surely leave you craving for that jet setter lifestyle!

Foundr Magazine

If you want to learn from the best entrepreneurs of this generation, Foundr Magazine Youtube channel is something you should subscribe to. With over 112,000 subscribers on Youtube, Foundr Magazine has grown to be one of the most popular entrepreneurship channels on YouTube. It brings together the greatest minds in entrepreneurship and gives exclusive tips and advice to aspiring business owners like you. 

Foundr Magazine connects aspiring entrepreneurs with legendary entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Jack Dorsey and many more. The channel is all about optimizing learnings from the experts into chunks and pieces of video content, so viewers will have better access to actionable insights. 

For eCommerce entrepreneurs, Foundr Magazine has a playlist specially dedicated on how to grow and launch your eCommerce business. There are also tons of resources where you will learn how to grow your business by employing different strategies like leveraging on social media to generate sales, use of effective content marketing, and hacks in expanding your business. 


HubSpot is an American developer of marketing applications that help businesses improve their marketing, sales, and customer engagement efforts. Its YouTube channel features tutorials and video guides about inbound marketing that educate entrepreneurs and marketers to craft effective strategies to achieve their target. It primarily focuses on strategies that will help businesses gain prospects, attract leads, and strengthen customer relationships.

If you’re starting a business, you should subscribe to HubSpot and learn the best marketing strategies from expert marketers!


Vat19 is an eCommerce brand that specializes in awesome gifts. It has a whopping 7.49M YouTube subscribers. Vat19 consistently releases entertaining and hilarious videos that feature all of their weirdly fun items. Every content doesn’t feel like a commercial since it’s super funny. Vat19’s YouTube content boasts a rare combination of humor, relevance, and wittiness.

It’s also worthy to note that Vat19 only offers unique items – from the biggest gummy worm to a never-ending bubble wrap. They sell items that you don’t need, but because of the effective marketing, you’ll feel an impulse to buy!

Casual eCommerce

Are you looking for the best and free step-by-step tutorials of the tools you’ll use in managing an eCommerce business? If yes, then subscribing to Casual eCommerce is a wise choice. Learning the ins and outs of eCommerce can be overwhelming. With Casual eCommerce, not only that you will directly learn from an expert in the eCommerce industry but also understand it in an easy-to-understand language - perfect for non-technical entrepreneurs.

Casual eCommerce helps aspiring entrepreneurs with step by step tutorials in creating websites, marketing, and more. The channel offers all sorts of tutorial videos which are essential in managing and growing your eCommerce business - from setting up Shopify store, advertising using FaceBook ads, sorting Google analytics, and even in using Zoom app. Basically, from the basic to advanced stuff, this guy got it covered. To date, Casual eCommerce has over 55,500 subscribers on YouTube.

Think Geek

Think Geek offers catchy videos that demonstrate their products. Their products are genius and funny at the same time! When you visit their channel, you can see all their quirky products from bean bag onesie to Hagrid’s Lantern of Harry Potter. Every video is intriguing that makes you want to see more. They let their creativity speak for themselves.


There is no doubt that Shopify is a great eCommerce platform. This YouTube channel provides you with all the tips and tutorials that you need in managing not only your Shopify store but also your eCommerce business in general. You will also have access to vlogs of expert eCommerce entrepreneurs such as Daymond John and Tina Roth Eisenberg.

You’ll also find real stories from real people who became successful with Shopify. Every eCommerce entrepreneur surely needs to subscribe to Shopify; it offers rich content by giving you exclusive tips like the “Covid-19 handbook” and inspirational videos from its “My Work Through Failure Story,” topics that are indeed relevant to every business owner.

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is an expert in showing off its products effortlessly. This YouTube channel gives you the best combination of sports and comedy – brought to you by five guys who are thoroughly enjoying life.

With a whopping 53.6M subscribers, Dude Perfect’s videos indeed elevated this brand to new heights. Why does it work? Simply because every video speaks to their brand promise – fun and genuine human connection.

Jungle Scout

So, you want to start selling on Amazon? If yes, this channel is perfect for you. Jungle Scout specializes in delivering content on the top strategies that help entrepreneurs be successful on Amazon.

The Jungle Scout channel covers every step of the process - from product research to launching on Amazon. This channel gives you a 360 degrees view on Amazon to ensure that your business will thrive. Its playlist includes Amazon FBA Shipping, Amazon Fees explainer video, Amazon Seller Central Tutorials, to real Amazon seller stories. 

The Jungle Scout channel has over 153,000 subscribers to date. 


If you think achieving brand success on YouTube is as impossible as hitting a Lotto jackpot, you’re wrong. Take it from Blendtec, this brand is one of the earliest eCommerce businesses on YouTube and yet it has grown to having over 800,000 subscribers today. 

Blendtec’s video content effectively communicates to its customers the power of its technology. So, how do they do it? The answer is - they blend everything - from blending fruits to golf balls to iphones. Besides, what’s not awesome about destroying a brand new iPhone or your favorite action figure through a blender? 

So, these are the top 10 brands that you should follow and subscribe to. By learning from these brands, you will surely boost your brand image and YouTube conversions.

What do you think of our list? Leave us a comment below!

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate referral links. I will get a commission from the vendor when you make a purchase after clicking them at no added cost to you. As a result, many of them also provide you with a special discount just for using my link. You can go directly to their support if you have any issues with their software or product.

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