Best Drop Shipping Products for 2021

So you’ve already decided to try drop shipping? Great choice! Now let’s get you set up in choosing the best dropshipping products that will surely fit your business.

Selecting a niche for your dropshipping business is one of the most difficult tasks that you’ll need to do. It’s essentially a combination of excitement, frustration, and gruesome process that all retail entrepreneurs need to pass through. Don’t worry, going through ups and downs is normal for every entrepreneur, the good thing about that is we can help you minimize the downsides by giving you a comprehensive guide on how to select your dropshipping products; we’ll also be giving you a list on the best drop shipping products that are certainly worthy of selling, so you won’t have to start from zero. 

Basics of Choosing a Niche

In selecting a niche or product, you need to have a good understanding of your requirements. For every product that you will encounter, you must ask yourself, is this product sustainable? What’s your business strategy? Does it fit your business model? Can you market it effectively? These are all the questions that you need to answer prior onboarding a certain product. Having a really good product is pointless when you can’t get a decent margin out of it. The same goes with a product that’s so expensive that your target market won’t be able to afford. 

Many dropshipping businesses fail because they don’t understand these basics. In dropshipping, you need to have a solid foundation of your business. This can be achieved by matching your business requirements and your business decisions. Every decision that you make must be strategic and made with the goal of scaling your business. Short-term goals and quick fixes only prove to be a recipe for disaster.

The point is, every product that you will sell must be strategic and not out of impulse or appeal. This is a common mistake for entrepreneurs, they build their business only because they want to sell the hottest products in the market. However, what may sell with another may not sell with you. Hence, it’s extremely important that you look for sustainable and quality products that will not set you up for failure. 

Key in Selecting the Right Products

Find a product that offers a good margin

Of course, we’re not putting up business for charity. At the end of the day, your bottom line is the most important thing as it will decide if your business will still have tomorrow. So, a good product must offer a good margin enough for your business to be sustainable in the long run. What I recommend is that you shift to the better version of dropshipping, high-ticket dropshipping. High-ticket dropshipping is focuses on selling high-cost items or high-ticket products. These are the ones that cost at least $1000. Basically, these are expensive products, and because of the nature of these products, you will have bigger margin for bigger profits. 

Avoid Saturated Markets

If you’re still starting, penetrating into a highly saturated market is highly impossible. The reason is because many businesses have already solidified their marks in the said niche / market and thus, a new player will not be given much attention. That is why, if you’re looking for a niche, make sure that your target market is not high in terms of competition. That will give you an easier way of getting into the market and getting the attention of your potential customers. In fact, high-ticket dropshipping is a good choice exactly because of this. With high-ticket dropshipping, since the products are expensive, there’s not many vendors or sellers that are clamoring for sales. So, you’ll be sure to get yourself a good spot in the market.

Source only from Reliable Suppliers

Once you’ve decided on the product or list of products that you will carry. Finding reliable suppliers is the next vital step. Why? Because in dropshipping, your lifeline depends on your supplier. A lousy supplier will deliver a lousy customer service while a reliable supplier will surely deliver an outstanding customer service. So, it’s a rule of thumb that in dropshipping, only choose the best supplier that you can get because it will define your business.

Now that you have a good understanding of the requisites on how to select the products for your dropshipping business, here’s a list on the best dropshipping products that will surely be worth selling.

Espresso Machines

For home appliances, you cannot be complete without offering a coffee or espresso machine. Almost all houses now have coffee makers and more and more people are investing in espresso machines. This niche is extremely good because you have millions of people as your target market. Plus, even though there’s a lot of competition, there’s enough demand from consumers and businesses.

Kitchen Islands

In addition to our long list of home essentials, of course kitchen islands can’t be absent. Kitchen islands are good investments especially for homeowners as it gives them flexibility and added space in their kitchen. Plus, since many people are developing their passion for baking and cooking, kitchen islands are now selling faster more than ever.

Water Filtration System

Nowadays, many people are extremely careful about what they eat, and especially with the water that they drink. Plus, tap water may not be as clean as you think since it may contain harmful bacteria that’s bad for your health. That is why water filtration systems are making headlines for themselves as more and more households are utilizing this technology for safer water. Water filtration system is a good niche since you can target everyone.

Pet Doors

For pet lovers, this product really hits the target! Pet door is a good niche since it’s really easy to sell and there’s not much technicalities that go with it. In addition, all houses with pets have this, so you have a huge target market. Another great thing with this is that it’s a simple product that any pet parent can fully understand.


If you’re looking at penetrating the gardening scene, then this product might just be perfect. Planters are sought after today simply because more and more people are choosing to grow their own plants at home. This niche is perfect as it’s relatively new and is easy to sell among those who newly discovered their fondness for plants.

Outdoor Playsets

If you’re in the home furniture or entertainment market, don’t only sell indoor equipment, include outdoors as well! For instance, outdoor playsets are great for families looking to invest in something that will certainly give value to their family bonding. So, if you’re offering home and entertainment sets, then outdoor playsets should definitely be there.

Foosball Tables

Like the outdoor playsets, foosball tables have a huge demand. Gaming tables are gaining much popularity now more than ever as more and more people are building entertainment rooms in their own homes. That is exactly why foosball tables are a good niche as it’s something that many homeowners invest in to fill their entertainment room. Plus, it’s a cool addition for people who love to hold parties in their place!

Standing Desks

For office needs, this is a must-have. Standing desks are gaining popularity nowadays because it disrupts the norm of having a sedentary lifestyle. Instead of sitting around all day, employees may now opt to work comfortably while standing, improving their overall health and lifestyle. This niche is a sure fire hit amongst businesses and employers who are helping their employees shift to a better lifestyle.  

Solar Panels

If you’re towards selling environmental friendly equipment, then solar panels is another good niche that you must consider. Solar panels are a practical and efficient source of energy, making them the primary choice for the new breed of  today’s smart houses. It’s a good niche that offers great margins and is not yet saturated with tons of competitors, so you’ll surely have a spot in the market.

Illuminated Mirrors

For home interiors and decors, this product will surely be a fire hit. Illuminated mirrors are one of the coolest things in the home decor segment today. Illuminated mirrors are popular because of its functionality and aesthetics. With this product, homeowners will surely come running to you.

Adjustable Beds

This innovative furniture is setting its place in the eCommerce world. Many people are now investing in adjustable beds as it makes them more relaxed and gives them better sleep. This one is a great investment that homeowners would want to have. Simply add this to your home collection and wait for sales to come knocking in!

Gun Safes

For tactical and ammo niche, this product will surely be a good upsell or even a stand alone item. Gun safes are essential for every gun collector to make sure that all ammunition is in the right place away from children. This niche is perfect for hunters who are looking for a safe and secure organizer for their equipment.

Electric Fireplaces

Another cool product in the home furniture space is this electric fireplace. Electric fireplace boast the same effect as that of a traditional fireplace but without the nuisance of smoke and all other safety risks. This product is perfect for homeowners who are looking at safe appliances and furniture. Plus, this niche is best for customers who prefer safety and aesthetics.

Jumpstart your Dropshipping Business

In building your dropshipping business, selecting which products to sell is one of the critical things that you need to decide on. While one decision may be excellent, a single mistake may cost you your entire business. That’s exactly why having a full understanding of the dropshipping business is essential. 

Are you still confused on how to start your dropshipping business? If yes, then you might want to take a look at this guide. Here are the things that you need to set up before launching your high-ticket dropshipping business

What do you think of this article? Was this helpful? Leave us a comment below!

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