Best Dropshipping Course for High-Ticket Drop Shipping

What is the Best Dropshipping Course for High-Ticket Drop Shipping?

There are so many online courses for drop shipping out there and a few specifically for high-ticket drop shipping, including my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass, but which one should you choose and why?

In this article, I want to break down the best dropshipping course and why it's so valuable and worth your money, but first, I'll explain if taking a dropshipping course is even worth it.

Did that video make you realize that not all dropshipping courses were created equal? I hope so because there is a lot of fluff out there. It's important to be discerning and not just buy the first course you are offered on a webinar. Make sure to compare the dropshipping courses especially for high-ticket drop shipping because you want to know which ones actually supply you with what you need to become successful and which ones simply offer "what to do" videos that should be free on Youtube anyways.

My Top Pick for the Best Dropshipping Course for High-Ticket Drop Shipping

I started with one course but after discovering that it didn't take me past the launch (I'll get into this later in this article) I realized that I wanted to create something better which people could purchase and get to launch as fast as possible but also past launch and to scaling to six-figures per month and more.

That's why I created my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass. It's an all-in-one coaching program that includes all the templates you need to create a professional eCommerce store as well as access to my personal virtual assistants to do the repetitive work for you like adding products as well as creative work which you might not be good at like graphic design and writing product descriptions and buyer's guides. 

I include my secret optimization techniques to making my store as optimized as possible for getting sales as well as my secret traffic techniques for driving only the most targeted buyer traffic to my product listings. You even get my templates for creating super-optimized product sales pages, collection page buyer's guides, and blog posts for pre-sales. You get my email sequence templates you simply copy/paste and fill in the blank. It's that easy. No other course out there offers what I have inside my dropshipping course.

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Which Dropshipping Courses Should I Stay Away From?

Any course where there are bad reviews online obviously shows a lack of integrity of that course owner. Usually, its a result of overselling via webinars to people who aren't completely ready for it yet, and then the owner got some return requests and failed to honor them.

I read a bunch of negative reviews of a course called Drop Ship Lifestyle before I joined in 2016 but still decided to join because he had a 30-day return policy. I went through the whole course only to discover that after the launch there is no content with real substance. It's just a bunch of written content and talks at retreats they did with really bad audio quality.

You basically are left to fend for yourself and browse their forum of random members, most of which aren't even doing dropshipping anymore. So, I asked for a refund before the 30 days and was promptly issued a refund.

But since then, I read a lot of negative reviews on those same third-party review sites that show how they aren't offering refunds unless students can prove that they went through the training materials, took action, and didn't get results. This is definitely a sign of bad business ethics and you should stay away from purchasing any course made by an owner who has bad business ethics. 

I've also seen a lot of seemingly copy-cat courses pop up across the web offering the same information as Drop Ship Lifestyle and it's funny because they all work on the same pretenses that they can run a webinar, sell a course, and their work is done. 

For me, I know that when I sell a course to someone, my work has just begun. My real job is to make sure that my student becomes successful and is a great case study for me as well as a future customer of my coaching, services, and other courses. 

If the course you are thinking about signing up for doesn't offer coaching, services, or other advanced courses besides their main beginner's course, then something is off and you should beware. 

I offer a plethora of coaching and services so I can make sure every student is successful if they really want to be. I serve members of the community at a very high level, building full high-ticket drop shipping stores from the ground up as well as providing advanced Google ads consulting, advanced email marketing consulting, and advanced conversion rate optimization consulting. 

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