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eCommerce is the activity of selling products and services over the Internet. There’s a common misconception that eCommerce only pertains to online stores that sell physical products, however, that’s not entirely true. By understanding the very heart of its definition, you can easily conclude that it’s a business model that allows you to sell both physical and non-physical products online.

Technically speaking, an ecommerce site, even those that sell advertising and subscription are ecommerce sites. In essence, any website that provides some sort of product in exchange for money to consumers or businesses or government agencies is an ecommerce site. For instance, your online subscriptions, advertisements, and all other things that you pay online are considered eCommerce.  

Now, I know you want to get inspired, so you typed in "Best eCommerce sites" into Google, well you're definitely on the right track. In this article, my goal is to uncover the best and biggest websites for both physical goods and digital services. I want to show you some of the biggest eCommerce sites out there and talk about what they do right, so you’ll know the tricks that you can apply to your eCommerce site.

It’s no brainer that Amazon is the world’s biggest internet company. Since its inception in 1994, it has grown dramatically, making its founder, Jeff Bezos, as the richest man on Earth. To date, fulfills over 20 million customers every single day. Its annual revenue is at a whopping 34 billion dollars.

What do people love about it?

Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world, it sells almost anything cheaper and faster than anyone else. Add it to the fact that its interface is extremely personalized to optimize customer experience What this means is that the platform employs a technology that knows what your preferences and your interests are, increasing chances of conversion.

This excellent strategy is further paired with Amazon Prime, its loyalty program which now offers its customers with one-day shipping on top of its discounts at Whole Foods, streaming services and a vast array of other benefits.

How big is Amazon?

Amazon, the leader in the pack, is way ahead of the other players with an annual revenue of $280 billion in 2019 alone.


It’s no surprise that Netflix classifies as an eCommerce giant. In the last decade, Netflix has grown to be a household brand, not only in the US but across the world.  According to the recent statistics of Statista, in the second quarter of 2020, Netflix had 192.95 million paying streaming subscribers worldwide. Of these subscribers, 72.9 million were from the United States.

So, what’s the recipe to Netflix’s success? The answer to this is the perfect combination of seamless and simple interface, convenience, paired with enhanced personalization.

What do people love about it?

Today, there’s no doubt that Netflix is the best choice for streaming shows. Many people love it because it offers a massive collection of shows on all genres. Plus, its constant commitment to releasing new content keeps the users coming back for more. The platform is also simple to use, bonus fact is that there are no ads to disrupt your binge-watching program!

It is also loved by many of its users because of the convenience that it brings. With Netflix, you can easily watch your favorites movies and shows from any device, and from anywhere across the globe.

How big is Netflix?

This streaming app boasts $20.16 billion revenue in 2019 alone. The company employs over 8,600 employees globally, supporting and managing its 193 million subscribers. 


PayPal is known as the world’s biggest online payment processing company, tracing back its roots in 1998. PayPal offers a speedy solution in financial transactions online, both for personal and business purposes. It’s mainly known for its ability to accept online payments and transfer money anywhere across the world. That is the reason why the majority of merchants use PayPal as an in-store payment or digital wallet top-up method. To date, there are over 346 million users of PayPal around the world.

What do people love about it?

Many PayPal users prefer it due to its security and ease of use. PayPal ensures its customers of top security with military-grade and advanced security features. It allows people to transact in the platform securely without the risk of leaked information.

Another main advantage of PayPal is its ease of use. With PayPal, setting up and getting started is easy. You can already make your first transaction in a few clicks after signing up. The service is available in most countries around the world, so transacting to the ends of the earth becomes handy.

It’s also worth noting that PayPal has made financial transactions extremely easy by integrating with many third party applications. Its integration will surely be of great help especially for your website checkout terminal.

How big is PayPal?

In 2019, PayPal had a whopping $17.7 billion in annual revenue. This financial powerhouse app is run by 23,000 employees, who support over 286 million customers around the globe., Inc. is one of the leading cloud-based software companies based in the US. It provides customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and other enterprise applications for customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and more. This solution is used by over 150,000 customers both in B2C and B2B sectors across all kinds of business industries and is proven to help drive results for sales, service, and marketing. 

What do people love about it?

Aside from providing a stellar application, many users are extremely happy with Salesforce primarily because of its ease of use, flexibility, and affordability. The platform also provides businesses with ample customization features and analytics.

New businesses constantly sign up with Salesforce due to tons of positive reviews that existing users attest to. In fact, most Salesforce users are likely to recommend this solution to other businesses since it simply does the work for them.

How big is Salesforce?

Salesforce was able to build a $13.3 billion CRM empire. It hosts over 36,000 employees, powering over 150,000 customers globally.


If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you probably know that uber is the first massive app for ride-sharing. Since its inception in 2009, this startup has grown to being one of the biggest global companies today.

What do people love about it?

Uber changed the way people moved around from one place to another. Nowadays, you don’t have to run and chase after taxi cabs or helplessly wait under the rain. Technically, uber works wonders for urban dwellers. With uber, you can easily get a ride in just a few clicks. Uber delivers its riders with a fast service that you can rely on anytime – that is why, you don’t have to worry about going home after partying until the morning.

To expand its services, Uber now offers delivery, food delivery, and other transit services.

How big is Uber ?

In 2019 alone, Uber achieved a record-high revenue of over $14.1 billion. It employs over 26,000 employees worldwide in 69 countries and operates in 900 urban areas.


Expedia was launched by Microsoft in 2001 and since then evolved as a multibillion-dollar company. Expedia serves as an online store that specifically offers travel shopping – from flights, hotels, cars, and many more. If you’re a traveler, you’ve probably come across Expedia multiple times already to check the hottest deals for your next vacation.

What do people love about it?

Using Expedia is pretty simple and straightforward. By simple keying in your destination, you’ll be shown tons of options depending on your preference. The platform offers a massive selection for hotels, flights, cruises, and more. The offerings are presented with advanced selection and filtering, so you can easily find your best pick. Plus, it offers lucrative packages to make your travel worth every penny.

How big is Expedia?

Expedia makes money by taking a certain commission from its sales. In 2019, Expedia generated approximately $12.07 billion in global revenue. It employs approximately 20,000 employees worldwide.


Adobe is the world’s leading software provider for multimedia and creative tools. Over its 35 years in the industry, it has grown to being a generic verb slang like Google and Xerox when it comes to creating and managing different kinds of content. It offers a full suite of marketing and multimedia solutions including Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

What do people love about it?

People simply choose Adobe because of its simplicity and wide scope of capabilities. It offers massive creative cloud libraries, various design apps, constant updates, and great value for money! While there are many design apps nowadays, people still stick with Adobe products due to its comprehensive suite of inclusions while giving you the flexibility that you need.

How big is Adobe?

Adobe yielded an annual revenue of $11.17 billion in 2019, which equates to a 24 percent year-over-year growth. The company’s stellar performance in the fourth quarter last year  capped a record revenue exceeding $11 billion. To date, it employs over 22,000 employees worldwide,  so you can only imagine how big this company is.


eBay is one of the pioneer brands in the eCommerce segment, starting as early as 1995. eBay is not a seller itself, rather, it serves as a platform for those who want to buy and sell anything. To date,  one of the safest places to trade online. As of 2019, there are over 1.3 billion listings on eBay scattered into different categories.

What do people love about it?

People prefer eBay because it reduces the barriers in selling directly with customers. In fact, eBay serves as a gateway for brands in different parts of the world to sell globally. Also, eBay is not your traditional eCommerce shop that only sells generic goods but also collectibles and unique products for hobbyists. Technically, you’ll be sure to find almost anything on eBay, from hoverboards to vintage items.

How big is eBay?

As of mid-year in 2019, eBay has over 182 million users worldwide. 70% of its traffic comes from people in the United States, followed by Canada, China, Russia, and the UK. In the same year, eBay hit $10.8 billion in revenue with over 13,000 staff count.


Facebook is the primary social media game changer of this generation. It’s founded by Mark Zuckerberg, dropped out of Harvard to develop Facebook... and the rest is history.

What do people love about it?

People use Facebook to stay connected with people and to keep updated on the latest happenings around them. The platform is used by all ages, from kids to seniors aged 65 and up. In fact, around seven-in-ten U.S. adults use Facebook on a daily basis. Facebook makes it extremely easy for people to get in touch in all aspects, from playing games collectively, to keeping up to date with your friends’ birthdays.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs also utilize Facebook for advertisements to effectively target their audience. It has become an essential element in a business’ branding and marketing activities. Simply put, Facebook is a platform that lets you connect and engage with people around the world effortlessly for personal and business purposes. 

How big is Facebook?

Facebook posed a $70.7 billion revenue in 2019. It currently employs over 52,000 employees across all its global offices. As of second quarter of 2020, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users on its platform.


Wayfair is a US-based eCommerce store that sells home goods and furniture. It’s one of the largest eCommerce stores in the US with over 20 million active customers. This massive eCommerce store offers its customers 14 million items from 5000 different brands supplied by 11,000 merchants worldwide.

What do people love about it?

Purchasing items on Wayfair is safe and simple, the website has 3D visualization tools, gift registries, friendly refund and return policy, and store credit cards. You can easily customize the search results by using the filters to set your preference, so can shop without all the fuss. With this massive store, you’ll be sure to find home items that are affordable and luxurious.

Shopping with Wayfair is safe and hassle-free. The company advocates safe customer shopping by protecting your consumer privacy and by only offering good quality products so you get the best value for your money.

How big is Wayfair?

Wayfair generated over $9 billion revenue in 2019. The said company also boasts 17,000 employees with more than 20 million active customers.


So, what did these companies have in common to secure a spot in this list? Each of them displayed professionalism in its website structure partnered with actual customer testimonials and effective content marketing strategy.

Of course, we’re not saying that your brand will instantly grow into these brands in an instant, these brands took years to get to where they are now – likewise, consistency and adaptability is just as important. The good side here is that you can learn and imitate their strategies, so you can find the one that works for you.

These companies are a great example of how to properly structure an eCommerce website for physical products, subscription services, digital products, and all other offerings sold online. Learn from these brand giants and use them as an example to help you improve your own eCommerce or high ticket dropshipping store.

What do you think of the best eCommerce websites? Let us know in the comment section below!

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