You want to get inspired, so you typed in "best ecommerce sites" or "best high ticket drop shipping sites" into Google, well you're definitely on the right track. I've done a ton of research and found so many niche high ticket drop shipping stores, yet I've also compared all of them to some of the biggest high ticket drop shipping stores out there and realized that some stores focus way more on UX (user experience) while others focus more on conversion rate optimization and sales tactics. 

In this article, my goal is to uncover the best of both. I want to show you some of the biggest ecommerce sites out there and talk about what they do right and wrong, then show some examples of small niche sites and talk about what they do right and what they could do better to compete in their niche market.

This will be an on-going post that will be updated periodically when I uncover more niche high ticket drop shipping stores that I really like, and I'll even put some stores in here that sell low-priced products and subscription-model sites as well. Enjoy!

Broad sites 

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Wayfair.com
  3. Houzz.com
  4. eBay.com
  5. HomeDepot.com
  6. Booking.com (this one might stand out as not selling physical products, but it still ranks for high ticket and technically they are drop shipping services, so it fits)
  7. Netflix.com
  8. Expedia.com
  9. Salesforce.com
  10. Uber.com
  11. Groupon.com
  12. Spotify.com
  13. Airbnb.com
  14. Tripadvisor.com
  15. Overstock.com
  16. QVC.com
  17. Newegg.com
  18. Zappos.com
  19. Tigerdirect.com
  20. Aliexpress.com
  21. Bestbuy.com
  22. Etsy.com

Niche sites 










Why did all of these sites garner a spot on our blog for the top ecommerce sites? Each of them displayed professionalism in their website structure, display, and marketing strategies. They are a great example of how to properly structure an ecommerce store. Use them as an example to help you improve your own ecommerce or high ticket drop shipping store.

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