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Email Marketing is always a part of every business’ marketing campaigns. Whether you run a small business or an enterprise-level company, email marketing will always be present. If you’d ask me why - my reason will be simply because it’s very cost-effective. Imagine, in just a few clicks; you’ll be reaching hundreds or even thousands of your audience – of course, they should sign up first for your newsletter or email alerts.

Email marketing is crucial for a business in many aspects. For instance, if you’re running a Black Friday Sale, you can simply release an announcement on your campaign. On the other hand, if you’re holding a grand launching event, one way to get attendees is by sending out mass email invites through your email marketing. Email Marketing serves as your official PR tool with your customers, so it’s only proper to employ the best email marketing software for your business.

Why should you have an Email Marketing Tool?

Marketing nowadays is hugely competitive; brands fight to get customers’ limited attention span and interest. Today, many brands face issues in connecting with their prospective customers at a personal level, which makes them relevant to their audience.

With email marketing, you benefit from your customers’ interest, so you already have that edge - unlike when doing social media marketing that only offers few leads. Email marketing lets you capitalize on your customers’ interest since they already signed up for your email blast. Having said so, the power is yours on how to make your communication extremely powerful and meaningful.

Here are some reasons why we believe email marketing is essential:

  • Email is personal; it allows you to connect with your customers personally, which subsequently builds trust and confidence.
  • Email marketing is personalized; you know exactly what your customers want. Thus, you can easily talk to them about things that are sure to get their attention.
  • Every person who uses the internet has at least one email account; that is why you can only imagine the database you can grow your business with.
  • You can choose who you want to talk to through customer segmentation, making your targeting more powerful and effective.
  • Many customers tend to be more receptive to a personal conversation; that is why email is essential. It builds a safe space for customers to engage in a conversation with different brands.

What makes an excellent Email Marketing Tool?

Since a business tends to rely heavily on email blasts and newsletters, having a powerful email marketing tool is essential. Based on experience, here are the features that you need to look for in an email marketing software:

  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Massive templates and themes
  • Ability to send bulk emails
  • Contact segmentation features
  • Analytics to know your email campaign’s performance
  • Tracker to ensure that your message doesn’t fall into the spam folder

Now that you understand the features to look for that makes a good email marketing software, we can now check which brands made it to the top list!

#1 ConvertKit


Best Email Marketing for Beginners

ConvertKit is an email marketing software that makes email marketing simple and easy. Its strength lies in targeted email automation, which enables its users to target a specific audience. The platform is best for professional bloggers, authors, and marketers.

Top Features

  • Advanced email designer
  • Email Automation
  • Powerful target email marketing
  • Bounce management
  • Unlimited storage for images and data
  • Reports and Analytics

Subscription Plans

  • Free plan is available for businesses with up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Complete plan starts at $25 per month for those with more than 1,000 subscribers
  • 14-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back policy

Why should you choose ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is excellent for email automation and targeted campaigns. The solution is perfect, especially for startups who want to get started with email marketing for free. With its comprehensive features, you’ll be sure to generate quality leads from your email marketing efforts.

If you want to know more about ConvertKit, check out my full review article on the link below.


Read my Full Review Article on ConvertKit Here


Create Your FREE Account With ConvertKit Today


#2 Klaviyo


Best Email Marketing for Marketing Campaigns

Klaviyo is another email marketing solution that we recommend due to its robust email marketing features. It offers you everything you need to create targeted and powerful email marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned email marketing strategist, Klaviyo is sure to provide you with all the features to make your life easier.

Top Features

  • Drag and drop email designer
  • Responsive email templates
  • Advance Email automation
  • Target segmentation
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Seamless integrations

Subscription Plans

Klaviyo offers flexible pricing depending on your contacts. You can start small and take advantage of its free offering. Subscription cost increases as your subscribers increase, take note of the pricing below for reference.

  • Free for users with up to 250 subscribers
  • $20 per month for users with up to 500 subscribers
  • $30 per month for users with up to 1000 subscribers
  • $100 per month for users with up to 5000 subscribers

Why should you choose Klaviyo?

With its ultimate flexibility and complete usability, Klaviyo is indeed one of the top-performing email marketing tools today. Tapping your customers is easy with its advanced marketing campaign features that will surely get your customers’ attention. Working with other apps also comes handy with its seamless integrations to other solutions.

Are you interested in Klaviyo? Know more about its features and pricing inclusions in my review article through the link below.


Click Here to Read my Review Article on Klaviyo


Jumpstart Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Klaviyo


#3 AWeber


Best Email Marketing for Small Businesses

AWeber is one of the pioneer email marketing solutions in the globe. Today, it’s one of the popular choices when it comes to email marketing services. It offers an email marketing automation complete with a comprehensive suite of email marketing features for the best flexibility and functionality.

Top Features

  • Smart Email Automation
  • Smart Designer with massive selection of templates
  • Code-free page designs
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Mobile Apps
  • Seamless integrations with third-party apps like Shopify, Facebook, etc.
  • 24/7 Customer support

Subscription Plans

  • Free for users with up to 500 subscribers
  • Pro plan starts at $19 per month for those with more than 500 subscribers

Why should you choose AWeber?

AWeber is an excellent platform to jumpstart your email marketing campaigns. Packed with industry-leading features, small businesses can create amazing results with minimal spending. Its 24/7 customer support is also something to rave about, not to mention that it is one of the few that offers free email marketing services to date.

To know more about what AWeber can offer, read my full review article on the link below.


Click Here to Read my Review Article on AWeber


I hope that this list enlightened you on the importance of email marketing strategy in a business. Even if you are new to email marketing, these tools will surely guide you in crafting your email marketing campaigns to boost your sales further.

What do you think of our list below? Do you have other suggestions in mind? Leave us a comment below!

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