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In this video, I discuss the unique and hyper-targeted Google Ads campaign structure strategy we use to get the best leads to our product listings.


Google Ads Strategy: Traffic Hacks for High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Stores

This article is all about Traffic Hacks for high ticket dropshipping. 

With drop shipping and eCommerce especially with high ticket dropshipping, you have to use certain methods of driving traffic to your website so you get targeted leads. Those are people that are going to be looking to purchase your products and people that can afford to purchase your products. 


This is all about traffic hacks, specifically for high ticket drop shipping. If you are thinking about getting into high ticket drop shipping or you are already in there and you want to grow your business, this article is for you.


I want to help you build your eCommerce businesses by strengthening your understanding and knowledge base.


We are going to talk about the overview of Google AdWords campaigns. Google AdWords is a great platform because people are entering search-based queries into Google all the time. 


They are entering keywords like best sunglasses or how to find the best sunglasses. That kind of query shows that they are at the top of the sales funnel. When they are there, you can serve them with different types of ads. You can serve them product listing ads and search text ads. You can put those ads directly to product pages on your website, collections pages, or guides. 


You can also have an email pop up and then you can follow up with them with retargeting ads and email marketing and close the sales after that. 


 People have to go from the top to the middle and to the bottom of the funnel. You have to understand different keywords that are different points to your funnel. You can target people depending on which keyword that they are at and send them to the right page on your website depending on what funnel that they are at. You will then send them the right marketing messages to move along the funnel. This is to teach them more about it and to close the sale if necessary.


The funnel is really important when you are setting up your Google AdWords account. Usually, the way I structure my Google AdWords account is that I set up each different type of ad. One for the top of the funnel, one for the middle, and for the bottom of the funnel. 


There are three main types of campaigns, I always do and that is Google product listing ads which will have top of the funnel keywords, middle of the funnel keywords, bottom of the funnel keywords. I have search text ads that are set up in a similar way, top, middle, and bottom. Then I have Google dynamic remarketing ads and those are actually going to serve the person the exact ad with the exact product that they were looking at on our website. When they go and search on other blogs and other web sites out on the interwebs. 


Beyond that, I also do Facebook ad retargeting but in this article, we are just going to be talking about Google AdWords. 

Now that you understand the different keywords that people search for and how to use Google AdWords to target the specific keywords. I am also going to talk about a little bit about which page of the website to send them to. 



You are going to send them to the website related to that keyword. If it is a product type query, then you are going to send it in to a collection page on your Shopify website. 


It is important that the collection page is filled out with a lot of content with internal links directing to other blog posts that are informational and then have all your products there that are listed. 


On the sidebar, you want to break down the different types of those products. People can narrow down what they are looking for. 


In Google Shopping, those product types keywords are going to come from your generic product type keyword-level product listing ad and your generic collection based search text ads. 




When somebody moves from the top of the funnel to the middle of the funnel for when the keywords searching, you can tell because they are going to start using brand based queries. 


When they are doing a brand keyword search, they are going to move from the top to the middle. They have established that they know the problem and they have already solved the problem. Now, they have to distinguish between the different products that that brand offers. 


You can then target those brand keywords via your brand keyword-based product listing ad group or campaign. You can also target it via the brand collections on your website with Google search text ads. You will not only show up in the product shopping ads at the top of the search result but you also have below that your text ads showing up which will add credibility to your product listing ads and let you take a more real estate on the search engine that is resulting in a higher click-through rate and higher potential sale because as they keep comparison shipping they will keep seeing you pop up and if they like your messages and you are relevant and more professional with your marketing then they are more likely to choose you. 




The next step in the sales process is the bottom of the funnel. That is product based keyword queries. When they have gotten to this level, they are searching for a product name. They are probably just doing comparison shopping. They are trying to find which website to buy it from who is going to give them the best deal. You can use your google product listing ads, product query campaigns or ad groups to target just those queries. You can bid higher on those than you bid on the other ones.


Once that is done, you can show up first for those product-based queries and your bid is usually much higher for those keywords and that’s okay because that’s one you really want to show up for. Then you can target the search text ads, the queries for the product based keywords. That will send them directly to the product page for particular ones. 


Product listing ads never send you to collection pages. They will always be going to send to product pages. So when someone types in a generic keyword they are still going to send them to product pages. This is interesting if you think about it because the person does not really know what product they want at that point. They are just interested in the type of product. They are going to land randomly on a page that might be relevant to that product. It is a kind of way to get somebody to move from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel as quickly as possible. It is an impulse buying decision product. 

The best thing you can do when you first start at Google AdWords is to set up all these campaign structures then set up your audiences for remarketing and set up a remarketing ad. That funnel alone is really good and you can make a lot of money with that funnel. You can go beyond that eventually. 


Google product listing ads, Google search text ads, and dynamic remarketing ads together, that funnel right there will get traffic to your website and get back to that website. It will keep popping up in their results for that. 


Depending on what you sell, you will probably spending around $30 - $100 per day depending on how many products you have and how many brands and collections you have. 


When you are ready, you can check out the Academy at  academy.ecommerceparadise.com.

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