Best LLC Services: The Top 10 Business Formation Experts



Starting a business isn’t easy. That is precisely why many entrepreneurs opt to hire a business consultant or a lawyer to guide them every step of the way. For starters, you have to figure out the kind of business entity you want to establish.

One option is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC is a business entity type wherein the business owner is not personally liable for the company’s debts. Consequently, an LLC can get a tax identification number, open a bank account, and conduct business, all under its registered name. It’s a hybrid entity that blends the characteristics of a corporation and partnership. You can choose other options, like a sole proprietorship, partnership, s-corporation, c-corporation, and non-profit. Aside from the fact that LLC protects the business owner from debts against the business, you also benefit from its low tax bracket. 

Once you’ve decided that you want to build an LLC, the next thing to figure out is how to form it legally. It’s the right time to research and identify all the steps related to forming an LLC. Or, you can simply hire a lawyer to do the job for you. However, not all business owners can afford to pay a business expert or lawyer, especially small business owners. Likewise, not all entrepreneurs have the patience to go through tons of legalities and technicalities associated with forming an LLC. The good thing is that there’s a practical approach to this dilemma – signing up for an LLC formation service.

When to sign up for an LLC Formation Service?

Signing up for an LLC service is a practical choice for many entrepreneurs, mainly because you only pay for a fraction of what you’ll pay for a business expert or lawyer. An LLC service provider can help you form your business seamlessly, so you won’t have to go through all the administrative process yourself. Besides business formation services, some LLC service companies offer add-on services to help manage your business, including compliance, taxation, and legal services.

In this blog, I’ll go through the ten best LLC services available based in the US. Each company has its own set of features and strengths, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your requirements. So, let’s dive in!



IncFile offers free LLC formation services for small businesses. It also offers a comprehensive set of business services, including bookkeeping, legal services, and more. Since starting in 2004, it has helped in the formation of over 250,000 Corporations and LLCs. 

What can INCFile do?

IncFile offers three primary services: Business formation assistance, compliance, and business tax services. It also offers free registered agent service when you sign up for any package.

Plans offered: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • The Silver plan is free – you only need to pay state fees. This package includes next-business-day filing of formation papers with the state, name availability search, and access to customer support.
  • The Gold plan costs $149 and includes LLC operating agreement or corporate bylaws, Employer Identification Number (EIN), gold business formation kit, express shipping, and S corporation tax form preparation.
  • The Platinum plan costs $299 and includes a business domain and website, access to IncFile’s legal contract templates, and expedited document filing.

Customer Support: IncFile provides customer support through email and phone. Their hotline is available on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm CT. The good thing about IncFile is that they will still support you even if you built your business years ago, and is not an active customer.

In Summary:

If you’re looking for the cheapest LLC formation service, IncFile is the way to go. IncFile offers one of the best online business formation services in the US. It’s also the most affordable in its category without sacrificing service reliability.

If you want to know more about IncFile, check out my full review of its services and features in the link below.


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Click Here To Start Your Free Account with IncFile




CorpNet has been in the industry of helping form businesses since 1997. Currently, this husband-and-wife duo has helped form over 100,000 businesses. The company has also solidified its place in the industry, garnering an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What can CorpNet do?

CorpNet offers a full suite of business formation services from doing name checks, business registration, administrative filing, reporting requirements, etc. It can also provide you with a registered agent service as well as a complete corporate kit. Once your business is fully operational, CorpNet can still offer you other services, including tax assistance and documentation.

Plans offered: Basic, Deluxe, and Complete.

  • The Basic plan costs $108 plus state fees. It includes name availability check, article filing for the organization, corporate compliance tool, 60-day Registered Agent service, and shipping.
  • The Deluxe plan includes everything on the Basic plan plus a 24-hour document preparation, EIN, one year Registered Agent service, and print delivery for $228 plus state fees.
  • The Complete plan costs $278 plus state fees. It comes with everything on the Basic and Advanced plans plus custom operating agreement and minutes, and a customized LLC kit & seal.

Customer Support: CorpNet provides customer support through email, phone, fax, and support tickets. Their hotline is available on weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm PST. You also get access to the company guides, templates, and blogs for resources. What sets CorpNet apart is its 100% satisfaction guarantee wherein you can get a full refund if you’re not happy with the service provided to you.

In Summary:

Forming a business comes easy with CorpNet’s business formation services. CorpNet’s business formation experts will help you prepare, file, and register everything you need to form your business while complying with the state rules. With CorpNet’s 100% Satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be sure to get excellent quality service.

For more information about CorpNet, check out my full review of its offerings and plans below.


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Click Here To Form Your Business with CorpNet




Nolo is one of the largest online sources for consumer-friendly legal information. It boasts a rich collection of legal information called Legal Encyclopedia, which houses thousands of legal resource articles, mostly written by lawyers. The Legal Encyclopedia contains step-by-step guidelines on carrying out legal obligations, including business formation and small business laws.

What can Nolo do?

Nolo provides do-it-yourself legal books and software that enables people to get legal assistance in just a few clicks. In terms of LLC services, Nolo can help you by offering guidance in forming LLC, corporation, or non-profit. Nolo can also help you in cases wherein you’ll need to find an actual onsite lawyer to help with your legal business dilemma.

Plans offered: 

Here’s a summary on Nolo’s pricing structure:

  • Finding an attorney through Nolo’s Lawyer Network: FREE
  • Select informational articles and guides: FREE
  • Business books, e-books, and software: $25 to $40
  • Custom legal forms
  • Single forms: $9 to $15
  • For unlimited revisions: $30 to $44 per year
  • In forming an LLC: $99 plus state fees ($299 for expedited filing)
  • In building a Corporation (outsourced to Starts at $99 plus state fees
  • In forming a Non-profit Organization (outsourced to LegalZoom): Starts at $99 plus state fees

Customer Support: 

Nolo offers customer support through phone, email, and support tickets to answer your basic questions. You may get in touch with customer support through phone during weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm PT for urgent matters.

In Summary:

If you’re a small business owner looking for one-stop-shop legal assistance without breaking the bank, Nolo is worth considering. Forming an LLC comes easy with Nolo’s full suite of legal services, including legal documentation, business formation, and many other legal services.

To find out more about Nolo, check out my full review on its offerings and pricing in the link below.


Click Here To Check Out My Full Review on Nolo


Start Your Business Today With Nolo




Since 2009, MyUSACorporation has been helping individuals establish a business in the United States. It specializes in providing business formation services, filing & application assistance, and certifications to entrepreneurs worldwide. To date, MyUSACorporation helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs form a business in the United States.

What can MyUSACorporation do?

MyUSACorporation offers a complete set of business solutions during the business formation phase and the operational phase. Its services include name reservation, trademark registration, federal tax ID application, registered agent services, corporate kits, etc. Once your business is fully operational, MyUSACorporation can provide you with accounting & tax filing, company amendments, etc.

Plans offered: Basic, Recommended, and Premium

MyUSACorporation doesn’t offer a bundle package. Instead, it offers only an ala-carte type of service. Customers can choose among the three different service delivery classifications: Basic, Recommended, and Premium. There is no specific rate for every package since fees vary depending on the service and state fees.

  • The Basic package is best for customers who can settle for a standard delivery period and require minimal guidance
  • The Recommended package is suited for clients who want to start immediately and need ample guidance to complete the paperwork.
  • The Premium package is best for clients who want top-notch service and speedy delivery. It also comes with a company kit and shipping.

Customer Support: 

MyUSACorporation provides phone, email, and chat support. It also provides easy order tracking, milestone alerts, and speedy turnaround time to make sure you’re updated every step.

In Summary:

Setting up an LLC comes easy with MyUSACorporation even if you’re not from the United States. MyUSACorporation does a bit of everything to help its clients start a business through its experienced professionals who can efficiently execute business administrative tasks in a short period, all without breaking the bank. 

To find out more about MyUSACorporation, check out my full review on its offerings and pricing in the link below.


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Start Your Business in the US Today With MyUSACorporation has over a century-long experience in helping individuals form their businesses. As of writing, the company established over 750,000 corporations & LLCs, guiding each through the tedious process step by step.

If you’re planning to start a business in Delaware, is the perfect choice as it puts great focus on dealing with business formations in Delaware.

What can do?’s core service is to assist individuals in forming their business legally in the state by preparing & filing the necessary paperwork, and obtaining licenses & permits required to run a business. also offers tools & services that will make your life easier, including a compliance management tool, registered agent services, and a learning center.

Plans offered: Starter, Essentials, and Works.

  • The Starter plan is the primary offering among the three, starting at $99 plus state fees. This option is best for entrepreneurs who just need to get started quickly. The plan includes completion & filing of business formation paperwork and name availability check.
  • The Essentials plan costs $249 plus corresponding state fees. The package includes everything on the basic plan plus additional services, including EIN, corporate kit, and compliance.
  • The Works plan costs $349 plus corresponding state fees. This package includes everything on the Starter and Essentials plan plus a few other inclusions like business license research package and operating agreement.

Customer Support: You can contact them through phone, email, or live chat – whichever works for you best. Its customer support team is available from 8 am to 8 pm ET, M-TH, and 8 am to 6 pm ET on Fridays.

What sets apart is its $75,000 corporate compliance guarantee. This policy guarantees customers up to $75,000 if a filing issue arises from’s negligence.

In Summary:

The thing I like about is its capability to handle everything to form your business legally. If you’re starting your first-ever business and want to go with a safe choice, is the perfect pick. Besides, its 750,000 success stories should be enough to give you a feel for’s success rate.

If you want to know more about, check out my full review of its offerings and features in the link below.


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Jumpstart Your Business Today With


Swyft Filings


Swyft Filings is an online business formation service provider that started in 2012 and has served thousands of businesses across the United States. The company specializes in the formation of small to mid-sized companies, helping its clients prepare and file all the necessary paperwork to complete state requirements. 

What can Swyft Filings do?

Swyft Filings focuses on business formation services for small to mid-sized businesses. Aside from that, Swyft Filings provides additional services, including administrative support, tax consultation, corporate kit, website builder, and many others. Whether you’re forming an LLC or incorporating your business, Swyft Filings can help you set up the needed paperwork and requirements in no time.

Plans offered: Basic, Standard, and Premium

  • The Basic plan starts for as low as $49 plus the corresponding state fees. This choice is perfect for entrepreneurs who just want to get started. The package includes preparation, filing of articles of organization, name availability check, and more.
  • The Standard subscription plan starts for as low as $149 (plus corresponding state fees). This subscription plan has everything on the Basic subscription plan plus additional features like EIN, banking resolution, etc. If you’re looking at full blast to launch your business, this is a perfect choice.
  • The Premium plan costs $299 (plus corresponding state fees). If you’re looking for a complete solution to start your business, this is the best option. The Premium plan has everything on the Basic and Standard packages plus many advanced features, including digital corporate kit, business website, and more.

Customer Support:  You can easily reach them through phone, email, chat, and support ticket. Its customer support team is available on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm. It’s also worth noting that you get lifetime support when you subscribe to Swyft Filings.

Swyft Filings offers a 100% money-back guarantee, which lets you get a full refund if you don’t find its services helpful.

In Summary:

Swyft Filings offers one of the most affordable plans available for LLC formation services. Aside from being budget-friendly, Swyft Filings boasts one of the best customer services in this field. Its 100% satisfaction guarantee shall give you a sense of the quality of service you’re getting. If you’re starting a business and is looking for a business formation partner that offers affordable services with fast turnaround, lifetime customer support, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, then I surely recommend Swyft Filings for you.

You can check out my in-depth review of Swyft Filings to know more about its services and features through the link below.


Click Here To Check Out My Full Review on Swyft Filings


 Your Business Today With Swyft Filings




FindLegalForms was established in 2001 by two lawyers based in California. To date, over 1.3 million customers benefit from FindLegalForms’ massive library of legal forms and documents for personal and business purposes.

What can FindLegalForms do?

FindLegalForms offers a massive selection of legal forms for personal and business needs. Its library of legal forms contains over 20,000 neatly-organized resources that let you scroll through the library quickly. Whatever you’re looking for - from affidavits, deeds, confidentiality, notices to corporate contracts, chances are high that they have it.

Plans offered: 

You can access FindLegalForms’ documents in three ways – free, paid, and through subscription.

  • The first thing is to access its FREE downloadable forms. However, the selection may be limited and may not fulfill all your needs.
  • Then, there are forms that you need to purchase to be able to download and access - some of which you can get for as low as $2.99.
  • The third option is subscribing to their services, which is perfect if you’ll need access to different legal forms regularly.

o FindLegalForms’ Standard subscription costs between $2.50 and $4.99 per month. This package enables you to store and edit up to 10,000 legal documents and access over 250 letter templates, all of which you can edit, download, and print anytime. 

o FindLegalForms’ Premier subscription, suitable for enterprise-level companies, costs between $21.16 and $49.95, depending on your subscription duration. This plan includes everything in the standard package plus unlimited downloads of 15,000+ documents in the FindLegalForms library. 

Customer Support: 

FindLegalForms offers support to its customers via phone, ticket support, and through its FAQs. You may call their hotline from Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (PST).

In Summary:

If you’re looking for someone who can do all the legal paperwork for you, FindLegalForms is worth considering. For one, you save money by getting all the legal documents you need without paying expensive attorney fees. You’re also sure to get the latest and most compliant legal documents to fulfill your business requirements – all within a few clicks.

To know more about FindLegalForms, check out my full review of its services and documents below.


Click Here To Check Out My Full Review on FindLegalForms


Click Here To Access Your FindLegalForms Account


Northwest Registered Agent

Since starting in 1998, Northwest Registered Agent has grown to being one of the go-to LLC formations for entrepreneurs. The company was able to make a name for themselves through its straightforward and impressive business formation solutions. Today, Northwest Registered Agent is hailed for its solid service and full suite of customer support to meet every business’ requirement.

What can Northwest Registered Agent do?

Northwest Registered Agent offers three main services – Registered Agent Service, LLC or Corporation Formation service, and legal form library.

Aside from its basic services, Northwest Registered Agent also offers premium registered agent service paired with speedy and same-day order processing.

Plans offered: 

  • Basic plan costs $79 and comes with business formation and registered agent service.
  • Deluxe costs $179 and includes everything on the basic plan plus Tax ID Number (EIN) and operating agreement.
  • Premium plan costs $199 and has all the features from the deluxe package, plus same-day processing wherein Northwest Registered Agent will process and submit the LLC formation papers to your state the same day you purchase their service.

Customer Support: 

Northwest Registered Agent offers customer support through phone and ticket system. You can also get in touch with them through their social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram.

In Summary:

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best LLC services available in the market. It’s an excellent choice if you prefer a company that offers high-level customer service and crave for top-notch quality service for your LLC formation.

The company offers packages loaded with all the right and sensible services needed for the filing. Northwest is an outstanding choice for entrepreneurs who want the best possible customer service without all the hassle of back and forth communication.


Click Here To Check My Review on Northwest Registered Agent


Form your LLC with Northwest Registered Agent



MyCompanyWorks, Inc. is a provider of incorporation, LLC formation, and other small business services. The company started in 2001 and grew to serving over 60,000 businesses around the globe. It also boasts an impressive A+ Better Business Bureau rating. With its fair and competitive pricing, it’s no brainer that business owners who want value and guarantee trust MyCompanyWorks.

What can MyCompanyWorks do?

MyCompanyWorks offers a simplified business formation service. Its LLC formation process comes in three simple steps. It starts with the selection of business type and defining the state; second is the super laidback online form to fill out; and lastly, wait and receive the filed papers.

Plans offered: 

  • The Basic LLC package costs $79 plus the state filing fee.
  • The Entrepreneur LLC Package costs $199 plus the state filing fee.
  • The Complete LLC Package costs $279 plus the state filing fee.

Customer Support: 

MyCompanyWorks has phone, email, and ticket support system. For reference, its customer support is available on weekdays in accordance with the following schedule: phone support from 8am to 4pm PST and email support from 7am to 5pm PST.

MyCompanyWorks also offers 24/7 account access wherein you can download your documents, subscribe or cancel for services, and check your order status.

In Summary:

In general, MyCompanyWorks offers solid service and pricing scheme that makes it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs. Many of its actual users have provided positive reviews, so you can only expect a high-quality service. Plus, it offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that you get the most out of your money. MyCompanyWorks is a good choice for online business incorporation for its simple and affordable business solutions.


 Click Here To Check My Review on MyCompanyWorks


Jumpstart your LLC with MyCompanyWorks


Here’s a BONUS!

If you’re lost about the step by step process of business formation and all the legalities that come with it, maybe it’s better if you talk to an actual lawyer. With, you get access to a massive database of attorneys across all states in the US.

What can do? is not a business formation service. Its main service is to connect you with lawyers who can help with your legal issues in forming and managing a business. Take note however, that the platform is not focused specifically on business lawyers. Thus, you can expect to find lawyers with different practice areas on the platform.

Plans offered: offers a Legal Protection Plan, which allows you to joy unlimited consultations, 25% savings on legal fees, and access to a dedicated network of experienced lawyers in all major practice areas.

  • The monthly plan costs $14.99 per month
  • The 3-month plan costs $29.99
  • The 1-year plan costs $119.99

Customer Support: offers phone, email, and ticket support. You can also get in touch through their social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mix, and YouTube.

In Summary:

If all the business formation services mentioned above still seem lacking to you and you prefer to talk to an actual lawyer, then is a great option. Click on the link below to find a lawyer near you!


Talk to a Lawyer through


Overall, these are the best LLC services that offer reliability, timeliness, and results. Each company is unique and offers excellent value to customers depending on the requirements. You can do it on your own without signing up for any of these services. However, signing up for a business formation service will surely save you time and effort, perfect when starting your business. The fees you’ll pay for these services will be nothing compared to the penalties you’ll face when it comes to erroneous and late filing.

What is your top pick from this list? Drop us a comment below!

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate referral links. I will get a commission from the vendor when you make a purchase after clicking them at no added cost to you. As a result, many of them also provide you with a special discount just for using my link. You can go directly to their support if you have any issues with their software or product.

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