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Hey guys, welcome to today's episode.

So I want to talk to you all about the resources that I use to run our online business. So there's a lot of cool things that we have set up as far as the sales funnel goes. And I'm going to get into that first because that's the most important thing, right?

To make an income online, you've got to have some sort of sales funnel to sell something. So the first thing that I used to set up an online store to sell eCommerce products is a Shopify store.


Shopify is the eCommerce store platform that I recommend and use the most because it's easy to setup up. It's fast, and there's support included. So if you have any questions, you can always email, chat, or call them. And that comes with an SSL certificate already included in the fee. So that's pretty cool. There's no complicated setup processes and stuff like that.

I did have a free eCommerce plugin set up on a web press site, my first eCommerce store. It was just a hassle to manage because I had to basically manage everything. And yeah, that can get kind of painful sometimes. So I recommend using Shopify now.

Even though you don't specifically own the platform, it's the service you're paying for, because they will manage the platform for you. And you definitely want to have that service. You don't want to be managing the website when it goes down because of a code error or something. Shopify will be that developer on call for you. They make sure your website is always up. In WordPress, they do not have anything like that. You have to hire a developer. That is why you should use Shopify.

To get domain names and stuff like that, I don't buy them through Shopify, but I buy them to GoDaddy. And I used to buy exclusively in GoDaddy, until I actually learned about another domain platform that's cheaper to get domains from. That's called Namecheap.

I recommend using Namecheap because it is a little bit cheaper, maybe like half as expensive for domains than GoDaddy. GoDaddy is like somewhere between eleven to thirteen dollars per domain, depending on whether you have a 30 percent off coupon. And in Namecheap, it's around like seven or eight bucks. So if you buy a lot of domains, then go with Namecheap. They're both the same, as far as usability. To link a domain with a hosting, you just have to correct the CNAME and the IP address. If it's Shopify, that's what you do to set it up. So it's pretty simple.

As far as eCommerce services go, the sales funnel that I have set up is pretty simple, and it's very useful and works very well.

I'll go over it right now.

As far as the theme goes on, Shopify, its shoptimzed. If you guys haven't heard of it, just type in shoptimize theme like optimize and have shoptimized instead. It's a really good theme. You can go to and see the blog posts there. For the resources page, it's shoptimized there as well. 
Shoptimize is really good because it's optimized for eCommerce. And you know, I really like it because it's basically made to build trust and also to close sales and to have a lot of really good sales tributed in there. It's awesome. 

Shoptimize is definitely the one I recommend using now. If if you're going to use one. Use that. It does cost a little bit of money since it's a paid theme. 

If you try to customize and optimize all these other free things that Shopify offers, you're going to spend a lot of time trying to customize and optimize them. In shoptimize, it's all built in. So it's really nice. And there are a lot of really neat social proof triggers in there and urgency triggers that get people to buy right away that other teams just don't have. And you would have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out which apps to buy, like how to embed the code and how to set him up. In shoptimize, it's all built-in. So I highly recommend that theme.

Sales Funnel
So as far as the sales funnel goes, I have set up Google AdWords, which is to send traffic to my product listings. And the reason being is because when people are shopping online for products, they are probably typing into Google what they want to buy inside Google or Amazon,right? Or like one of these other big websites like eBay. So if you don't have your products on Amazon or eBay, Google AdWords is the best place to be. So Google is really cool.

Google has multiple different ad formats. And the first one that I recommend using for on your store is the product listing ads, and that is what Google shopping basically is. Google shopping is the ads that show up when you type in any kind of a product, name or brand name into the search results. The first thing it pops up is pictures with prices in store names. And those are product listing ads. And if you click on the shopping tab at the top, that's what that is. It's good because they offer a picture, they offer a price and the store name and some sort of usually some sort of like a special offer. So that's a way to go. 

If you're going to start with Google AdWords, start with product listing ads. And then the next thing I recommend starting with is search text ads. Search text ads are great, but you need to understand what part of the sales funnel somebody is when they type in a keyword. So it's really simple, if somebody types in a product name, probably a lot more closer to making a purchase than somebody who types in like a generic keyword in your niche. And so you don't want to search text ads to target product names to go right to your product pages. 

Search text ads should also be done to target brand names to go to your brand collections on Shopify. And you can also do search text to target generic keywords that are really popular to go to some sort of landing page that gives somebody an option to get a free buyers' guide or something if they open with their email address. And that doubles the lead generation lists.

You do that because when you give somebody help, when they're first getting into research on a product they want to buy, it's more likely that they're going to buy it from you later on because they got help from you. So those types of search text ads are all great. 

The last kind of Google AdWords ad is the dynamic remarketing ad. When someone goes to my website, and they decide they don't want to buy because of their mobile phone or for whatever reason, I want to be able to show my ad on different websites later on and outside of Facebook. 

If they happen to be on a website where they're reading another blog somewhere or on a forum that displays any website that displays Google ad sense, ads will display my ad on it, except for certain ones that I blocked. 

I've blocked mobile games from showing my ads. It is because a lot of these mobile games show the ads in places where it's really easy to get clicks and these clicks are not necessarily clicked by someone who's actually interested in your product. It's probably an accidental click. And so that racks up costs really high. And they're on your site for literally half a second then leave. That's because they didn't mean to actually click that. So, yes, there is a way to do it. 

Having a YouTube, you'll know how to disable mobile game ads on dynamically marketing ads. And you can do that. Google probably has a guide, too.

So that's how I drive traffic to the website outside of organic and other methods. And then when someone goes the website, they land on it. There are a few ways I capture their information. So the first way is I use Sumo. is a great app to use. You can download the app and Shopify will set up your account. It will set up all pop-ups. So what they do is create pop-ups and other things that you can to customize your brand's look and feel. Sumo also offers some sort of a buyer's guide, discount coupons, gifts, and all that stuff to get them to opt into their email address. And that's a great start because now you have their email address.

Email Autoresponder
The next step is setting up an email autoresponder. For that, I use Klaviyo. Klaviyo is really good because they have a link with Shopify, and they can choose all these different ways, all these different types of customers you have on your Web site.

If somebody on site hasn't bought anything from you, you can create a leads autoresponder. Give them the free gift they signed up for, which is maybe like a guide or a free book or something like that, and then give them some sort of discount. Keep on and then have like a few urgency emails. So I set up the leads generation autoresponder. 

Then I set up a browse abandonment autoresponder in Klaviyo, which is really cool. Well, a person has logged in using their email account or something like that, they'll send that person an email to their Gmail account or any email account that they used. And these emails are sent just because they went on your website, looked at a product and left.

So I don't know how they do it. It's like something special to figure out exactly how they do that, which is kind of creepy that you actually get an email, if you get on my website, right? And it's kind of cool because, like, "Hey, did you forget about something? You know, you checked up this product, maybe you want to buy it". So it does work sometimes.

The next one I use is the abandoned cart email series. Abandoned cart is super important because if someone adds something to their cart, it's probably very likely that they will either buy it or are very close to thinking about buying it from you. And for whatever reason, they left. So it could be that maybe you don't offer free shipping or they think that they could find a better deal somewhere else, or maybe they are looking for a coupon code or, you know, just wasn't right time for them. So follow up with at least a week's worth of banner emails, maybe more, and try to close that sale.

Abandoned cart autoresponder is really important in the because when you do get a sale, it's important that you follow up with your customers and you make them feel loved, appreciated, and respected because you know, they are now a part-owner of your brand because they've spent money on you.

Their money that they spent with you is a part of what makes our company valuable. So they sort of have, you know, some sort of an investment in you. And so you want to make them feel appreciated. So send them a "New customer, thank you!" autoresponder. And that's what we do. Maybe send a gift or make a new offer for their next purchase or things like that, OK? 

The next one is also very important. It's called repeat customer autoresponder. 

When someone is ordering something from you for more than once, that means they really like you and they really appreciate you. They trust you enough to order it from you multiple times. And that's amazing. That somebody is close to being a super customer, a super fan. That is somebody that you should nurture more than anybody else. You should send them more free stuff and even give them some sort of a spotlight on your website with your repeat customer, thank you page. 

I usually say, "Hey, if you're interested, since you buy from us once before, maybe you could send us a video testimonial of the product you got and used. And we'll send you coupons. We'll also give you a spot on our website where you can share with your friends, that kind of thing". 

Email is essential. Set that up if you haven't already. And then I highly recommend you to watch some YouTube videos and figure out how to do more of it. And one great way to do it is go to other eCommerce sites, sign up for their lists. Create a filter that creates a label for that particular store. You can then just click the label on the left hand side bar of your email and see all the emails that store sent to you. That's a good way to maybe emulate, you know, what these big stores or even just smaller, but niche and still big eCommerce sites do.

So the next thing that I use to get people back into the website that is part of the sales funnels is called Retarget App.
Retarget App
Retarget app is really cool because it does Facebook and Instagram dynamic retargeting ads and then dynamic retargeting. That is simply an ad you see on your Facebook feed or Instagram feed when you land on a website and return to your feed. When your customer does this, they'll see an ad and say, "Hey, thanks for stopping by," which you have to custom put in there, by the way. You could also say "Hey, thanks for stopping by the website. Here's the code you can use after your first order. Hurry up your coupon code is expiring soon". Add some urgency in there and then add some social proof. You could say that this is what "John" said about our business and his product, Bob. And you could also add a short testimonial. And there you get social proof and you get urgency. Those are very, very, very converting. If social proof and urgency are used together, we target up. 

Shoelace is also a good app. Shoelace just came out with single journeys, which is really cool. I haven't tried it out yet, but I like the idea that every time somebody sees your ad, they'll see a different form of your ad. It's not the same one every time. So it takes them through a customer journey. Every time they are exposed to one of your ads, it shows a different message, which is kind of cool. So it's like if they see the ad the first time and they don't say anything to it, they don't take any actions, you can send them a different message. So it's a little more segmented. It's a bit more like email mark, where there's an "if this, then that" statement, and that makes a lot of sense. So if you go ahead and go the Shoelace route, then definitely go, and the journey you might get is a better experience than having the same ad all the time. So, you know, it still works pretty well. 

The other tools and resources that I use are all my social media channels. I have a Facebook page, Facebook group, Pinterest profile, have I also a YouTube account and I have a Twitter profile and all these profiles and pages and groups and stuff like that. They're essential because when people see you in multiple places, you look more professional. And when they see that you put up custom banners and logos and stuff like that and you're talking with people in the comments section, it makes you look like you're part of the community and you're trustworthy. 

It's more like social proof, you know. And that's important because people trust companies that hire social media managers, because social media managers cost money. And if that company is making money, then it means they have money to spend. And that also means that they're willing to spend money on customer satisfaction, which they appreciate. So do that. Set up all your social media channels.

When you get to the point, revenue-wise, where you can hire a social media manager, I recommend hiring a virtual assistant in I get a Virtual Assistance, and every single one is an incredible superstar. I don't take the hiring process lightly. I take a long time and ask them questions and do a phone interview with each one. I make sure that they're right for my company and that they've got the right amount of spirit. And as soon as they're hired, I set up spreadsheets to track their work and manage their jobs, to make sure they're on task. And I check in with them on a semi-weekly basis and make sure they're working really well. And it was awesome. 

A lot of them work part-time. And we have one that works full time for customer service and sales. Part time is like 20 to 30 hours a week where they do the contents. They do the project, do the social media and the data entry, and other stuff like that.

It cost us maybe a couple thousand dollars a month, but it's totally worth it and it totally saves us a lot of time and hassle. So I can work on other things like doing this podcast to help you guys, because I really want to help other entrepreneurs and other people that want to become entrepreneurs and live that kind of four-hour workweek lifestyle. 

So that's what it's all about. It's outsourcing your life. So get to it, guys. And if you want to use my link, check out, the resources page, and a quick link for the online jobs application.
Credit Cards
The next thing I used to run the business and get really cool bonuses for going into business are credit cards that offer reward points. So I have a few of these that specifically I like the most. First one that we use a lot is Capital One Spark Business Visa cash.

Capital One Spark Business Visa offers two percent cashback, and to this day, it is still the most cashback that I can find on any credit card. And it works really well. The other one that I like to use a lot of is the American Express Platinum Business Visa Visa. American Express is a great card and it comes with a huge signing bonus in the first sign up. It also offers really great reward points. And the places you can book with this card are incredible. Some of the top resorts in the world. So I highly recommend using that card. 

And the last one I like having on hand is the Chase Business Ink Preferred. That one is really cool. It offers 1.5% cashback. So if you can't use your Capital One for some reason or you know, you're all maxed out since it's a busy season, use Chase Ink Business Preferred for your other things. 

I highly recommend that you guys set up one or two cards especially if you're doing like drop ship in eCommerce. You don't have to use the same card for both. It's just easier to track your expenses if you have it just on one card that you don't use for much else. Like for me right now, I have the American Express on business expenses and cards, and have 1.5% cashback on my purchases. Since we do high ticket drops shipping, we can rack up, you know, 20 to 40 bucks, and maybe 50 bucks per order in cashback. So we put them on the cashback cards and we're averaging around a thousand bucks of cashback, which is really cool. It's a nice bonus to have that cash back, pay off our cards, go on a trip or something. And then as far as going on trips goes, you get to find the cheapest price. You don't want to just go straight to reward points thing. You want to always compare prices with Skyscanner. is the tool I use find the best prices for flights and hotels across the world. So I highly recommend using They even give you a really cool function there. You can search from a place to anywhere in the world to see what's cheapest and then see it per day of the week or per month. And I highly recommend booking in the middle of the week. It's usually cheaper to do that if you're going to choose any day.

Online Courses
And then the last resource I to recommend are all the online courses that I've taken. I have a library of online courses because I really believe in mentorship. And mentorship is important because you can't really get anywhere in life without mentorship. 

I'm going to go ahead, just rip off all these different courses that I've taken you guys and look them up on your own and decide if they're right for you or not. This one is alphabetically arranged. I arrange them not necessarily in order of which one I recommend most.
But Achieve More Freedom is the first one. Achieve More Freedom is by a guy named David Vu who taught a drop shipping course, which I also recommend. It is actually a course that teaches how to be a Virtual Assistant - how to do eBay drops. So it's kind of course that trains V.A., which I thought was pretty nifty.

I took it and I learned a bit more about how to train do dropship. And I don't do the eBay dropship anymore.
I did it for like a year or so, back when I was first starting. And it worked out pretty well. I sold quite a bit of stuff. And usually, I don't like to do it because there's was so much I have to do as far as customer service and order fulfillment. It wasn't really worth it as far as the time I was putting into it. But as far as the course goes, I recommend Achieve More Freedom, especially if you will do a drop shopping, particularly the retail arbitrage model. 

The next course I recommend and that I've taken is Authority Hacker Pro. Authority Hacker Pro is great because they teach you what being an authority means. They teach you what affiliate marketing is, how to do it right, how to do keyword research, and how to create your articles correctly. 

The first thing I learned from Authority Hacker Pro is what keywords to lookup? What keywords consumers use to find articles that tell them more about a certain product category. Those keywords are the best. Type in best and add the category and then put that into Google and you'll find a lot of these review sites and review sites, particularly Amazon's affiliate programs. And that's really cool because Amazon gives you the ability to link to their products and their website. You even earn a commission if that person buys the next 24 or 48 hours. So that's pretty sweet. And it works really well. 

The only issue with that is that you have to understand SEO and they teach you that in Authority Hacker Pro course. They teach you how to get backlinks and how to do search engine optimization for your website. Even with all that, it's hard to get traffic and many niches because it's really saturated now. And it has changed a lot. And Google knows a lot of things they didn't know before. So you can't just trick the system really easily. 

There are websites that still do that kind of blackout stuff. But Authority Hacker teaches the whitehead SEO at the backlinks. And, you know, reaching out and forming relationships and stuff like that. 

I recommend Authority Hacker Pro, one of the many other courses with affiliate marketing or taking a course with Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is going to teaches you a similar sort of concept, niche downloads. It will tell you how to pick one product, build a website, run that one product and review video and stuff like that, and use YouTube in free traffic methods and backlinks to get right in the search engines for one particular product. It's great because that is one really good way to make money online.Just through one product and sell that one product through a sales funnel. Deadbeat was doing it long before a lot of other people were. And he uses WordPress, which is really old school. But, you know, people use WordPress and thrive themes nowadays.

Another one that I am taking a lot of their courses is at Digital Marketer. They're big marketing agencies. So, you know that the stuff they talk about is useful in multiple different business models.

Digital Marketer is good for getting marketing 101, digital marketing 101 degree certification courses. So I recommend signing it for their leads lists first and then get their emails and wait until they give you a terrific deal with the email and then sign it from there. That's what I did.

Next course I took to learn how to do a lot of social media marketing is from Dropship Legacy. Dropship Legacy teaches you how to set up outstanding Instagram accounts, do Facebook ads and all that kind of stuff. They mostly focus on the AliExpress dropship shipping methods, but you can use the same sort of ideas to sell high ticket products from Dropship Legacy. I highly recommend Jakey to do the course. Hr is a really cool dude. 

Dropship lifestyle is amazing. That's how he got used to doing these high tech jobs, shipping stuff, and Anton Kreil teaches that course, he is a very knowledgeable guy. Been doing eCommerce for a long time and I recommend that course.

Another one is the Ernest Jones Affialate program. Ernest Jones taught me how to create YouTube review videos and start making money with Amazon that way. Just by simply using YouTube. And he also taught me how to set up a personal blog and tell my story. There are some stuff that he does that I don't recommend doing, like income reports and stuff like that, unless you're into that kind of thing. But I don't really think that sharing your income on a monthly basis is a good idea for multiple reasons.

There are a lot people that do it. So, you know, like cat food and stuff like that. They do it, which is fine. You know, if you decide that. You want to take in life. That's good. But you should be really careful about making that kind of stuff public. Ernest is a good one. I think he's called income boss now. 

The next course for eCommerce I recommend is Easy eCommerce Wins. Easy eCommerce Wins is made by a couple of guys named Cary and Ben. They're really cool dudes. They are smart. They've been doing eCommerce for a long time in multiple ways and they have a low dollar course called Perfect Product Page, which I highly recommend. That one will help you to fix up your product pages, make them look really sweet. 

Easy eCommerce Wins also have a course on AdWords and a course on SEO, which I recommend. ECom SEO Academy was the older version of Easy eCommerce Wins. Corie and another guy, I forget his name did that course together. I'm not sure if it's still around anymore. 

The next one I recommend, which I highly recommend is Facebook Ad IQ Academy by Maxwell Finn. He's a great guy, and it's really, really in-depth. He's actually done a lot of sales funnels and ads for big names like Pat Flynn and a lot of other people. So recommend taking Facebook Ad IQ Academy. Check that out. 

Fizzle is a good course. If you're just getting into entrepreneurship. Fizzle is a great way to learn digital marketing from the very beginning standpoint. I like it cause it's super simple and beginner-friendly, so go check that out. Check out their podcasts. They are really funny. Those guys are hilarious. 

One of the courses I took taught me how to do Kindle books. He had the Amazon Kindle platform e-book, K Money Mastery. K Money Mastery is taught by Stefan Pylarinos. He has a YouTube channel. I think it is armory business mastery or something like that. It's really good. And Stefan is a really, really good guy. So K Money Master. Check that out. Very inexpensive course. 

It will teach you the basics behind figuring out a niche for your e-book, making your e-book and of course, marketing. 

One of the courses I took was how to do travel hacking which is called Mile method. And I recommend that. It's not just a course. It's actually more of process. You can check out as personal blog Trevor or just take him out MileMethod on Instagram. He's always traveling the world and taking advantage of these awesome credit card bonus programs to get free miles and go all over the place. 

My buddy Miles Beckler is a YouTuber, owner of a seven-figure membership site, and has a Million Dollar Business Blueprint course, which is super awesome. It's a combination of videos and text, and it's free. So go to this website, Sign up for that course and watch his YouTube videos. He's got a ton of YouTube videos which are hours and hours long. I mean, the guy just like he loves to share information and he shares it all for free, which is amazing. Now, he's got a lot of good karma coming back to him for that. So keep it up, Miles. Everybody go check his stuff cause he's pretty cool.

So what else I recommend? A website called Niche Hacks. Niche Hacks is great because it talks all about the different ways you can market any particular niche, specifically for affiliate marketing, usually for the Amazon affiliate program. But he specifically recommends doing marketing through information products. We hired commissions on those. And if you set up a sales funnel, you make a lot of money, especially recurring income. So I highly recommend doing that,

I only got a few left. Performance marketer by Anton Kreil, the same guy that does dropship lifestyles is a really good program. The kind of the same sort of stuff that digital marketer does. Performance market is great and Anton's a great teacher, so go check that out. Performance Marketer. 

If you want to get into private labeling and using Amazon as a fulfillment method, check out Riley's Amazon method. He is a really cool dude with Livin That Life Youtube Channel. That life is basically about his travels with his best friend from his younger years. They travel the world and they do some really cool stuff together. They do multiple Amazon products. And while they're just killing all the time, they are really cool dudes, super friendly and you'll love them. Check out 

And then the last one I want to recommend is Russell Brunson's University called I recommend that because of the different magazines they created, which you can download digitally, the videos, and all of his full webinars. It's just it's awesome if you're going to use click funnels, which I highly recommend. 

Go check out those resources and start making an eCommerce business to live that lifestyle dream you've always dreamed of. And check out our YouTube channel. Just type ecommerceparadise to YouTube. Subscribe to this podcast. Check out the blog. The resources page will be on there and check out the membership site as well. We'll have some courses up there soon.

Have a good day. 

eCommerce Paradise was created by Trevor Fenner of Seattle, Washington in 2015 to help you, the entrepreneur, to start and scale your own eCommerce business. Trevor owns multiple 7-figure eCommerce stores and is a digital nomad, traveling the world while working remotely with the help of his team of virtual assistants from around the world. Trevor is currently located in Bali, Indonesia, and is a passionate skateboarder, surfer, scuba diver, photographer, environmentalist, outdoorsman, fitness and tattoo enthusiast.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate referral links. I will get a commission from the vendor when you make a purchase after clicking them at no added cost to you. As a result, many of them also provide you with a special discount just for using my link. You can go directly to their support if you have any issues with their software or product.

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