Best Shopify Apps for Drop Shipping

Are You Looking For The Best Shopify Apps for Drop Shipping?

There are tons of great apps for high-ticket drop shipping in the Shopify App Store to choose from, so I've handpicked some after careful consideration which will help you to get more conversions on your high-ticket drop shipping Shopify store. In the past, I used more apps, but ever since I switched to using the Shoptimized theme, I haven't needed to spend the additional money for those apps anymore. Read my full review of the Shoptimized theme to get a breakdown of their features.

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Here is my list of the Best Shopify Apps for High-Ticket Drop Shipping:

1. Consistent Cart – Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Recovery

This is the best Shopify app for keeping the customer's cart on your store when they switch between devices. This makes the checkout process a lot easier for them later on. A lot of people will browse on mobile and buy on their desktop or laptop computer these days so it's important to track them across multiple devices and this app lets you do that.

2. Google Shopping Feed

This is the best Shopify app I use for my Google Shopping feed now. It works perfectly and has some really clean automation features that I love. 

3. Infinite Options by ShopPad

This is the best Shopify app for adding product options, upsells, or free gifts to your products. I've found that using this app to do free gifts works very nicely. Free gifts are essential to conversion rate optimization for high-ticket drop shipping.

4. JSON-LD for SEO

This is the best Shopify app for helping your stores show up better in the Google organic results, getting you more organic traffic and sales that don't cost you a penny in advertising costs.

5. Judge.Me

When it comes to reviews and q&a, does the best job and costs the least amount of money. With high-ticket drop shipping, reviews and q&a are essential to establishing trust, authority, and social proof which will make or break your business. Enough said!

6. Crush.Pics

This is the best Shopify app to improve your page speed load time. You need high-quality pictures to sell your products but they can greatly increase the amount of time it takes your page to load and every half-second can cost you hundreds or thousands in lost profits. This is especially true for high-ticket drop shipping. Don't mess around and crush your pics.

7. Order Printer

This is the best Shopify app for helping you make purchase orders to send to your suppliers easily. This is essential for high-ticket drop shipping as most of your suppliers will not accept online orders but email purchase orders instead, which is actually great because you can semi-automate the process using this app and built-in Shopify functionality.

8. Photo Resize by Pixc

This is the best Shopify app for making your store look great in the collections pages and product pages by making all the images the same size. 

9. Plug in SEO

This is the best Shopify app for helping you make sure your store is optimized for search engines. 

10. Related Blog Posts 

This is the best Shopify app for helping readers browse content on your site more easily.

11. SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps 

This is the best Shopify app for helping you to get your images to show up in the Google image search, further increasing your organic traffic. 

12. Clearsale

You don't want to mess around with fraud with high-ticket drop shipping, so, use the best Shopify app for fraud detection, Clearsale. 

13. Smart Search & Instant Search 

This is the best Shopify app for improving the search function of our Shopify stores so its easier to find products and browse our online catalog. 

14. Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

This is the best Shopify app to give real-time updates when orders have exceptions and when they are delivered so you know to follow up when needed. 

15. Conversion Plus

This is the best Shopify app for adding a really simple call to action at the top of the cart and checkout pages telling your customers to checkout faster before their shopping cart expires. I also add a coupon code to the sales copy to enhance the effect.

16. Thank You Page Customizer

This is the best Shopify app for adding content and upsells to your thank you page, increasing the professional feel of your online store. 

17. Retargetapp

This is best Shopify app for running easy Facebook dynamic product retargeting ads. Using your Facebook pixel, Retargetapp automatically displays products your potential customers have recently viewed on your store in the last 30 days to them in their facebook feed. This enhances your ability to get more sales from potential customers just like email marketing.

18. FreightClub

If you sell furniture or other large products from suppliers that require you to have your own freight accounts, then Freight Club is the best app to use for getting the best prices and service for freight shipments.

Other noteworthy apps: 


Boomerang for Gmail (not on Shopify but essential for following up with suppliers in Gmail)



Custom order status app


Clyde: extended warranties

Have a favorite Shopify app that wasn't mentioned here? Feel free to drop it in the comments below!

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