Best Shopify Apps for High-Ticket Drop Shipping

There are tons of apps in the Shopify App Store, but I've handpicked some after careful consideration which will help you get more conversions on your Shopify store. In the past, I used more apps, but ever since I switched to using the Shoptimized theme, I haven't needed to spend the additional money for those apps anymore. 

Here is my list of the Best Shopify Apps for High-Ticket Drop Shipping in 2018:

Consistent Cart – Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Recovery

This app helps with keeping the customer's cart on your store when they switch between devices. This makes the checkout process a lot easier for them later on. 

Google Shopping Feed

This is the #1 app I use for my Google Shopping feed now. It works perfectly and has some really clean automation features that I love.

HelpCenter - Build an Attractive FAQs Page

This app lets you build a clean FAQ page people can search through, for free!

Infinite Options by ShopPad

This app allows you to add product options, upsells, or free gifts to your products. I've found that using this app to do free gifts works very nicely.


This app helps my stores show up better in the Google organic results, getting more traffic and sales.


This is my favorite trust seal because it's so well recognized. 

Order Printer

This helps me make purchase orders to send to my suppliers easily.

Photo Resize by Pixc

This makes my store look great in the collections pages and product pages by making all the images the same size.

Plug in SEO

This app helps me make sure my store is optimized for search engines. 

Product Questions and Answers

This app helps my customers get their questions answered easily without having to contact us by phone, email, or live chat. 

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This helps readers browse content on my site more easily.

SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps 

This helps get my images to show up in the Google image search, further increasing my traffic. 


This app helps us avoid fraud by ensuring us against fraudulent orders. 

Smart Search & Instant Search 

This app improves the search function of our Shopify stores so its easier to find products and browse our online catalog. 

Tidio Live Chat 

This is my favorite live chat widget because it gives me the ability to answer live chat questions from my smartphone. 

Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

This app gives me real-time updates when orders have exceptions and when they are delivered so I know to follow up when needed. 

Yotpo Reviews - Product Reviews, Site Reviews, Photo Reviews

This is my favorite reviews app because they have so many features built-in and have a free option for people just getting started. The premium plan is only $29 a month and includes tons of social media automation features and lots more that is worth paying for when you start becoming profitable. 

The Shoptimized theme replaces the social proof pop-up, expiring cart, and thank you page customization features that the following three apps did for me.

Conversion Plus

This app adds a really simple call to action at the top of the cart and checkout pages telling your customers to checkout faster before their shopping cart expires. I also add a coupon code to the sales copy to enhance the effect.

Thank You Page Customizer

This app lets you add content and upsells to your thank you page, increasing the professional feel of your online store.

Yo Recent Sales Notifications 

This app gives your store the feel like its packed with people buying which gives the customer the perception of a busy store, making them want to buy more.


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