Best Stripe Marketing Apps

It's hard to keep up with the latest marketing trends and technology. Stripe is an online payment processing system that provides various features for businesses, including credit card sales, recurring billing, and online invoicing. 

In this post, they will discuss some of the best stripe marketing apps on the market today. The following are excellent Stripe marketing apps: 

OSI Affiliate Software

The OSI Affiliate Software allows you to set up your affiliate program. Referral marketing refers to a customer who then buys something from the referral to gain commission. If you have a website and would like to make money by referring customers, this software will allow your guests to earn commissions when people follow their links that lead back to your site.

The software has numerous essential features for any affiliate program manager, such as detailed reports on customer activity or generating promotional banners with your company logo. You can also reward your employees for successful referrals by automatically depositing funds into their PayPal account every month with the employee dashboard feature. You can even set up professional banner ads by using the banner rot.


LinkTrust is a powerful online marketing and advertising system that allows website owners to manage their ads from one central location. With LinkTrust, you can increase your exposure and generate more revenue through their affiliate marketing platform. Most of their users have seen an increase in referrals of up to 40% by continuing to use LinkTrust!


Amplifinity is a company that focuses on influencer marketing. They provide brands with campaigns that increase, amplify and transform their reach through a human-efficient method of improving communication 

They focus on developing and executing high-quality influencer campaigns that captivate audiences. Aside from that, they also create word-of-mouth campaigns to help your business grow brand awareness, sales, or inbound inquiries. It gives your customers to connect authentically with your brand, and it is far more effective than traditional advertising methods.

Brand Ambassador App

The Brand Ambassador App allows companies to select an influencer to promote their product and have the influencer share images of the brand ambassador in posts, create videos, or repin other ambassador's pictures from the company website onto their boards such as Drum Set Lab. Brand Ambassadors receive 25-35% commission in exchange for bringing new customers to a company's door. Businesses are paired with App Ambassadors based on demographics, location, reviews, and content type (i.e., Facebook review). The website can do pairings on the spot or through their mobile app (iOS and Android).


Every day, more than 87% of consumers are influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions. Additionally, 92% of millennials trust reviews written by influencers before they make a purchase. In this new age where customer acquisition has changed completely, it's essential to look towards new avenues that get your business seen above the clutter! 

Buzzbassador is a service connecting brands with influencers to create and execute successful media campaigns. Buzzbassador works with large corporations looking for measurable results and independent entrepreneurs with fresh perspectives in the digital marketing space. 


iRefer is an innovative referral marketing system that automatically rewards customers for spreading the word about your product to friends and co-workers. Like many Small to Medium Sized Businesses, you want increased leads and improved conversion.

SalesCamp / Rewardful

SalesCamp is a service that helps businesses to achieve greater visibility and capture more inbound leads. SalesCamp provides custom CRM implementation for small businesses, allowing them to grow their business through an organized contact database. 

Genius Referral

Most people know referral marketing as the customer-driven form of advertising where existing customers are encouraged to refer their friends, family members, or co-workers. This type of marketing is successfully used by Hunting Bow Lab that encourages all their site visitors to spread the word to everyone they know. 

This type of marketing is also often successful because when you ask someone for a favor, you're more likely to get favorable responses than randomly offering something.

Genius Referral was built with one goal in mind, company growth. Their referral app can help generate leads and sales by allowing your users to code referrals into your site using a simple mobile app. Genius Referral also lets marketers benefit from this by rewarding each team member 25% commission on every payout they make through their platform!


Hivefiliate is a comprehensive affiliate marketing software that solves all your needs in one Dashboard. Google Analytics and AdWords power its powerful analytics and reporting, so you can see precisely how referral traffic affects your overall business. It comes with advanced features like automatic email campaigns, flexible payout options, dynamic banners on your site or in their Toolbar channel to boost revenue even more and much more.

If you want to take charge of your business's success and worry less about the many moving parts involved when running an affiliate program yourself - give Hivefiliate a look today!

AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO

AAA Affiliate Marketing PRO is more than just a powerful affiliate management software. It also connects you with famous high converting offers, complete customer support, ongoing webinars, workshops, and many other value-added benefits. 

It's a fantastic way for those with a product or service to find people worldwide who are willing and able to promote it for them. The great thing about having a referral program is you don't have to do the marketing yourself. You have an army of affiliates who will do all the marketing for you. 


Stripe is a powerful digital payment service that provides businesses with everything they need to process payments. The company has three main products: their API, which developers can use to integrate into other services; the Connect product for existing eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce; and finally, the Dashboard, an all-inclusive suite of tools for running your business. 

If you're looking for more information on how these products can work for you or what sets them apart from one another, we encourage our readers to leave a comment below!

So we've compiled a list of the best Stripe marketing apps on the market. Which ones are you using? What has your experience been like with them so far? Comment below to share your favorite app or review any others they may not know! 

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