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Hey guys!

In this podcast episode, I'll talk to you about the smart way to run your eCommerce store without getting overwhelmed and burnt out.

I've been running eCommerce stores for the last decade or so and learned a lot in the process. So I'd like to share a couple of ways that I stay organized and plan my projects accordingly and follow through. I will also share how I can outsource and have a team to do the work for me while I keep planning and building project ideas.

It all starts with planning. I keep a spreadsheet, and what I do is I usually start with keyword research. I find out what product categories, what brands, or what products I want to sell on the websites. I also plan what about the content, you know, what topics and stuff like that I want to talk about there. And usually, it starts with product categories.

I research the product categories. What do people search for when it comes to different product category names? I usually type the "best" keyword. They take the best in the product category to see the search traffic for that. People are always looking for what's the best "this" or the best "that." Then, I try to type in a few product names with the word review after them, to see which ones have review traffic.

People are looking for reviews, and usually, the ones that have reviews on Amazon are the ones that have review keyword traffic. I'll save all those that have both of those keywords on the list. Then, we'll go through some of the websites that I found in the search engine results page for each of those keywords, usually the top few websites. I'll plug those into a tool called With, I can find out the most popular pieces of content, the ones they get the most traffic, and what organic keywords they rank for with those pieces. I also look where their backlinks come from, and where the best backlinks come from.

The best backlinks come with the highest domain authority. That means the website that has the most domain authority is linking to that website. Someone that I want linking to my website, too. So I save all of that information into a spreadsheet. And by the way, with the keyword research, I use a couple of different tools. I use You just need to type it into the search bar, and then you'll see a bunch of auto-suggest keywords pop up. So those are those suggest keywords are ones that I write down into a list. And then scroll to the bottom of the search results. And I use the keywords at the bottom where it says people also search for. Those are important keywords to have because those are related keywords. And then I plug those in

The will tell me the search traffic for that keyword on a monthly basis and the keyword ranking difficulty. It'll tell you what other websites are ranking for the keyword right now and how many backlinks they have in their domain authority. So that's just a lot of SEO stuff, but it's really important. Basically, that's how you start to build a business online. Start with all that and save all that stuff into a spreadsheet, then you can start planning out your content.

What I do is I go and hire a few different positions on, you get the referral code at I go to the resources page for, and I hire a content writer specifically for the blog articles.

What I do is film a video of myself structuring a blog article properly. I usually want to include the headings. I want to include some contents and bulleted lists to prove points, some pictures, links if there's any like products suggested in that blog vertical. Videos are also available. I put some sort of a call to action at the bottom, usually to sign up for an email list or like a buyer's guide. It could also be something for that particular product category or something related or just an overall like store newsletter that would funnel them into other buyer guides. I film that video, and then I send it to him then he watches it. He then produces an article, and I give him my feedback on it.

I always have the Filipino V.A. use a tool called Grammarly is a grammar checking application that works online. It is has a browser extension. It's cool because they write well. It's just that sometimes their grammar is a little bit off, and with Grammarly, their grammar is fixed. So, you know, that's the only thing that's an issue. And with that automation tool, it just clears up all the issues that I have with the grammar, with a Filipino writer. They also don't request so much money as writers in the U.S. I can pay them five or six hundred bucks a month for full-time work. And they'll produce quite a bit of content for me. It's very affordable. So I highly recommend using online It is truly a win-win for them and us because that's enough money for them to live in the Philippines. They can provide for their whole family with that much money. They like the work. Usually, they want to learn more about online work. They would rather work online than in one of the factories. You know that country just has so much poverty, it's really sad. It's either you work in the fields, drive a rickshaw around, or you work online. If you have 500 bucks and a work that needs to be done, you can outsource and give someone a job halfway across the world because they need it. So I highly recommend doing that. It's just such a great way to consistently get content made for your blog and not paying tons of money.

What you do after you make the video is, you follow up with them. You make sure that your V.A.s are doing everything according to the structure that you planned out. So all your keywords need to have articles made for them, and everything needs to be done. Let them know that you'll probably have a new one for them at the end of that job. You're probably going to build a second site after this is all said and done. And if not, then, you know, you can do more keyword research. You know, usually, in any given niche, you can write tons of topics. So go ahead and just do as much research as you can.

Of course, the other thing to do is hiring somebody to do your product descriptions, which means hiring a copywriter. You need to hire somebody who has some training, at least with copywriting skills. That means persuasive sales tactics, techniques in the copywriting, and writing to someone's primal desires. What do they want in life out of your product and not just what the product will do. What do they want in general? What basic needs are going to be met by this product?

Hire a copywriter who has an experience with that in that. You just make the product, make a job listing, and tutorial, and they'll do that work for you.

I'm telling you this because these are the kinds of things that I don't like doing so much. I love the research process because I know how to find the topics really well. But writing the content is so tedious for me, especially on niches that I don't really know a lot about or am not so passionate about.

Some people love writing, so I hire someone who loves writing. They do the work for you, and you can scale your company. Product descriptions can be made the same way. Just film a video and talk about it, maybe even just do it live with them over Skype? And after a few tries, they'll get it right and start producing really solid quality content for you.

I hired a blog content writer, and I hired a product description manager. This person is going to do more than just five descriptions. They're going to check the pricing, check variance, check product images and the videos. They're going to check the UPC numbers and make sure they're matched. And they're going to get your products approved in that Google shopping app so that you can get them on the Google Merchant Center and run the Google ads.

Those are really important. All those things together can do a winning business right there. But of course, if you don't have someone for customer service sales, your business can fall apart pretty quickly. So I hire somebody for customer service and sales. I get another Filipino VA and pay them about six hundred dollars a month. And they do an excellent job with answering all the phone calls, doing all the email inquiries, following up with suppliers to get stuff shipped out. You kind of have to deal with the eCommerce business daily. And I have someone just for that kind of stuff.

And then the next thing is the marketing manager. So I hire a V.A. for our social media. Marketing means making sure all our content is posted on social media. That includes the Facebook page, Facebook group, Pinterest, Twitter, and using a buffer app that automatically schedules posts out twice a day. You don't want to put it all on the page. You need to post links to product pages, links to blog posts, and links to your other content on your other channels. Having a social media marketing manager could ease the management of your Google AdWords campaigns.

I negative keywords and change in bids. But if you just kind of set up an algorithm for that for yourself, like if "this" then "that" kind of instructional guide for yourself, you can film a video on how to do it. It's not that difficult.

You can outsource all this stuff. That's honestly how you can avoid getting overwhelmed is the eCommerce. If you're a creative individual like me, doing machine work can be very tedious and dull. I just want to go out there and be more physical and do art.

I like to skate a lot. So I'd rather be skating than working on an eCommerce site all day. But if I'm not outsourcing, then I'm working on my eCommerce site all day, right? So I highly recommend you to outsource as much as you can. Every single thing. Film it. Find someone to do it and categorize different tasks by some sort of a department and hire someone to manage that department and then manage that person. That's how you avoid getting overwhelmed.

So get at it, guys.

Don't hold back just because you think that you only have enough money for this or that. The sooner you start outsourcing, the better your life will be, because then you can start planning bigger and better projects in the future. And you can grow like a tick.

Amazon is the best example of this. Amazon isn't the one company that tried to be profitable in every single order, you know? Instead, they decided that even if they're losing money for the first ten years of our business, they want to be scaling. What they've been doing is setting up new warehouse locations all across the world, new headquarters. They've been hiring tons of new staff all the time. It's insane. They take over half the friggin city and have new buildings, and it's just beautiful. It's impressive to see a company grow so much. And what they've been doing is just parlaying all their profits, and that's really cool. You know, they make sure that the customer comes first.

Jeff Bezos is a master in customer service and understanding how to get more sales and referrals. Amazon doesn't want to spend all their money on paid ads. They want to get as much SVOD as they can. They want to get referrals.

They have a membership program called Prime. The people subscribe to Prime to get free shipping. Even on the smallest stuff. And it works really well. They have a vast customer base for that. I mean, I'm a prime member.

They're geniuses because you get more than trying to get access to their music. You get access to all these other things with Prime, even free ebooks. It's truly incredible what they built. And I recommend you guys do the same because eCommerce is not about making a buck here, a buck there. eCommerce is about making a long term sustainable company that is an asset that you can grow and eventually maybe even sell in the future.

That's how you avoid getting overwhelmed and build a real business. I hope you can take these tips and advice and get to work. I hope you enjoyed the episode.

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