Brilliant Directories Review:  Best Directory Software for All Industries

Being a part of membership-based organizations such as membership shopping, local gym, hospital, or sports clubs sounds beneficial and hassle-free. However, for business owners, running a membership club can be challenging to maintain. Imagine having to keep track of all the members for charges on a subscription fee, on a monthly basis, and more.

Companies with a huge number of memberships need management software to easily manage websites, members, payments, and a whole lot more. Why is it imperative to obtain membership websites? Most likely, the highest benefit of acquiring membership management software is that businesses will be able to create a unified system. It is like getting a website, content, and members management all in one roof. 

When choosing a directory or membership software, there are certain factors to consider. One would be the software must be able to meet the requirements both ways – from the administrative side and to the members. Another factor to consider is the information privacy of the members; of course, no business would want the risk of exposing members data to fraud and other forms of digital attacks. Some more benefits include enabling customization of the database, access to event planning, quick payment processing, and more.

In this review, we will deep dive into the best directory theme for websites, called "Brilliant Directories." This review will focus on the platform's features, benefits, advantages, and more. Read more to find out.          

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What is Brilliant Directories?

Brilliant Directories is an all-in-one member management software service that enables the business to design their own business directory websites. The platform aims to streamline all aspects of the membership website or association. Brilliant Directories is a comprehensive, turn-key solution with speedy setup and unlimited support from actual people.

In addition, the solution is recognized as the easiest website directory software available. Some notable features include website design, online payment processing, multi-level memberships, past due monitoring, premium member's only content, and more. 

Built-in 2009, Brilliant Directories has grown over the years, supporting more business as they grow.

Brilliant Directories Review

Brilliant Directories Features

Brilliant Directories has successfully helped 20,000 sites and still continuously growing. The robust platform and features are aimed to aid all business to work smarter and better.

  • Overall Look and Brand – Brilliant Directories offers professional-looking websites without the fuss and skills of a coder. Anyone can literally build sleek and neat websites in a matter of minutes. It also has features that improve brand visibility, such as design settings, uploading of logos and images to furthermore enhance the brand.
  • Member Management – Upon subscription, Brilliant Directories is immediately enabled to receive members. Create simple or complex membership plans, import new members, manage existing members, and customize form fields to collect specific information from members.
  • Payment Processing – Brilliant Directories has an all-in-one payment processing tools that can be seamlessly linked into any payment gateways such as PayPal and Authorize.Net. Businesses can easily manage member subscriptions, transactions, and past-due payments under one platform.
  • Email Marketing – Build better marketing programs with Brilliant Directories. With the email marketing feature, users can collect newsletter subscribers and send emails to the contact lists. Moreover, businesses can easily schedule campaigns and send out weekly or monthly collaterals.
  • Lead Generation Tools – Increase site visitors and attract more. Brilliant Directories has included automated lead generation tools that can be generated to members to grow sales.
  • SEO and Content – Brilliant Directories has broad SEO knowledge from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With the platform in place, optimizing the site is easy, simple, and fast. It helps businesses rank high on the search engine, resulting in better brand visibility.
  • Hosting and Security – High-speed directory that is optimized and secured. Brilliant Directories ensure that the platform is hosted on the latest technologies available.

Additional Features

  • Committee Management
  • Member Directories
  • Financial Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Web Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Members Portal
  • Jobs Board
  • Versatile Themes
  • Dues Management
  • Event Management
  • Email Templates
  • Color and Font Customization
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • SEO Tools
  • Branding
  • Newsletters
  • Segmented Email Lists
  • Customizable Forms

 Brilliant Directories Review

Brilliant Directories Pricing

Signing-up to Brilliant Directories subscription plans means opening loads of features and opportunities for your community and brand to thrive. Each pricing plan has a comprehensive and great feature that is definitely beneficial to the business and its stakeholders. See the pricing plans breakdown below:

Monthly Plan – Priced at $145 per month.

Yearly Plan – Priced at $950 per year.

Lifetime Plan – Priced at $1,450 for a one-time and lifetime payment.


All plans include features such as directory essentials, member management, finance tools, easy content publishing, lead generation tools, design tools, email marketing, SEO management, and developer tools.  Moreover, it has website resources, free support tools, sits on premium hosting, unlimited software updates, and can manage 100,000 Members with over 1,000 Built-In Features.

 Brilliant Directories Review

Brilliant Directories: Is it worth it?

The team behind Brilliant Directories aims to create successful business relationships. This drive lets them improve the platform to manage the community better and maximize productivity. The platform is flexible enough to cater to different industries without sacrificing performance. Brilliant Directories ensure setting up membership plans, connecting payment gateway, and generating revenue in the most effective way possible. Hence, Brilliant Directories is the perfect choice for building online directories.

Lead the business with data-driven decisions and efficient member management. Try Brilliant Directories today!

Have you used Brilliant Directories before? What were the pros and cons? Could you share it with us?

Get the Most Reliable Member Directory Software

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