CheapOair Review: Best Flight Booking Website For Budget Travelers

CheapOair Review


Planning for your next vacation? Need an assistant in arranging your business trips? Looking for cheap flights? While planning a trip is exciting for many, it can be extremely stressful when not planned properly. To add to that, booking an airline, hotel, pick-up arrangements, and tours may be such a nuisance since you'll have to deal with separate entities. This is the reason why many people opt to take advantage of travel sites when traveling.

When you book through a travel site or agency, you save yourself from too much hassle. First, you save time comparing hundreds of options since the travel site can easily compare the best deals for you. Second, you reduce the stress in dealing with travel requirements - for instance, travel agents can assist you with passport renewal or guide you in obtaining an International Driving Permit before traveling abroad. Next is so you’ll be sure to get help when an unexpected event arises like delays, cancellations, lost luggage, and more. Your travel agents will act as your guide in navigating around these challenges, making your trip hassle-free as much as possible.

One of the most popular booking sites is CheapOair, which we'll discuss in this blog. Read on as we discuss the features, pros, cons, and the things you'll need to watch out for in booking with CheapOair. Also,  to fully answer the question – should you try it?


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CheapOair – is it legit?

First, if you're thinking is CheapOair legit? The answer is yes, it is. It is a top-notch travel booking site that has been featured in exclusive publications, including the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and Travel and Leisure.

CheapOair is one of the leading travel sites, established in 2005. Today, you can instantly compare and book cheap flights in over 600 airlines around the world. The site allows you to search through a massive list of airlines to find the best and most affordable airline tickets for you. Besides giving you the cheapest flights, CheapOair also offers everything you need when traveling, in terms of hotel accommodation, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages.

All in one travel deals: Airfare + Hotel + Car rentals + Cruises + Bundle deals and more!

First-time traveler or planning a family trip? CheapOair will guide you in finding the best travel deals to make the most out of your trip. You can easily browse from CheapOair's top vacation packages and choose the one that best fits your preferences and budget.

CheapOair offers everything you need to make traveling hassle-free and enjoyable while getting the cheapest deals. With CheapOair, you get the cheapest airfare, best hotel deal, most affordable car rental, and an excellent vacation package all within your budget. CheapOair takes care of everything you need so you don't get stressed in planning even the tiniest details of your trip.

Get to your dream destination without spending a fortune with CheapOair. CheapOair works hand in hand with top travel brands to ensure that you get the best vacation deals. With CheapOair's cheap travel packages around the globe, you'll be sure to find the perfect choice for you – whether it's for a honeymoon, personal vacation, family trip, or business trip.

Technology for every traveler

CheapOair boasts a user-friendly platform and app that's easy to navigate. While CheapOair offers many options for you to choose from, you will never feel overwhelmed with the filters that you can use to find out which are the best deals for you. Whether you're only looking for a flight-only, hotel-only, car-booking-only, or any combination of the three, you'll be sure to find the best deal through CheapOair's technology.

It’s also good to know that you can always book over the phone if you’re having a hard time booking online.

Best search engine functionality

CheapOair's best feature is its search engine that gives its users a lot of freedom and options in traveling hassle-free. With CheapOair, you can easily compare the best flight fares at your preferred departure and arrival times, and according to your preferred seat location.

You can also do a flight search with flexible travel dates. This feature gives you the best and cheapest deal, three days before and after your selected dates.

Excellent user reviews & customer policies

CheapOair did not become a top-notch travel booking site for nothing. User reviews for CheapOair will surely increase your trust with this brand. Hundreds of reviews are perfect when it comes to customer service. The customer agents are extremely helpful, especially when dealing with sudden booking changes and refunds.

CheapOair lives up to its promise of giving you the cheapest fare online. CheapOair does this by giving its users a price match guarantee wherein if you find a lower deal online, you’ll get a credit amounting to the value difference of the one you found and the one you booked with them – both applicable for the airfare and hotel accommodation.

Also, if you encounter any flight or hotel inconvenience, whether your flight got delayed, lost your baggage, or left it at the airport, CheapOair will issue a $5 coupon for your future bookings.

CheapOair also gives special offers and discounts in different situations: during natural disasters, to military personnel, and persons with disabilities.

Exquisite rewards program

Like any other travel site, CheapOair offers exclusive rewards to its patrons. Upon signing up, you get to be a part of CheapOair's tiered rewards program. With this program, regular CheapOair users can earn discounts and gift checks for every transaction. You may even get a $25 bonus upon referring a friend.

CheapOair Rewards member is entitled to flight discounts of up to 20% off and up to 55% off in hotel accommodations. You can also earn up to two to six times when you book through the mobile app.

Aside from all this, you can also get a CheapOair credit card that you can use to earn more points plus additional benefits. There are two types of CheapOair credit cards: One is the CheapOair Visa Credit Card, and the other is CheapOair Visa Signature Credit Card issued by Synchrony Bank. But why would you get one? Aside from earning points, there are lots of other perks that go with CheapOair's credit cards – we list them all below:

  • Earn 1 Member Reward Point and 6 Credit Card Reward Points for every dollar spent on
  • 4 points for every dollar spent on dining
  • 2 points for every dollar spent anywhere
  • Six months of special financing
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Emergency cash disbursement
  • Roadside dispatch
  • Lost luggage reimbursement (CheapOair Visa Signature only)
  • Trip cancellation/interruption (CheapOair Visa Signature only)
  • Travel accident insurance (CheapOair Visa Signature only)

Free travel insurance when you get a credit card? That's a good deal on its own.

Customer service & support

CheapOair offers a 24/7 customer service hotline that you can call to get support in addressing all your booking concerns and issues. Many users have expressed delight in dealing with CheapOair's customer service representatives, saying how helpful and thoughtful the agents were while solving customer issues quickly.

CheapOair's customer care is one of the best in its field, bagging the 2015 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service - Award for Innovation in Customer Service and 2014 International Service Excellent Award, among many others. The company is also IATAN and ASTA certified, signifying CheapOair's high standards in providing quality service.

Cancellation policies

While CheapOair has excellent customer service representatives who can efficiently address your booking issues and cancellations, not all of it comes for free. Thus, it is essential to note that CheapOair bookings and service charges are non-refundable after 24 hours.

CheapOair normally charges a cancellation fee, on top of that, booking cancellations will depend on the airline companies. Once approved, the amount will be credited to your CheapOair account. It's also worth noting that refund credits typically come with an expiration date, which you should be wary about, so as not to lose your refund.

Is CheapOair any good?

CheapOair's ability to provide its users with the best travel deals at the lowest price point is undoubtedly enough to get you to try their services. This platform can make your travels incredibly hassle-free so you can focus on enjoying the experience. You're sure to get help when an unforeseen event happens, freeing you from stress and anxiety.

While getting a refund for cancellations might be difficult, CheapOair’s protocols are no different than that of an average airline company. With thousands of positive user reviews online, you’ll be guaranteed to get the same positive experience.

Do we recommend CheapOair? Yes, we do for both domestic and international travel, especially if you’re a frequent traveler who can take advantage of the reward perks CheapOair is offering.

Have you tried CheapOair? What do you think of their services?

Let us know in the comment section below!


 Sign Up Now and Get Up to 40% off on your next travel!

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