Clearsale Review: The Best Fraud Protection for Ecommerce

Fraud Protection Is Essential for Ecommerce


Almost 63% of online businesses have experienced losses due to fraud in the past 12 months. Due to the rise of the digital market, fraud and other cybersecurity threats also became rampant. As new ways for ecommerce payment and digital goods start to sprout, the process became more attractive to criminals. Hence, resulting in different types of online fraud being proliferated.

Back in the days, fraud was just limited to in-store usage of a physically stolen credit card.  Times have changed - online fraud is much more common nowadays, exposing ecommerce business owners to everyday risk.

Ecommerce fraud, or widely known as purchase fraud happens when a criminal or a fraudster perform an order online, using deceitful means. Some widespread forms of online fraud are chargeback issuance, identity theft, fake or stolen credit cards, bot imposters, cross-site scripting, backdoor file, etc.

A recent study by Signal Sciences revealed some of the attackers' sophisticated methods. One is through bot imposters - masked as Google or Bing, bot impostors seek to gather the store's pricing and inventory data. Another method can be in the form of malicious codes such as cross-site scripting. With this, attackers take over a customer’s shopping cart and have the goods shipped elsewhere for resale. The fastest-growing malicious behavior, backdoor file attempt, allows hackers to gain remote access to the ecommerce site in its entirety.

As an ecommerce business, one must be aware that fraud is not limited to credit card payment alone. More alternative payments became derivative to hi-technology use of malware to infiltrate online banks and enable transactions across any devices – whether through phone or desktop PCs. With this, criminals can’t just perform online banking easily, but they gain access to important bank account information as well.

The existence of ecommerce fraud is not new; in fact, it has been going around since 1993. However, the increase year by year has become alarming. Studies predicted that online fraud will rise 14% in the United States alone and would cost businesses 12 billion USD this 2020.

In order to prevent fraudulent actions, ecommerce businesses must employ full protection on the shopping experience. A proactive defense must be secured to avoid losses.

Obtain real-world fraud protection and engage with the world’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts through Clearsale.

Going further, this blog tackles the importance of ecommerce threat detection and mitigation and why every webstore needs fraud protection, such as Clearsale.



Clearsale is one of the biggest CNP and ecommerce fraud prevention operations in the world. It offers protection solutions for fraud, backed up by fraud expert prevention teams and processes

Boasting more than 18 years in operation, and trusted by more than 3000 customers worldwide, Clearsale claims to be the best Ecommerce fraud protection solution for online stores.

Clearsale is committed to supporting ecommerce businesses by realizing their goals. With their ecommerce fraud prevention, revenues are secured while eliminating fraudulent online activities. Clearsale also offers full recovery on chargeback losses and prevents false declines, resulting in more orders and happier customers.



As their promise, the last thing merchants should worry about is a fraud. Clearsale's balanced and comprehensive solutions are a combination of the best processes – Artificial Intelligence technology, and expert assessment.

An order triggers online transactions. The moment a customer lands on the website, Clearsale is able to track where the visitor came from. It provides a reference on its browsing activity as it goes around the ecommerce site. Clearsale covers transactions done via web, email, telephone, and mail. For any website orders, the application captures and directly sends the transaction information to Clearsale.

With the use of AI technology, the order is scanned using a statistical algorithm to detect common fraud patterns. The scanning also extracts useful data such as information contained in the order, the device used in placing an order, external data sources, as well as behavioral and historical data. Information is then calculated for fraud score per order. If the fraud score is below the set threshold, it means that no fraud pattern is found, and the order is legit and approved for process. Likewise, if an order goes way above the predetermined filters, it can mean that it might be a fraudulent order. This suspicious order will be sent to experts for manual review. 

The catch is, in most of the fraud solutions available in the market, 90% of suspicious orders are automatically declined. However, some of these are proven legit upon further verification. Hence, a considerable revenue loss for the business.

At Clearsale, human fraud analysts are trained to examine each order beyond the computer output. The analyst looks up to the order's sufficient data, previous fraud associations, purchase behavior, customer data match up, and other insights from relevant sources. If the analyst determines the order is genuine, it is immediately approved. On the other hand, if the first manual review suggests that the order is a fraud, the second analyst will dig deep on more evidence, including speaking directly to the customers. If the second analyst gathered enough proof for order legitimacy, then the order is approved, if still suspicious, then that’s the time the order is rejected.

Clearsale customizes an algorithm per business. Its exclusive fraud system is developed to give businesses the high approval rate and lowest false decline rates. This is possible because of its intricate layers of information sources beyond what customers provide. Clearsale uses various technologies to analyze data. These include fingerprint technology, customer website tracking, proxy piercing, Geolocalization, BIN tracking, reverse phone or address lookup, email intelligence, and CVS verification.

This methodology allows Clearsale to acquire the most complete, most profitable, and most secured orders.



More orders mean more sales – and more orders can also mean more false declines. In every $1 in losses due to credit card fraud, merchants lose $13 to false declines, a study revealed. Thus, False declines, (also known as false positives) can be more damaging than a successful fraud purchase. Over the past two years, the false decline rate has increased exponentially, according to 62% of ecommerce businesses. That’s why, before employing any ecommerce fraud protection, it is best to examine options, so the system does not incorrectly decline some of the authentic customers.

Clearsale has devised fraud programs based on analytics and information filters that prevent the automatic decline of orders. Each business is secured with a unique fraud risk profile that bears custom algorithms. This way, Clearsale knows each business model and deals with order scanning differently. Clearsale’s two-layer of expert review every legitimate order is placed correctly, driving more to the sales funnel.  



Staying true to its promise of being a comprehensive fraud solution, Clearsale seeks to eliminate chargebacks through its two coverage forms. Chargeback Protection and Chargeback Insurance both safeguard businesses by paying only those approved transactions.

Clearsale Chargeback Protection approves to recover a share of any losses incurred due to fraud. This is highly recommended for large businesses that have gone through religious fraud risk profiling.

Through this, Clearsale directly works with the business entity to discuss and set a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) tied to the Key Performance Index (KPI) measures. A quarterly performance assessment against KPIs will be done. If ever Clearsale does not meet the set thresholds, then the business will gain a discount on the invoice. 

It is safe to note, however, that Clearsale does not directly reimburse the chargeback losses nor cover the whole amount on this particular plan.

On the other hand, ClearSale Chargeback Insurance or known as Clearsale Total Guaranteed Protection covers 100% coverage of any chargeback losses due to fraud. Contrary to the prior model, Clearsale is set to pay the entire chargeback amount, if proven fraudulent. 

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Clearsale has flexible and scalable solutions made for every business type, at any size, and any location.

Clearsale for Small/Medium Business – Growing the business is the top priority for this bracket. Some may also not bear enough knowledge of fraud until it happens firsthand. As small and medium businesses, declining orders based on just limited findings may cost revenue loss and lessened customer base.  

To support these businesses, Clearsale guarantees fast and smooth implementation of their fraud protection solution, and the following:

  • Order approvals in seconds with efficient fraud score calculator
  • Easy Integration to eCommerce through a plug-in.
  • Clearsale technical team support for custom integration.

Clearsale for Enterprise Business – Customer experience is prime. Hence, Clearsale emphasizes its innovative fraud management solutions to give customers and the business a smooth buying journey. With business goals in mind, enterprises are secured that Clearsale only provides the best fraud prevention strategy.

The easy to manage but full pack solution comes with:

  • Access to exclusive, enterprise-level insights to give a lead on fraud protection.
  • Customize solutions aligned to the enterprise goals such as product prioritization and procedure development.
  • Highest approval rate with the support of more than 700 fraud analysts.
  • Careful, polite, and intelligent interaction with customers, should there be a need to contact them directly.
  • Advanced data science application to bust new fraud patterns, continuous optimization of control group analyses.
  • Pricing options based on performance
  • Business process consulting for both online and physical stores.

E-Commerce Fraud Consulting Services – Fully customizable ecommerce fraud consulting services that fit every business. Clearsale offers expert advice from its pool of trusted analysts and data scientists who have prior experience handling fraud problems in the industry. Customers who seek help but decide to solve the fraud problem are the target of this service. What to expect? Clearsale provides each client with an e-commerce fraud protection consultant to go through the fraud challenge. Analyzation of the business' existing fraud prevention method will be done to have a clear understanding of where the fraud originated. The team will then run and provide a report consisting of the solutions the business should implement to solve the fraud problem.



Ecommerce Platform Integration - Clearsale is highly compatible and can be integrated with the most prominent ecommerce platform available. With its plug-in's easy set-in, Clearsale guarantees fast and straightforward implementation so businesses can obtain fraud security immediately. Enables integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, VTEX, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, 3dcart, and more.

Simple and Intuitive Dashboard – Through Clearsale’s Client Portal, businesses can quickly gain visibility and transparency into the orders. Optimize for desktop and mobile use; the reports can be easily accessed online. The dashboard shows important order details, transaction histories, and reports. It also enables users to manage chargebacks, view pending approval requests, current approval rates, response times, and recent orders.          



There are only two models for pricing options. Clearsale makes it easier for businesses to understand what they need for fraud protection.

KPI Pricing Model – As discussed earlier, this pricing model is related to the Clearsale Chargeback Protection, using KPIs. There will be a predetermined target chargeback percentage that will be evaluated every quarter. However, the service price will vary as it will depend entirely on the number of approved transactions every month.

Fixed Percentage Pricing Model – This model plays around the business determinants such as sales volume, solution, industry, and risk profile usage.  This option is billed with a fixed fee on every approved transaction. To note, the Fixed Percentage Pricing Model comes with Clearsale Chargeback Insurance that guarantees 100% chargeback coverage.

It would be best to contact a Clearsale for a quotation based on the fraud services the business may need.



As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Online attacks have been rampant without consideration of the business size. Every ecommerce business is prone to fraudulent transactions. Every online business is vulnerable.  That's why, it is highly recommended to enroll in an ecommerce fraud prevention program.

After all, fraud should never be a hindrance to building a more substantial customer base and growing revenue.

Clearsale delivers a true, all-in-one fraud protection so businesses can focus more on generating more sales while providing an excellent customer experience.

Is your business employing Clearsale? Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below!

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