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Hemsmith Development, Pattern Making, Sourcing, Production, etc. Long Island City, NY, USA http://www.hemsmithfactory.com info@hemsmith.com 718-786-0998
Dallas Bias Slitting, Trimming, Folding, Cording Dallas, TX, USA http://www.dallasbias.com Not Available 214-824-2036
Stitch Texas Women's, Men's, Infant, Intimates & Sportswear Austin, TX, USA http://www.stitchtexas.com hello@stitchtexas.com 512-291-8234
Unionwear Hats & Bags Newark, NJ, USA http://unionwear.com sales@unionwear.com 877-932-7864
Clothier Design Source Design, Prototype, Tech Pack, Manufacture, etc. St. Paul, MN, USA http://www.clothierdesignsource.com info@clothierdesignsource.com 651-225-8025
SoCal Garment Design, Pattern Making, Sewing, Processing Los Angeles, CA, USA http://socalgarment.com info@socalgarment.com Not Available
Unlimited Design Design, Sourcing, Pattern Making, Samples, Production, etc. Los, Angeles, CA, USA http://www.unlimiteddesignservices.com Via company website form only 213-784-0972
The D.N.A Group Apparel Services, Brand Management & Manufacturing San Francisco, CA, USA http://www.thednagroup.co info@thednagroup.co 415-658-7199
JLD Studios Design, Development & Production Portland, OR, USA http://www.jld-studios.com info@jld-studios.com 503-224-9217
Du Nguyen Sewing Service Women's Athletic & Casual Wear Philadelphia, PA, USA Not Available Not Available 610-376-1212
Apparel 911 Pattern Making, Sourcing, Tech Packs, Consulation, Delivery, etc. Margate FL, USA http://apparel911.squarespace.com info@apparel911.com 954-281-9965
Paul Francis Designs Design, Pattern, Prototyping, Branding, Production, etc. Baltimore, MD, USA Not Available Not Available 410-821-8212
Kichatna Apparel Manufacturing Cut & Sew Services Newberg, OR, USA Not Available Not Available Not Available
C&J Sportswear Pattern, Development, Fitting, Production, Consultation New York, NY, USA http://www.cjsportswear.com jessie@cjsportswear.com/ mihee@cjsportswear.com 212-840-0220
Dynotex Pattern, Cutting, Grading, Marking, Sourcing Brooklyn, NY, USA http://www.dynotex.com sales@dynotex.com 973-332-6808
Joanna Design Source Design Consulting, Pattern Making, Sample & Production New York, NY, USA http://www.joannadesignsource.com info@joannadesignsource.com 212-938-1183
Spoiled Rotten USA Pattern Making, Sample Making & Full Production New York, NY, USA http://madeinnyc.org/spoiled-rotten-usa/ eberoff@yahoo.com 718-993-7006
Coup d'Etat Knitwear: Sampling, Stitch Development & Production Los Angeles, CA, USA http://www.stageacoup.com/stageacoup/About.html info@stageacoup.com 818-294-2330
Open Arms Pattern Making, Sample Making, Tech Packs, etc. Austin, TX, USA http://www.mrcaustin.org info@theopenarmsshop.com Not Available
Krys Design + Manufacturing Design, Development & Manufacturing Pennsylvania USA http://www.krysmanufacturing.com info@krysmanufacturing.com 215-991-5711
The Pattern Makers Pattern Making, Grading, Sourcing, Samples & Production Cleaveland, OH, USA http://www.thepatternmakers.com info@thepatternmakers.com 216-832-3809
Johnny's Fashion Studio Pattern Making, Fitting, Samples & Production New York, NY, USA http://www.johnnysfashionstudio.com hello@johnnysfashionstudio.com 212-730-6300
Project 3, Inc. Consulting, Development, Design, Grading, Sourcing, etc. Los Angeles, CA, USA http://www.p3la.com info@p3LA.com 888-732-6652
Lipstick Prophets Development & Production Los Angeles, CA, USA http://lipstickprophets.com lipstickprophets3@me.com 213-623-5546
MCM Enterprise Pattern Making, Samples, Grading, Cutting, Sewing, Production, etc. Brooklyn, NY, USA http://www.mcmenterprise.com Not Available 718-438-8443
Nicole Meléndez Design & Consultation New York, NY, USA http://www.nicolemelendez.com Via company website form only Not Available
Allen Manufacturing Stitching, Cutting, Packaging, Assembly, Design, Sourcing, etc. Lewiston, ME, USA http://www.allenmfgusa.com info@allenmfgusa.com 207-333-3385
Plain Stiches Custom Sewing Lancaster, PA, USA http://www.plainstitches.com Via company website form only 717-455-7020
Portland Garment Factory Design, Drafting, Samples, Grading, Sourcing, Production, etc. Portland, OR, USA http://www.portlandgarmentfactory.com britt@portlandgarmentfactory.com 503-257-2905
The American Knitting Company Knitwear: Swatch Development, Sampling, Production Brooklyn, NY, USA http://www.americanknittingcompany.com contact@americanknittingcompany.com 929-250-2494
Innova Knits Knitwear: Custom Samples & Production Conover, NC, USA http://innovaknits.com info@innovaknits.com 828-536-9348
Custom Sewing Services Pattern Making, Samples, Sewn Productions, etc. Brooklyn, NY, USA http://www.nycustomsewingservices.com info@nycustomsewingservices.com 516-499-7304
The Factory.212 Pattern Making, Samples, Design, Consultation, Production New York, NY, USA http://www.thefactory212.com angela@thefactory212.com 212-564-8930
Victory Stitch Manufacturing Prototyping & Production Oldsmar, FL, USA http://www.victorystitch.com Via company website form only 813-852-1984
Left in Stitches Pattern Making, Grading, Samples, Design, Development, etc. Arcata, CA, USA http://www.leftinstitches.com info@leftinstitches.com 707-822-3041
Leonora Fashions Uniforms: Design, Patterns, Grading, Make, Cut & Make, Trim, etc. Hialeah, FL, USA http://www.leonorafashions.com/UMSS.cfm?page=page-index.cfm&template_code=Home mike@leonorafashions.com 305-885-8148
Michigan Fashion Proto Design, Consultation, Sourcing, Patterns, Samples, Production, etc. Lansing, MI, USA http://www.fashionproto.com info@fashionproto.com 517-367-7066
The Evans Group Development & Production Los Angeles, CA, USA http://www.evansgroupinternational.com/index.html info@evansgroupinternational.com 877-531-5225
5 Thread Factory Full-Package, Cut & Sew, Development Los Angeles, CA, USA http://www.5threadfactory.com/services-offered.html info@5threadfactory.com Not Available
Omega Apparel, Inc. Pattern Making, Samples, Cutting, Embroidery, Production, etc. Nashville/Smithville, TN, USA http://www.omegaapparelinc.com admin@omegaapparelinc.com 615-466-6342
Quick Turn Clothing Pattern Making, Sample Making & Production New York, NY, USA http://www.quickturnclothing.com info@quickturnclothing.com 516-680-3848
Quality Pattern Making Pattern Making & Consultation Leonia, NJ, USA http://www.cheriebixler.com/index.html cheriebixler@gmail.com 201-944-2885
Tag Studio Pattern Making & Consultation San Franciso, CA, USA http://tagstudio.biz tagpatrn@gmail.com 415-664-2408
Sleep in the Clouds Contract Sewing, Production Sewing, Prototype Sewing & Cutting Burlingame, CA, USA http://sleepintheclouds.com mark@sleepintheclouds.com 415-871-8021
Antwerp Atelier Pattern Making, Samples, Grading, Consultation, Branding, etc. New York, NY, USA http://antwerpatelier.com info@antwerpatelier 646-584-0585
Knickerbocker Manufacturing Company Leather Goods New York, USA http://knickerbockermfg.co Not Available Not Available
Metro Trimming Corporation Bias Binding & Trimming Products New York, NY, USA http://www.metrotrimmingcorp.com metrotrimming@gmail.com 212-564-7966
Jonathan Embroidery Embroidery, Apparel Printing & Decorating Supplies New York, NY, USA http://jeplus.com jeplus@verizon.net 212-398-3538

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