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Manufacturer Name: Products/Services: Location: Website Contact: Email Contact: Phone Contact:
Hemsmith Development, Pattern Making, Sourcing, Production, etc. Long Island City, NY, USA 718-786-0998
Dallas Bias Slitting, Trimming, Folding, Cording Dallas, TX, USA Not Available 214-824-2036
Stitch Texas Women's, Men's, Infant, Intimates & Sportswear Austin, TX, USA 512-291-8234
Unionwear Hats & Bags Newark, NJ, USA 877-932-7864
Clothier Design Source Design, Prototype, Tech Pack, Manufacture, etc. St. Paul, MN, USA 651-225-8025
SoCal Garment Design, Pattern Making, Sewing, Processing Los Angeles, CA, USA Not Available
Unlimited Design Design, Sourcing, Pattern Making, Samples, Production, etc. Los, Angeles, CA, USA Via company website form only 213-784-0972
The D.N.A Group Apparel Services, Brand Management & Manufacturing San Francisco, CA, USA 415-658-7199
JLD Studios Design, Development & Production Portland, OR, USA 503-224-9217
Du Nguyen Sewing Service Women's Athletic & Casual Wear Philadelphia, PA, USA Not Available Not Available 610-376-1212
Apparel 911 Pattern Making, Sourcing, Tech Packs, Consulation, Delivery, etc. Margate FL, USA 954-281-9965
Paul Francis Designs Design, Pattern, Prototyping, Branding, Production, etc. Baltimore, MD, USA Not Available Not Available 410-821-8212
Kichatna Apparel Manufacturing Cut & Sew Services Newberg, OR, USA Not Available Not Available Not Available
C&J Sportswear Pattern, Development, Fitting, Production, Consultation New York, NY, USA 212-840-0220
Dynotex Pattern, Cutting, Grading, Marking, Sourcing Brooklyn, NY, USA 973-332-6808
Joanna Design Source Design Consulting, Pattern Making, Sample & Production New York, NY, USA 212-938-1183
Spoiled Rotten USA Pattern Making, Sample Making & Full Production New York, NY, USA 718-993-7006
Coup d'Etat Knitwear: Sampling, Stitch Development & Production Los Angeles, CA, USA 818-294-2330
Open Arms Pattern Making, Sample Making, Tech Packs, etc. Austin, TX, USA Not Available
Krys Design + Manufacturing Design, Development & Manufacturing Pennsylvania USA 215-991-5711
The Pattern Makers Pattern Making, Grading, Sourcing, Samples & Production Cleaveland, OH, USA 216-832-3809
Johnny's Fashion Studio Pattern Making, Fitting, Samples & Production New York, NY, USA 212-730-6300
Project 3, Inc. Consulting, Development, Design, Grading, Sourcing, etc. Los Angeles, CA, USA 888-732-6652
Lipstick Prophets Development & Production Los Angeles, CA, USA 213-623-5546
MCM Enterprise Pattern Making, Samples, Grading, Cutting, Sewing, Production, etc. Brooklyn, NY, USA Not Available 718-438-8443
Nicole Meléndez Design & Consultation New York, NY, USA Via company website form only Not Available
Allen Manufacturing Stitching, Cutting, Packaging, Assembly, Design, Sourcing, etc. Lewiston, ME, USA 207-333-3385
Plain Stiches Custom Sewing Lancaster, PA, USA Via company website form only 717-455-7020
Portland Garment Factory Design, Drafting, Samples, Grading, Sourcing, Production, etc. Portland, OR, USA 503-257-2905
The American Knitting Company Knitwear: Swatch Development, Sampling, Production Brooklyn, NY, USA 929-250-2494
Innova Knits Knitwear: Custom Samples & Production Conover, NC, USA 828-536-9348
Custom Sewing Services Pattern Making, Samples, Sewn Productions, etc. Brooklyn, NY, USA 516-499-7304
The Factory.212 Pattern Making, Samples, Design, Consultation, Production New York, NY, USA 212-564-8930
Victory Stitch Manufacturing Prototyping & Production Oldsmar, FL, USA Via company website form only 813-852-1984
Left in Stitches Pattern Making, Grading, Samples, Design, Development, etc. Arcata, CA, USA 707-822-3041
Leonora Fashions Uniforms: Design, Patterns, Grading, Make, Cut & Make, Trim, etc. Hialeah, FL, USA 305-885-8148
Michigan Fashion Proto Design, Consultation, Sourcing, Patterns, Samples, Production, etc. Lansing, MI, USA 517-367-7066
The Evans Group Development & Production Los Angeles, CA, USA 877-531-5225
5 Thread Factory Full-Package, Cut & Sew, Development Los Angeles, CA, USA Not Available
Omega Apparel, Inc. Pattern Making, Samples, Cutting, Embroidery, Production, etc. Nashville/Smithville, TN, USA 615-466-6342
Quick Turn Clothing Pattern Making, Sample Making & Production New York, NY, USA 516-680-3848
Quality Pattern Making Pattern Making & Consultation Leonia, NJ, USA 201-944-2885
Tag Studio Pattern Making & Consultation San Franciso, CA, USA 415-664-2408
Sleep in the Clouds Contract Sewing, Production Sewing, Prototype Sewing & Cutting Burlingame, CA, USA 415-871-8021
Antwerp Atelier Pattern Making, Samples, Grading, Consultation, Branding, etc. New York, NY, USA info@antwerpatelier 646-584-0585
Knickerbocker Manufacturing Company Leather Goods New York, USA Not Available Not Available
Metro Trimming Corporation Bias Binding & Trimming Products New York, NY, USA 212-564-7966
Jonathan Embroidery Embroidery, Apparel Printing & Decorating Supplies New York, NY, USA 212-398-3538

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