Consistency Is The Key To Success


Hey guys!

In today's episode, I'm going to talk to you about why consistency is important.

I firmly believe that if you are an inconsistent learner, you will not succeed in life in general. Try to figure out how to grow your e-commerce business and keep learning every single day.

Learn how to learn using the Internet. If you want to learn how to start an eCommerce business, you need to start learning. Learn about online business, eCommerce, and everything related to it. You do this by searching Google for guides. You search YouTube for how-tos, and you can look at the Kindle store on Amazon for guides related to your keyword. If you don't know how to find guides, just try to figure out what you want to learn.

It's an eCommerce site like the eCommerce Guide or Drop Shipping Guide. Shopify has an excellent drop shopping guide, although I don't recommend the suppliers sourcing section of their guide.

Dropship Lifestyle has a great guide on their websites and free courses as well. We have great courses on and that I created for people who want to learn about job shipping authority. Authority Hacker Pro has excellent courses. But it's paid.

There's a lot of free content on blogs out there. You can learn how to do affiliate marketing at It is a really good website to learn.

You've got to be learning every single day.

What I do is I usually set time aside for learning and staying consistent with that schedule. That is really important. You have to think about yourself as a person.

So like, do I like to learn in the mornings, afternoons or evenings or night time? Whatever time of the day you're best at learning, teaching information, taking notes, whatever. Try to figure out how to block that time out from everything else, everybody else doing today, just like as if you had to go to school in a classroom and take one-hour chunks and do one hour on one subject or one course.

Take a course free course or YouTube videos or whatever. Block one hour at a time. And one hour is good because one hour usually is about as much time as the human brain can take in information without having to take a long break and relax for a little bit and digest the information. One-hour chunks work best.

I used to take three-hour classes in community college from seven to 10 p.m. three times a week back when I was first learning about business. It's great because one night I will learn a ton of information. But the problem with that was that no, I was not digesting the information.

The first thing I did was take multiple breaks throughout the night, which was OK. But it seems like every single night, I would learn way too much. And that's the second problem. You learn too much in one chunk, and you're digesting it fully.

And that's the reason why schools do this. One hour is enough to go over enough information to get it digested before your cup overflows, and you're not able to digest any more information. Try to stay consistent every day with learning one new thing or one hour's worth of stuff.

If you get good at it, start doing two or three hours a day. And I highly recommend this and stay consistent with it, because that means that you're going to grow way faster than your competitors. It's what you learn that makes you more money in life, right?

Stay consistent with learning.

The other thing you have to stay consistent with is taking action. Getting past roadblocks and challenges and being fearless about making mistakes and failing, because online business is definitely the wild, wild West still.

There are a few great gurus out there that I recommend learning from. One of them as Russell Brunson. He made a book called DotCom Secrets and another one called Expert Secrets. I highly recommend reading both of those books and watching his videos, subscribing, and all that stuff. He's a great expert about Internet marketing and building sales funnels to sell any kind of product, physical, and digital. He's a great mentor.

Another guy that offers a lot of excellent information content is Anton Kreil with his Dropship Lifestyle. And he's got a YouTube channel. I recommend that you sign up for that.

Lots of other Internet marketers out there are great motivators, some guys are great with SEO.

One motivator I like is Stefan James of Project Life Mastery. Go check that out on YouTube. And also, Neil Patel. He's excellent at marketing and SEO. Check out, Neil Patel.

Stay consistent with always pushing the boundaries of what you're good at. If you built a site and you're making money, that's great, but, you know, if three to six months from now, six months from now, the algorithms could change. Whatever traffic source you're driving might change and might get more expensive. It might also diminish, and you might have to change your marketing efforts. If you aren't always pushing in different directions with your marketing, your business will fall behind. Competitors will overtake you because they might know more. You have to stay focused on pushing the boundaries of what you know in life and taking action. It's not just about learning. It's about applying what you learn. And that's the application of your education will make you rich.

You learn, they learn. But unless you apply, you're not going to get anywhere.

Don't be afraid to fail. I failed so many times. I spent so much money, wasted so much money on different programs and different tools and different things. But so what? I'm making a lot of money, and that's what matters. Don't be afraid to spend money on tools and programs because that's what's going to get you somewhere, even if it's something that doesn't end up working out in the future. Just understand that those same things are the ones that are going to lead you to things that will work out in the future.

The third thing I'd like to talk about today in the podcast is networking. You have to stay consistent with meeting people and networking with people to get you somewhere in life. Without making the right connections in life and going to the right events, you're probably going to fall behind in your learning, and you're going to fall behind and take action. Learning in-person or learning from somebody you're close with, with a friend or a mentor in person, is so much more powerful than learning something by reading it or learning something about watching a video. Person to person interaction, even if it's just in a conference room with a bunch of other people learning from one person, or even better, if it's in a small room with just you and them, that kind of stuff is super powerful. You will take way more action on those things you learn from those sessions than you will ever take action on the things you learn from courses, especially from blog posts and stuff like that. It really makes a big difference when you get to see somebody's emotional connection in person and if you trust them.

When it happens, take their advice and run with it. Take it in and feel it. I take way more regard certain things that certain people I've met in person said than things that I read online.

I definitely recommend networking. Don't stop when you meet one person. People change, and people are always moving around and stuff like that. I recommend you meet one person and then meet people through that person. Always make sure you go to networking events and parties where they're going to bring their friends.

Open your friends, and you can meet their friends and your friends, meet their friends. That's important. Always network and always make new connections. Connect with those people and learn from them. Ask them questions. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions. Always feel good about it because by asking somebody a question, you're actually showing them respect and appreciation. And that's the one thing that gets someone, a boost of endorphins and making them feel good with appreciation and respect.

Asking somebody a question is actually good for them. And they're going to love you for that as opposed to what you might think. By asking a question, you're showing them that you consider them a friend. And if they consider you a friend, then they'll answer you back. If you just ask him a question and don't answer you back, maybe they have other priorities. And that's OK. So you just have to understand that.

You have to have the right amount of respect. You respect their time. Do not can ask too many questions. Respect them as a human being. You know that they know a lot of stuff.

So those are the three things I think you should stay consistent every single day.

To recap, it's all about learning consistently. It's all about taking action consistently and being fearless of failure and networking consistently. Meet people in person, especially mentors, people that have been there. Communicate with them and ask them questions.

I hope you found this podcast useful. I really want to make sure you understand consistency is the key to success in life.

Stay consistent and get out there and do your thing. Be fearless, and you'll get somewhere.

Sign up to the YouTube channel and subscribe to the podcast and check out to get our free guides.

We'll see you guys after. 

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