ConvertKit Review: Is It The Best Email Marketing Software for Content Creators?


Every people in the world nowadays seems to be present online. The way of communication has totally moved to the digital space as more digital channels become available. Indeed, online connection and presence have been an imperative factor to get by every day.

Taking into account the mounting numbers of online users, businesses are seen investing heavily in digital marketing strategies that will bring in revenue.

Whatever digital strategies might be in place, one fact cannot be overlooked: Email marketing will always be the foundation.

Personalized messages have been proven effective in attracting and retaining customers. Although Social Media usage is growing exponentially, there are 2.6 billion users in the email space, with a staggering 91% channel usage every day.

As a small business, there are numerous email campaign tools claiming to be the best email marketing solution. Some of these include Mailchimp, Aweber, and Activecampaign.  This blog will highlight one email marketing software called ConvertKit from its platform, drip email, writing process, automation, and more. Read on for a better understanding if ConvertKit will be a competitive choice and an easy tool for email marketing.

Connect with the Audience

ConvertKit is an email marketing software that claims to ease the complexities of subscribers’ issues and inboxes. ConvertKit warrants simple email marketing steps from building the email list to connecting with the audience. Additionally, it is a platform focused on the creator-follower relationship; thus, emphasizing good-looking emails jam-packed with useful content. ConvertKit helps users to project trust and showcase professionalism.


Build Great Mailing List

Email marketing’s lifeblood is on its email list. ConvertKit makes it easier to grow the mailing list through customizable forms and landing pages,

ConvertKit’s forms are customizable so users can pattern the tone and design of the brand. Instantly turn Email receivers into customers with easy-to-embed forms. 

Likewise, ConvertKit’s templated landing pages feature gets rid of pesky coding that can be too complicated. Ready-made and stunning templates can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. 

The fully customizable templates are designed by world-class professionals, helping users communicate their ideas attractively. Not only that, but these responsive templates are also guaranteed to be mobile optimized and formatted with any device.


Tailor-fit Customer Journey

To effectively reach out to the right prospects, the correct mapping of the email funnel is required. The subscribers' response to every email sent out will depend on the experience journey. The subscriber's journey must be appropriately laid out to reflect the desired outcome.

ConvertKit removes the difficulty in setting up the subscriber’s journey. Its smart visual automation can create customizable customer paths by connecting actions and conditions.

The visual automation also gives a quick overview of the performance of each content and funnels. As a result, users can track and study the recipients’ interactions. This will provide insights for necessary adjustments, beneficial when launching drip email campaigns.


Impressive Automation

Building a path for email subscribers is a tedious task. Luckily, ConvertKit makes it easy to set up the rules on the funnels and let the app execute. Creation of simple automation rules with “if this, then that” functionality is also enabled. This means effortless audience segmentation and accurately targeted content. 

ConvertKit has also joined with over 70 partners to create integrations and carry out some of the users’ email marketing automation requirements.

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Email Designer

ConvertKit considers that plain text performs better than emails with massive media such as photos or videos. Thus, its email designer is intended to create simple email but are sure to deliver and convert. 

The email designer has a modest editing block for changing the font, color, alignment, and hyperlinks. It also has a Quick Content feature that gives email content an automatic template. The quick content has functions like personalized headers, buttons, dividers, and more.

Aside from easy content tools, ConvertKit also boasts an image library for quick uploading and commonly used images. Integration of Unsplash in the email designer gives access to tons of free-of-use pictures.

 As an essential email component, a vivid call to action (CTA) buttons is available. The clickable CTA can send readers to a specific landing page, post, and even directly to the shop.

Lastly, if the predetermined settings aren’t enough, ConvertKit allows customization through coding. Add an HTML box to customize a specific part of the email body.

Sign Up Forms  

They are known as the first gate for audience communication. Sign Up forms has to be strong and enticing enough for readers to fill out. Since it's the permission to enter the customer's inbox, it is crucial to be seamless and appealing. 

Create ConvertKit's sign up forms in various ways, from design to content and even how it will display to the website. Every creator is entitled to unlimited sign-up forms and responsive templates. They are providing an edge to turn readers into subscribers, eventually increasing sales.

One great thing about ConvertKit’s sign up form is it’s a GDPR compliant, so clients won’t have to worry about extracting personal information.

More Features

  • Different email types - newsletters, sequences with autoresponse, automation, A/B testing, and more.
  • List Management - add or remove addresses from campaigns and email drips.
  • Bounce Management – Hard bounces are flagged. No further emails are sent for email addresses with a hard bounce. Soft bounces are then attempted to be sent several times before changing its classification to hard.
  • Storage - Unlimited storage for data and images.
  • Authentication – Uses external mail servers.
  • Account Access – Grants a different level of access. Enables administrators to invite and add team members.
  • Language – ConvertKit is currently available only in English.
  • Reports and Analysis – Provides insights on open rates, unsubscribes, and clicks.



ConvertKit has partnered with various partners from Ecommerce, affiliate management, webinar services, CRM, and more. The comprehensive integration options make content creation and email campaigns more dynamic and engaging. Additionally, these integrations include Shopify, Crowdcast, Zapier, Paypal, WP User Frontend Pro, Facebook, and more.


ConvertKit Pricing

Staying true to its uncomplicatedness, ConvertKit has just two pricing plan schemes.

  •  FREE Plan - $0 /month. Absolutely free. The platform will be giving Unlimited landing pages, unlimited, customizable CTAs & sign-up forms, 30+ premium landing page templates, unlimited traffic, customizable domain setup, and mobile responsive designs. On top of it, users can freely manage up to 1,000 subscribers, do email broadcasts, and subscriber tagging. Plus, seamless Unsplash integration for content creation and eligibility to join the creator community.


  • COMPLETE Plan – Starts at $25 /month. The rate can either be charged monthly or annually and is set at the first 1,000 subscribers. The price will then change every subscriber increase. Likewise, the complete plan includes everything in the Free plan, visual automation funnels, automated email sequences, reporting, and integrations & API. Customers will also have access to premium support and free migration from another tool. The 14 day-trial for all features is available.


The Verdict: Is ConvertKit Worth It?

Before engaging in an email marketing software, it is best to decide what email promotions would the business run. ConvertKit is excellent for simple sequences and e automation. For more complex and advanced requirements, it is best to check out some alternatives also.

Specifically, ConvertKit is made for online creators. Some are blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, maker, course creator, freelancer, coach, musician, or photographer. Although ConvertKit is advertised for specific people, it is also an excellent tool for marketing and to those who sell online. 

As for small business start-ups, ConvertKit might be the right choice. Take advantage of its FREE plan to get the gist of email marketing campaigns. 

ConvertKit’s effective segmentation and audience growth features let users run smart and targeted campaigns. The landing page editor is also powerful enough to manage campaigns in just one dashboard. 

After all, in order to match up with digital marketing demands, businesses are encouraged to employ email automation tools to deliver targeted messages that drive revenue. 

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