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In building a website, you have to secure a good foundation. This foundation pertains to web hosting. Web hosting is what keeps all your site information to make it live. It contains all the data on your website, including user accounts, files, images, photos, videos – basically, every detail on your website. Web hosting is the one that stores all these data and the one that makes it available for website visitors. Without it, your website will be inaccessible.

While there are lots of available web hosting services online, it is essential to list all your objectives and examine how they align with a web host’s facilities. A good web host will keep your online store live 24/7 while a low-grade web hosting will give you a headache with website crashes and never-ending site errors. Once you find the web hosting for your website, you will have the most solid foundation for growing your website.

The web hosting industry is a saturated market - and one of these web hosts is In this blog, we’ll give you a closer look at this web hosting to see if is the perfect host for your site.


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About has been in the industry since 2000 providing web hosting and domain registration services. In terms of having a strong background, is part of a bigger group, specifically, the Endurance International Group (EIG), with other quality web hosts like HostGator and BlueHost. By being part of this large group alone shall give you the security that has a strong foundation and support.

Currently, specializes in being an all in one website solutions provider, offering Email hosting, SSL certificates, web design, and online marketing services to complement its initial products. Online entrepreneurs will also benefit from useful eCommerce tools to make their lives easier.

Website Builder

If you’re a newbie in website creation, then this will come handy for you. Every plan comes with a free website builder, which you can use to create up to 6 pages. With’s drag and drop website builder, you can easily create your website with ready-made templates. Making changes to your site content like images and text will also be comfortable with only a few clicks – no coding skills required at all. However, it is essential to note that this feature is not sufficient for more prominent sites.

Easy install scripts

All plans enable you to install numerous open-source content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB, Joomla, and CubeCart, among others. can also power your eCommerce site by giving you access to several eCommerce tools ready for integration.

However, if you don’t find some of the apps that you need, you can subscribe to SimpleScripts service to get access to more applications.

Marketing freebies

If you have an eCommerce site, you’ll be sure to benefit from’s marketing freebies. gives its users $100 Google AdWords bonus and $100 Bing ad credit – which is perfect for boosting your digital marketing campaigns.

Security features

All plans in come with SSL Certificate. Note that every website must have an SSL certificate to protect its site visitors from attacks. Having good security is especially crucial for online stores to secure all transactions. An SSL certificate creates an encrypted channel between a site visitor and server. Thus, all confidential data, including credit card details, account login information, and all other sensitive information, are protected from potential spying. Knowing all this, you’ll be sure to get ample security with

Customer support and reliability

Like any other excellent web host, offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. While we’re not clear about where their data center is, the company operates its services in a tier 1 facility with full redundancy, UPS backup, diesel, cooling, and 24/7 monitoring with regular backups done.

In terms of getting customer assistance, does well by stepping up in emergency and non-emergency situations through its live chat, phone support, and massive knowledgebase. 

The phone and live chat are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you are sure to talk to someone for urgent issues. Furthermore, if you’re eager to get a faster response, you can also get in touch through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. In terms of onboarding and getting tips and tricks, gives you access to its knowledge base, where you can find helpful articles and user guides to help you address fundamental issues.  

Environmental initiatives

If there’s one thing we’re proud of other than its services, it would be’s dedication to giving back to the community through its environmental initiatives. balances its energy usage with 150% wind power, and they also commit to planting trees for every new account. While not many players in this industry do the same, it’s nice that leads in this initiative.

Pricing and Subscription packages offers two kinds of hosting services, namely shared web hosting and WordPress hosting. Shared web hosting has three different plans – Basic, Deluxe, and Ultra, while the WordPress hosting has two options – WP Starter and WP Essential. Each subscription plan offers 99.9% uptime with high scalability to fit your website’s growth. However, it is essential to note that does not offer monthly plans – you have to subscribe in with them for at least one year. We’ll discuss each of the subscription plans in the succeeding paragraphs.

The Basic plan for Shared web hosting costs $3.75 per month and includes a single website that is best for starters. This plan gives you unlimited storage space, scalable bandwidth, and an SSL certificate to secure your website. You also get access to 10 databases with 5 FTP logins.

Then the next one is the Deluxe plan, which costs $6.75 per month. The package includes unlimited websites with unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth. Like the Basic plan, the Deluxe plan also comes with an SSL certificate but upgraded with 25 databases and 25 FTP logins. This plan is best suited for growing and multiple businesses.

The last entry for the shared web hosting plans is the Ultra plan, priced at $13.75 per month. If you have one or several websites with heavy traffic, then this is a perfect choice. The Ultra plan has everything in the Deluxe plan plus unlimited databases and unlimited FTP logins.

For every shared web hosting plan, you also get a free domain name for one year, unlimited disk space, eCommerce tools, subdomain creation, 24/7 customer support, website builder, and marketing tools.

Now let’s go to WordPress hosting.’s WP hosting offers a customized and user-friendly Control Panel with fresh and functional themes paired with the best plugins for optimal website performance.

The first of the two WP plans is WP Starter, which costs $3.75 per month. The WP Starter plan features unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for superior site performance. You also get access to tons of pre-installed themes & plugins and customized control panel to make your life easier.

For sites with heavy traffic, you may opt to get WP Essential priced at $6.95 per month. This plan includes everything on the WP Starter plan plus maximized site speeds and uptime, Sitelock professional security, WordPress expert support, and automatic malware removal.

Once you’ve decided to jump into, it is essential to note that you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. However, you have to carefully review the fine print if ever you’ll need a full refund should you wish to opt-out. You can also pay through PayPal or by using a credit card.

Do we recommend

Yes, we surely do. There are lots of factors to like about On top of our list are scalable bandwidth, unlimited storage space, SSL certificate, responsive customer support, recognized reputation, and free marketing credits, among many others. Knowing all of this, proves to be a solid choice in making and maintaining a website.

We also love its affordability paired with price stability – unlike other web hosts, does not lure its potential customers with low introductory price only to charge them double in the succeeding period. Thus, leading to more efficient budgeting for your website. While doesn’t offer free hosting services, you can always try it out for yourself and take advantage of the money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with it. However, if you’re into web hosts that offer monthly plans and discounts - we can immediately conclude that this is not the right choice for you.

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