Earth Class Mail Review: The Best Virtual Mailbox For Businesses

Earth Class Mail Review

Businesses receive tens and sometimes hundreds of mails a month. Even though we have entered the digital age where we have paper-free online statements, some things still require snail mail and a permanent address to reach you.

If you own a business with a small office, managing through your post mail pile can be a hassle. Having these physical mails can be annoying and messy. Post mails can also compromise your business' performance as well as detail security. 

If you think snail mail cannot mix with digital, you're wrong. Luckily, you can get out of that dilemma through a virtual mailbox service. Virtual mailbox service is a kind of digital service that you can easily access through your laptop or your mobile phones. You can use it to receive, forward, or discard emails and packages. Once your mail arrives, your virtual mailbox scans the outside of the boxes and envelopes. You can then select which mail or package you want to receive. You can also have them scan the entire content of the mail and forward it to the cloud storage they provided for you. 

These Virtual mailbox services offer more than just scanning services; they also keep your mail accessible and safe. Virtual mailboxes provide high security to your documents and reliable letter mail delivery.

In this blog, let's take a look at Earth Class Mail, one of the best providers of virtual mailbox and mail forwarding services. 


Secure Your Mails And Go Virtual Today!


What is Earth Class Mail?

Established in 2006, Earth Class Mail offers solutions to modernize businesses with regard to digitizing mailboxes. It aims to change the way companies handle their mails. Earth Class Mail focuses on building a better back-office, making it easier to collaborate, secure, and take action on essential mails.

Earth Class Mail has processed more than 10,000,000 mails for thousands of businesses, independent entrepreneurs, professionals, and frequent travelers. 

How Does Earth Class Mailroom Works?

Earth Class Mail has a list of multiple locations across the country, including Hawaii and Alaska, to act as your virtual address. Once you have chosen an address, you may then use it for your business transactions and as your company address. 

With Earth Class, remote mail management is secure and reliable. The Earth Class team processes and scans all the mail you receive for you. Every mail gets scanned, logged, organized, and stored securely by the HIPAA certified technicians. Once you log into your Earth Class account from your laptop or smartphone, you can review each mail. Every mail is stored in a high-resolution PDF document with searchable text for easy reference. 

Within your Earth Class account, you can do whatever action you want to take on your email. You may put it in the trash bin, deposit checks, download documents, forward vital documents to your attorney or colleagues. You may also shred, recycle, or store your mail. 

Earth Class has integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero,, Box, and Google Drive to help you with invoices and for easy saving. 


The MailRoom is one of the solutions offered by Earth Class Mail. It provides businesses a way to digitize mail items using their vast network of virtual addresses. MailRoom sends your mail directly to their secure processing facility using a virtual address. Afterward, the documents get converted into digital documents. On top of that, you can create an automated process by organizing the process into a workflow.

You may register for an interactive 30 minutes demo through the Earth Class website. 


Through Earth Class Mail's FileRoom, you can organize your documents with its virtual file cabinets, drawers, and tags. You may retrieve, search, and share your documents as they appear online. 

Earth Class Mail Pricing

Earth Class Mail has plans available for individuals, businesses, and enterprises. Each offer contains MailBox Plans and MailRoom Plans.

MailBox Plans

Mailbox plans are made available for individuals and small businesses. All plans include 50 pieces of mail per month, free secure shredding, 30 days of physical mail storage. It has three available subscription plans: Personal, Shared, Premium. 

  • Personal Plan - for expats and remote professionals
    • The Personal plan is $19 per month. It includes one recipient and consists of the Beaverton, Oregon address. 
  • Shared Plan - shared inbox for families or groups of travelers
    • The Shared plan is $29 per month. It includes five recipients and the Beaverton, Oregon address.
  • Premium Plan - for small organizations and offices
    • The Premium account is $79 per month. It contains 20 recipients and allows choosing of address from an extensive network of virtual addresses.   

MailRoom Plans

MailRoom plans are made available for businesses and enterprises. All plans include unlimited recipients, choice of address, free secure shredding, 30 days of physical mail storage. It has three available subscription plans: Startup, Business, Enterprise. 

  • Startup Plan - virtual mail for small businesses
    • The Startup plan is available for $139 a month. It includes 100 pieces of mail. 
  • Business Plan - high-volume mail scanning for medium to large businesses
    • The Business plan starts at $229 a month. It consists of 250 items of mail.
  • Enterprise Plan - customized for your business needs
    • The Enterprise plan starts from $1,029 a month and could handle a customizable number of mails. 

The cost per additional addresses beyond plan limits is $30 per month. There is also an additional $5 per month for other recipients beyond plan limits. 

You may also benefit from its additional services, including check deposit, mail forwarding, and bulk document scanning. 

The services are safe and secured with 24/7 monitoring with restricted employee access. Your information security is safe with data encryption during transfer and storage, which are handled by HIPAA certified technicians. 

Earth Class Mail plans carry an associated $50 cancellation fee. It covers the handling of your mails for an additional six months after closing your account. If you want your closed account reactivated, the reactivation fee costs $99 and is available for accounts closed within 90 days. 

Virtual Address

With Earth Class Mail, you may also avail of a virtual address where you select a street address or PO Box from the available virtual address network. This feature is available for those who only need occasional mail processing services. It only costs $39 per month with additional payment for add-on services such as mail scanning, mail forwarding, and other recipients.  

Mail Automation

Mail Automation plan costs $129 a month. It best serves small or remote businesses that need more help in managing their mail. It includes a standard address with a total of three recipients. There is no limit on incoming mail or exterior mail scans, but you can request up to 50 interior mails scans per month. 

Virtual Mailbox and More

Overall, Earth Class Mail proves to be a reliable, secure, and convenient way to handle all your mails. With its 14 years of experience, you'll be sure to benefit from its expertise and competency. Unlike most virtual mailbox providers, they offer a vast array of addresses to choose from. Its features and services are highly useful for companies that want to give off the appearance of having an office in a prestigious place. 

Earth Class may not be the cheapest virtual mailbox, but its services are definitely worth the price. 

How does your virtual mailbox assistant compare to Earth Class Mail? Leave us a comment below!


Secure Your Mails And Go Virtual Today!

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