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eCommerce Conversion Optimization Strategies of Amazon vs Walmart vs eBay



eCommerce Conversion Optimization Strategies of Amazon vs Walmart vs eBay

Here is a break down of how they optimize their site for conversions and what I really hope is that you guys can take what I learned from these big eCommerce sites and apply it to yours. 


The eCommerce websites that I am going to brows are Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. 


Every eCommerce site has a home, collection, product, cart, and a check out page. These are the five main funnels of an eCommerce website.  


We will take a look at how they optimize their website for conversion. 


Header: You want to make sure that your logo is up there in the header. You don’t have to make it too big as shown on these three websites, they have small logos. 


 Search bar: The thing that you want very big and prevalent is a search bar. You want to make it easy for somebody to land on your website, go to the top and search for what they are looking for. 


Menu: This is the next thing you need to make sure you have it on your website. Your menu has to be user-friendly where people can easy browse through. For these websites, it is difficult because they have so many different departments. They have a mega menu. It is not easy to set it up but you can do it using the Shoptimized theme. It is a theme that you can use for the Shopify platform. I have a whole review video on that on my YouTube channel. 


Account Sign In: This is usually located on the upper right.   


Cart button: It is super important as it should stand out and none of these websites have the cart button standing out that well besides Amazon. 


Banner: You want the banner to look very bright and exciting. One of the things I always like to do with the banner actually adds a button to it. For Amazon and Walmart, they don’t have a button but for eBay, they do.  


Categories: Below the banner, Amazon is going to show you their different categories that are really unique and popular. As of this moment, they are showing the mother’s day collection. In Walmart, they are showing their best selling products, while on eBay, they are doing the same thing with Walmart. eBay is interesting as it is been taking a very content-centric approach on their website which I like a lot. This is very cool for eCommerce. When you mix content with eCommerce, you become an authority site. You can take over in your niche. 


 Footers: You can get somebody on to your email list really well using the footer. However, on Amazon and eBay is strange as they are no email opt-in. They don’t have contact information. While with Walmart, they have email opt-in and social media links. 


Norton Security Badge 


It is recognized as the number one secure batch by a shopper. 

Collection Page:  The deal with Amazon is it is a very broad site. You will have different multiple types of collection pages. You have broad collections, sub-collection, and product collection. 


The thing about Amazon that they do really well is they have a left-hand sidebar where they break down all the different types of products within that niche.  You have to consider your eCommerce website to do a similar thing. You can break down all the different variables of your products. To do that is within any product category, you will have a specs layout and the specs will tell you what is the different variables are of that product. 


On Amazon, they have subcategories, sort by international shipping, color, product grade, Amazon prime, featured brands, packaging options, average customer reviews, new arrivals, condition, price, seller, and availability. There are a lot options and you might not be able to implement this on your site but by using a thing called group tags and Shopify, you can implement a lot of them. 


Walmart, on the left-hand side, they have shipping & pick up option, discount, size, type, material, finish, pricing, brands, customer rating, special offers, retailer, and style. It gives the customer a better ability to drill down your website. 


eBay, they have a brand, type, power source, guaranteed delivery, condition, item location, delivery option, and show only.


Product page: If anyone website out there puts any effort into optimizing the product pages, it’s Amazon. That is because they understand it is literally the most important page on your website.  


They got the brand name, product name, reviews, answered questions, social sharing, price, in stock, shipping, color, description, frequently bought together, ads, special offer, and promotions,  compare with similar items, product information, video shorts, sponsored products, ads, and review. 


Amazon is all about monetizing in so many different ways. However, I don’t recommend not doing that on the dropship site just because it does take away your ability to make conversions and when you are a niche site, you are not getting that much traffic. 

Social proof and trust drive sales.

Answered questions, this is something the customers would like to use as they would test your customer service if you respond fast. 


Before adding to cart, amazon created a pop up for upsell. It is a protection plan or insurance. 


Amazon does not take you directly to the cart page after you choose to add to the cart. They will take you to another page where you can buy more stuff. If you really want to go to the cart page, you have to click on the Cart button on the top. 


Cart page: There is an amazon visa reward that gives you a discount. It shows you the computation of the product price and the discount which is motivating. 




Product page: Name of the product, review, price, size, color, quantity and add to cart button, consider buying, description, specification. 


I have noticed that they show different products before going to the description which is not really good as you have to focus on letting the buyers by the product. Don’t let them jump around your website by showing different other products on the product page. 


I suggest you make your product pages the squeeze page.


Cart page: They have financing or credit card offer. 




Product page: eBay is one of the websites that do a product page. They include the viewer per hour for the product. This is available on the Shoptimized theme which you can set it up yourself. 


It will also tell you how many were bought recently. They have feedback for the seller which you can learn more about them. Amazon does not do that unless you click into the seller stuff. They have a Buy Now, Add to Cart, and Make Offer which is optional for the seller. 


Their cart page is a prequel. It’s got clear to proceed to the checkout button. You have a money-back guarantee and pricing. 


To sum it up, Amazon and eBay have a squeeze page for check out that is the same with Shopify. 


I recommend you use Shopitimized as your Shopify theme. It has a high conversion rate optimization.  Go to eCommerceParadize.com/Shoptimized to download their theme. 




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