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How To Raise Your Conversion Rate

Mar 23, 2020 0 comments

How To Raise Your Conversion Rate

To be at the top of the first page of the search engine results means you are going to get a good conversion rate. If you are not on the top list or of the first page, nobody’s going to find you and may not even know that your brand exists. Our goal here is to get to the top of the page with the following.           

Google Ads

When people are looking for a thing to buy, they go to Google search and look for that specific product. The reason why we use Google Ads search engine base platform is that we can use the link of our product listings at the top of Google for this search query such as long-tail keyword, product name and SKUs and any generic category keywords that shows any intention of purchasing.

Optimizing your Google Ads campaigns

  1. Shopping Ads are the best way to get cold leads to your store. Set up a multiple campaign structure in Google Shopping Ads. Check the steps below on how to do it. 
  • Set up a Campaign Priority – this will make Google to show your campaigns first based on the level of the priority. First, set up the High Priority Campaign, followed by the medium priority and lastly is the low.
  • Create a list of negative keywords – create 1 list that is only for the brand names that include all the product names and single word model names and SKUs number with and without spaces. Apply this to a high priority campaign so that it will trigger your medium priority campaign so it will help in ranking them up.
  • Make a list of generic keywords – apply this list to all the campaigns and keywords that don’t convert.
  1. Optimize your feed – Make sure that you optimize your feed by setting up the correct Google category by doing this in the Google Shopping ad. Choose and set up the first variant which is the lowest price and make sure that your feed is set up correctly so it will automatically update your inventory.

Search Engine Optimization will help improve your product listing’s keywords content, page structure and copywriting. Using all the SEO works will also rank your product organically and get to the top list of these search engines such as Google, Bing and the like.

Focus on these when Optimizing your Google Ads

  • Click-through-rate or CTR is the calculations between your impressions and your clicks. To get good CTRs, make sure that your product name, brand name, model name, SKU number, and product category keyword are within your product listing at least within 2-4 different times in different variations. Keywords optimize your descriptions on your product pages which will improve your feeds so it will provide the right product during search inquiry.  
  • Appealing product images should be used on your listings. Don’t add flashy things, texts, and badge since these are not allowed by Google Shopping.
  • Search terms should be checked since they will tell you exactly the terms used when they use it to search the product.
  1.   Bidding strategies is very important with the goal to get as many sales as possible with the lowest bids possible. When a product gets lots of traffic but no conversions, improve the product page. When the product gets low impressions, optimize the keywords used on these products and raise the bids to start getting traffic.

Search Text Ads

This is the opposite of Shopping Ads since you get to choose while keyword to target and you have to write the copy yourself which is the other way around in Google Shopping Ads. When doing your ad using this, make sure to include unique selling prepositions such as “Buy Now” On Sale” “Free Shipping”.

Bing Ads

Make use of this search ad to get to your goal. What is nice about Bing Ads is that you can copy and the ads you have created in Google ads, paste it and everything is set.  

Remarketing Search Ads

There are 3 kinds of remarketing ads which are dynamic marketing ads, static remarketing ads, remarketing search ads.




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