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SEO and content marketing are two different things but they go hand and hand and should do them in parallel. Search engine optimization is all about making your website visible for search engines and easily navigated by people. Content marketing, on the other hand, is creating blog posts and videos that help your customers and understand your products better and solve their problems and then sharing those content blogs and videos and promoting them and using them to help sell your products. It also helps to spread Google rankings to your website and it also brings backlinks.

Product Page Optimization

If there is one page on your website that nourishes more than any of them and that’s your product page. There are certain things you need to be doing with your product page to optimize it.

  1. Title and description formatting, the title should be formatted correctly. If you’re doing high ticket drops shipping, you should go like a brand, product name, and product type.  It should be uniform to your entire website. If your niche has specific specifications that are different between products or has SKU numbers, you should add those in there too. Same thing goes with specific colors, add those in the product title but keep it short, keep it sweet and keep it relevant.
  2. Meta title, this is a title that shows up on search engines that should be customized with every single product. You don’t need to just leave it as the same as your title. You can add a few things in there like a call to action or unique value propositions.
  3. Meta description, should not just have them in the description but be the same as your product description which will automatically pull three hundred and some odd keywords. What you should do is create a template that calls out the best unique value proposition points of your business and then have that specific brand product and type put into that template so that you can have that pop up on that search engine. It’s way more likely to get a click-through rate and it’s way more likely to get people to want to buy from you.
  4. Multimedia, including multimedia on your product pages, is really important. Multimedia includes video brochures or downloadable product manuals and pictures. Anything you can do throughout the sales copy of your website to help build the desire for that product and get them more likely to take on buying that product is great. Multimedia also helps with SEO because it shows search engines that people are staying on your page longer and that’s good

Blog content types

There are different types of blog content you should make. These types of content are the ones that can also be made into videos and should go parallel. You should have a YouTube channel alongside your blog and you should be doing the videos for the blog articles and blog articles for the videos and so on.

  1. Keyword research - you want to research all the best keywords and the best product type. If you’re selling sunglasses be like best men’s sunglasses, best women’s sunglasses, best sunglasses for the beach, best sunglasses for the city.
  2. Best and review article - You need to research all those best X and best x for y keywords within your niche. The next thing to do is to research the review keywords which are usually the products' names.
  3. Resource roundup articles – If there’s anything specific in your niche that you can make articles like best blogs or best forums, if you make a top 10, top 20, top 50 article it's likely to get backlinks from a lot of people in the blogosphere. That’s likely to boost your entire site’s URL rating or domain rating on that particular page.
  4. Viral content - The good way to use a tool to look this up is Ahrefs, it’s https://ahrefs.com to sign up. Viral content is great because it’s popular contents are popular on other people’s websites which means people are looking for that information and it’s likely to get read and it’s likely to be appreciated.
  5.  How to contents -If you just go into Google you type how to blank then you’ll see a bunch of how-to keywords and you get a type of niche name in there. Type in a niche name and then how-to to start getting a lot of good ideas for how-to articles. If you make that content and then guide them to your product pages or collection pages it's likely people land on those from the interwebs and then guide through your website. Since you’re going to be introducing yourself to them and getting them to know, like and trust you on the blog post, it’s more likely they’ll also sign up for an email list which then you can follow up with them.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the way that you guide people through your website and it’s also the way you’ve got search engines through your website. This is the basis of internal SEO but you need to link all your pages together and the most important ones are those resource articles that I talked about and those best articles and review articles and how-to articles, all those articles you make that are going to pop up in the search engine for keywords that are solving people’s problems that at high levels well. Those articles should be linked to all the relevant collection pages and product pages and other blog posts on your site and so that way when somebody clicks on that article and they read it they can click within the text to go to other parts of your website. You should make all these links open up in a new tab if possible and it usually is you can do that encoder and Shopify you just do it through the link editor and then that way people click the link it pops up in a new tab so they can go back to that same tab they were on still and it opens a new tab so it’s more like the book keep browsing through your website.

  1.       You should also link to product upsells within product pages.
  2.       You should link products to info articles.
  3.       You should link the best review articles to the products and collections.

Linking products to upsell

Linking products to upsell is cool because within a product description if you have a more expensive product that is better and nicer and that you’ve highly recommend, making a little blurb about that at the bottom of the product is good. You can’t always trust Shopify to show that product in the recommended product section and you can’t show much beyond the picture and the price and the name, so, making a blurb about it is good and that is the reason why they want to upgrade within the bottom of that product description.

Linking products to info article

 The other thing is the products to the info articles are interesting because if you have a product that has confusing parts and you want to teach people about those parts, well, just link to that and you can use the specifications as a breakdown. Just link that specification name or type a little, learn more links and then make that go to the article.

Black links and link building

Black links and link building help on how you drive organic traffic to your website and this is also how you drive your organic rankings up in Google. Google defines the best website up there by the types of backlinks they have first and foremost. If you’ve got backlinks in a big authoritative website relevant to your niche, it’s way more likely you’re going to show up in the organic results for keywords than if you don’t have any. Even if your content is completely aimed at those keywords if you don’t have any backlinks, you’re not getting any referral thumbs up from any web sites and Google sees that.

YouTube videos, in my opinion, are the best place to get people to click through. So, make your own YouTube videos, go out on your channel and comment on other people’s YouTube videos in your niche so you get black links to your channel.

The next thing you should do is niche sites that have usually comment sections on the blog posts. Make a profile for a niche just specific to your niche and go and make a helpful comment and they usually allow you to put your website address as a link to your name. If you make a nice helpful post that adds more value to the blog post, then you won't have a problem publishing that you get a free backlink to your website. It might not be a follow link but at least it'll be a backlink and somebody reading through that blog post will be more likely to click through to your website. There is a big difference between do-follow and no-follow links. Keep in mind that do-follow links give you more SEO juice whereas no-follow links don't give us SEO juice. SEO juice is this thing where you get that authoritative backlink, so you want to do guest posts and stuff like that. That's what it's going to give you do-follow links. Whereas commenting gives you no following. So the commenting will give you backlinks for people but not for SEO, just keep that in mind. With that said, I'm going to be getting into guest articles in a minute here.

The next thing is social media. Your Facebook page and group, Twitter and Pinterest are all really good places to get backlinks from. You should be posting all your products and collections and pages and articles on a Facebook page and then you should set up some sort of an IFTTT automation so that automatically it gets pulled from your page and put into your group. In that way, you can build a group and put content in there. Having a Twitter profile is great because you can build an automation out so anything goes to your Facebook page goes to your Twitter page automatically and then you have a backlink there. Pinterest is great because you can put all of your product images onto Pinterest and each one of those images will link back to that product to its specific board and that way when somebody's browsing through Pinterest will see your product and they go to your website. There's tons of backlinks sign up available and it's all free to do.

The next thing is Reddit, which is pretty cool. It's a forum where people are searching to solve their problems. If you are into how-to content stuff, which you should take it if it's from your how-to content and put it into answers on Reddit or Reddit forum posts that are relevant and then provide backlinks to that article on your website. Getting backlinks from major forms to articles on your website is good at builds of your URL rating that boosts your entire website SEO in general.

There are also niche forums. It's like a broad form that has niche forms in it but then there's like niche-specific forums. Get into those and make this a goal, to never spam those forums. Just provide helpful, relevant information or maybe a backlink to an article but never spam them products. Never try to sell them anything there. Create a profile that you can link to your website and put a call to action there. That's the best you can do.

How to get backlinks

Backlinks that have do-follow is the most important type of backlink you should get. The best way to do this is to grab guest articles and cross-promotions. With a Guest article, reach out to a blog let them know that you made an article that's a thousand words on a specific point that is unique in this way that you appreciate having to post it in their blog so more people can see it and help them. All they need to do is just make a little author profile at the bottom and link it somewhere in the article. That way, they'll get free content for their blog and you'll get a free do-follow backlink to your website from an authoritative source. It could maybe cost you %40 the most to get the article written or if you don't treat it yourself and then you get out there and get tons of good traffic there and SEO juice.

Cross Promotions are cool because you'll be finding influencers in your niche and influence your marketing and is one of the most important ways to get seen. After all, it's a referral from a highly sought after source or information in your niche. Reach out to influencers whether they be on Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and bloggers. It depends on your niche since every niche is different but get those cross-promotions out.

Helpful posts are also good because anything that can think of how to space. If you can create a better blog and you can create an article on a website like medium or any other article directory, you can create the same articles there and you get backlinks to your website from those big rotated websites. Now, they're not as relevant to your niche so they won't be as strong but will still be a good backlink from a good niche.

Create content constantly because people will find your content and link to it eventually. You usually find these on forums.


Trevor Fenner

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