FreedomVoice Review: The Best VOIP System for Small Businesses


Do you know how much time your employees spend communicating? 

According to research, employees spend an average of 80% of their working time communicating. Imagine spending that 80% through a complex virtual phone system - how will it affect your service and equipment fees? Do you realize how much it can decrease your productivity and your profit? This issue stresses the importance of picking the right phone system for your business. 

A reliable phone system is one of the vital requirements for every business. The type of phone system you have in your company can either make or break the flow of the productivity of your workplace. In essence, having a sound phone system is a crucial investment that will have a significant impact on the bottom-line of your business. 

Small businesses need to pick a phone system that can present a professional image without exceeding budget limits. As an entrepreneur, you need to make a big impression without spending more than what you can.

This blog will be focusing on FreedomVoice, one of the phone system providers that offer robust and cost-effective phone solutions - perfect for small to mid-sized businesses. 


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What is FreedomVoice?

Starting in 1996, FreedomVoice paved the way for virtual phone service providers offering toll-free phone service solutions in the US. The company helps small businesses achieve big scale goals on a cost-effective budget. 

In 2016, GoDaddy acquired FreedomVoice, and together, they specialize in helping small businesses grow and succeed with phone solutions packed with an array of calling, collaboration, and mobility tools. 

FreedomVoice gives you the option to choose between virtual or cloud-hosted VoIP phone services. Both options are simple and don’t require the installation of external equipment. The system is custom-built for businesses that need to present a professional image while getting a seamless phone service to contact employees, even the remote ones.  

FreedomVoice Cloud Phone

FreedomVoice offers business-quality VoIP phones that you can use alongside its service. It comes with a plug-and-play setup and requires no complex adjustment, so you’re sure to activate the phones immediately.

The cloud phone service includes unlimited local and long-distance calling from CloudPhone devices to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. No need to worry about additional costs.

FreedomVoice Cloud PBX

FreedomVoice Cloud PBX is the cloud-based phone system of FreedomVoice designed to save users money as they focus on running their business. The system requires no external hardware, and the phones are professionally installed. 

Included in the FreedomVoice Cloud PBX is the application for Android and iOS devices. This application will allow users to manage their calls and voicemail wherever they are. 

Plans and Pricing 

FreedomVoice offers three different pricing plans for their Cloud Number named Start, Edge, and Suite.

There are no contracts with FreedomVoice. You pay every month, and you may cancel anytime you want. The company also offers a 30-day risk-free trial.

The Start plan is the lowest of the packages with a $9.95 per month charge. This subscription deal is ideal for small businesses with less than ten employees. With Start package, you get 400 minutes with a 3.9¢ additional fee for every exceeding minute. It has ten voice mailboxes and one toll-free or local number.

The next subscription plan is the Edge plan. This plan is ideal for businesses with up to 25 employees. You get to benefit from its 1200 minutes for $19.95 per month. It also charges 3.9¢ for every additional minute. It has 25 voice mailboxes and one toll-free or local number.

The highest plan is the Max plan for $29.95 per month. It includes unlimited minutes with no additional charge for exceeding minutes. It also consists of a primary Polycom phone. 

Users can get upgraded phones for $5 per phone, that you need to pay each month. 

Each plan also has the following features:

  • Virtual auto attendant 
  • After hours greeting
  • Smart number routing
  • Call forwarding
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Call queue
  • Custom hold music
  • Call screening
  • Call whisper
  • Call hunting
  • Call rotation 

Aside from the abovementioned, you can avail of additional features that may suit your business needs. These features include:

  • Call recording
  • Voicemail transcription services
  • Ability to professionally record automated greetings

FreedomVoice Features

FreedomVoice specializes in helping home-based businesses and small businesses with its phone system. The concept is like Grasshopper’s services, where the clients get an office phone while having all the information forwarded to their mobile phones.  

It offers a wide variety of features that’s easy to use regardless of the plan you choose. The features are simple, necessary, and with high efficiency that is perfect for any business.

Since external hardware is not necessary for the installation, FreedomVoice can be up and running within minutes. After you sign up and select a toll-free number or a local number, the service is live and ready for you to use. You can choose a new number or carry over an old phone number that you have. 

Here are some of the features of FreedomVoice:

Auto Attendant

In setting up the system, one of the first things you must do is record a greeting for the automated attendant. With the auto attendant, the callers will be introduced to your business and your promotions and will prompt the caller to select and press the department they wish to contact. The call will get transferred to the department or employee.

You can easily change the auto attendant greetings anytime.   

Call Forwarding

FreedomVoice has an extensive call-forwarding system that routes calls to each employee’s phone, such as a mobile phone or home phone. This feature gives small businesses the benefit of not purchasing an office phone for every employee. This feature will also benefit the callers as their calls get forwarded to one or more numbers giving them more chances of getting answered.  

For an extra $10 per month, you can avail of a call queue. With the call queue, callers will be put on hold until someone is available to answer the call. 

Internet Faxes

FreedomVoice doubles as an internet fax service. Through the WebLINK, businesses can send and receive faxes. Fax sent is kept online as a PDF file that you can access anytime through your WebLINK portal, you can also set up automatic forwarding to your email inbox or direct it to your fax machine.

The WebLINK is your online control panel where you can manage the phone system. You can check messages, add users, and make changes to your settings.  

Customer Service

FreedomVoice's customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. via phone or email and 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays. There is also an available 24/7 support in case of emergencies. 

The Judgment

Overall, FreedomVoice offers services and a system designed for a small number of employees. Users can easily customize the features to best suit their business needs, allowing flexibility without the extra charges. 

With the features and price, FreedomVoice is an excellent phone system for small businesses.

What do you think of FreedomVoice? Please drop us a comment below!


Maximize your Productivity and Sign Up with FreedomVoice Today!

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