Goals and Projects


Hey guys, Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise. 

In this talk, I'm going to discuss my goals and current projects.

I know that a lot of times, we get hung up as an entrepreneur with so many different project ideas. You can also get hung up on your main project because you're getting burnt out on it, and you want to look at other avenues of entrepreneurship and business. So I'm kind of always going through this myself.

I always feel like it's important to discuss these things, especially with a wide audience and people worldwide. I know it's happening with everybody out there, not just me.

I want to give you a breakdown of the 10 different things that are going on in my life right now. And hopefully maybe you can learn a little bit from it. You just take what you want from it.

So the first thing we talk about is the eCommerce Paradise podcast and website. So I was just able to get this podcast launched within the last month finally, and it just showed up on the iTunes store. I want you to guys go out and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and leave an honest review, please. I really want to hear what you guys think about the podcast. I would truly appreciate that.

I'm trying to build a website right now. It's an interesting process for me because I built websites in the past, but they're all pretty simple, and I'm trying to do something new. I'm trying to build a website with beautiful landing pages on it, a nice, easy go-through blog, and useful resources page. It's a learning process for me because I'm learning how to use thrive themes, which is a plug in, and theme system for WordPress. It's all new to me.

I have to go through and watch tutorials and watch videos and courses while I build it and kind of bang out one little thing at a time. Building a website is all about persistence, and you're going to run into little challenges as you go. It's kind of like running a track race where you have hurdles to jump over. That's what it's like for me.

As I go about that, I'm trying to film things that I find useful that. If I overcame a challenge, it's probably going to be something that someone else has. So I'll probably be filming those and call them tech tips or something like that. But that's a big project of mine.

I really want to build out the eCommerce Paradise podcast. Build a nice website with free resources.

My goal is to build courses out so I can teach you guys how to build an online business, outsource, and travel hacks and stuff like that.

I want to do the things that I know how to do. So that's the overall goal with that business. This YouTube channel is all about doing the video version of the podcast and the video versions of the website. I did it that way because I know that video is the easiest media to consume. I like to go on breaks and go down to the coffee shop and just watch somebody's YouTube video tutorial because it literally is the easiest way to consume information. I can watch the person talking, listen to it, and then take notes. It's multiple ways of learning. And that's how I learn how to do Internet marketing in my business.

Beyond my main projects, I have a personal brand. What I decided to do is to combine that with eCommerce Paradise. So in the past it's been Trevor James and eCommerce Paradise, two different things. But what I realized is that if I were to take them and combine them, I could put all my effort into one place. One place that is uniquely mine and uses the brand name as a way to tell people what I'm into and tell people what they're going to get out of it. So it's a combination of both.

Now, it's a personal brand, an eCommerce Paradise. I've changed my Instagram to be instagram.com/ecommerceparadise. I provide different things like product reviews, course reviews, and service reviews on my YouTube Channel. It's going to have the name of Trevor James so that people understand that eCommerce Paradise is Trevor James. That matters to me.

Now let's talk about what projects I have going on beyond that because I'm not just an Internet marketer with a company that teaches people how to do Internet marketing. And the e-commerce paradise brand is just about teaching you guys how to do it too. I really like to make connections, and I like to help people. A big passion of mine is to help people and bring them up as well. I know when you bring other people up, you bring yourself up as well. So my first thing is the dropship stores.

I want to teach you the one thing that I've learned that is super important. Dropshipping is more than just selling a front end product. The product that's on your eCommerce dropshipping site can grow far beyond that. And it should be because once you start selling products, you want to scale your business. You also want to help people more that are within your niche to get solutions to their other problems. So here's what I came up with. Dropshipping is more than just front end eCommerce.

Dropshipping is also figuring out what products to upsell people, which other products they will find useful. It is sending them offers for other things like extended warranties or like white glove delivery. And these things can upsell, or they can be affiliate products. So it just depends on how they're connected. If your suppliers sell them, commit, and you make a difference. Well, then that's an upscale product. But if your suppliers don't sell, but you do find a third party, and they have an affiliate program, then that becomes an affiliate. And depending on your niche, who are these people? Are they younger or older? Are they rich or poor? It depends on your niche. Let's say if they're poor, and maybe in debt, that's a niche of people that need a solution to a problem. If you're targeting rich people with debts for your store, think of offering an affiliate product like a sales funnel that brings them to how to get out of a debt course. How to get out of debt is a big thing.

Think of ways to serve your niche.

Approach this through creating a funnel. This means creating a squeeze page with an email option, a bridge page with a video, introducing yourself and the product, and a button that encourages people to check out a product. Then take them to the affiliate offered.

That is how you do affiliate marketing correctly.

Affiliate marketing is all about providing solutions to people who have problems. It's done through email marketing, and through content marketing. You can also send them an email saying "Hey, you purchased this product from us. You might have this issue. If you do you're like many other people, then definitely check this out."

A dropship in stores can be used beyond that. It can be used to create back end products. It's great that you're selling front end products. You get to keep the money there, upsell them, and create an affiliate product. But all that is front end offers. And unless the affiliate product or upsell product or front products is recurring, you don't really have a recurring income business model. So the backend of the business is the true core of the business. It is the recurring income business model.

There are a few ways you can go about doing this. A lot of it starts with what they call Micro Continuity. Micro Continuity means charging like five or 10 bucks a month for access. But with any niche, you can make an association membership, along with a special newsletter that is exclusive to those who availed membership.

If people are passionate about a certain niche, they might sign up for an association of snowboarders. It's snowboarders' association with the newsletter that brings them all the latest news right to their accounts for five bucks a month. That's pretty cool. You need to provide more value, as much value as possible. To create that, you can install the membership upsell plugin and through apps on your Shopify store, provide access to that part of your website. It's as simple as that.

Have a back end idea with your in business.

That's what I'm working on right now.

Now let's talk about the sales funnel. Sales funnels can be used for everything from selling those back end products or affiliate products. Think about the sales funnel of your store.

Someone lands on your store. Think about where they are in the sales process. Are they at the front of the sales price to the top of the funnel or the bottom? If they're at the top, they need more information. So you should educate them more. You should provide blog content and YouTube content to educate them more before they decide to buy.

If they're at the bottom of the funnel, make the buying process easy for them because that's what they want. They want to make a purchase. So make the add to cart button clear and make their entire funnel easy. And before they buy, give them an order bump. Order bumps are really cool because it's usually something like an extended warranty or white glove delivery. So that order bump is really important. And they'll buy that. And when they get to that end of that buying cycle, after the checkout process, you can give them a one-time offer for your back end continuity or affiliate offers.

The sales funnel process is really important. It can be used within your dropshipping business efficiently. Definitely think about doing that.

Beyond that, I'm working on basic content marketing, creating YouTube videos, and creating blog posts for my dropshipping niche. They don't necessarily even need to be with the products. They just need to be talking head videos or slideshow videos with pictures of the products. I recommend doing the slideshow video with the picture of the product because with this, people can visualize what you're talking about.

We're also building some new stores out. We have one new store that we're doing right now. And then another one after that. So we've got three stores lined up. The way I like to do it is to do one store per month. If I now plan to have three stores, I might do one store in November, one December, and one in January. So that we're not spinning our wheels. We're not pushing way too hard in three directions at once. We want one to go just in one direction. So that's what we're doing.

We also have niche affiliate sites. Niche affiliate marketing is really cool. It means that you don't have to actually fulfill an order for somebody when someone comes to your website and pitch them on a product. All you're doing is sending them directly to the website that gives you a commission and that website fulfills the product. Niche affiliate marketing is really sweet because it's passive. It's a little bit harder to compete sometimes because there are a lot more people competing in niches usually. And it can be difficult to rank. However, using certain strategies to rank, especially YouTube marketing you can rank easily for certain keywords.

The two main types of keywords in niche affiliate marketing that I'm working with are the best product keywords and the product review keywords. Those are the money keywords in affiliate marketing. I want you to think about a niche as more than just a product.

A niche is a group of people interested in a product, and then you can build a website or a YouTube channel specifically to provide solutions to those people's problems.

Niche could be one product, but then you're limiting yourself. You can build separate products, separate websites, and everything for separate products. But the thing is you're going to spend a lot more time doing web design than you are building. The funnel is out so it's better to build a site or a YouTube channel around a niche of people and then provide them multiple solutions to their problems. With that said, the biggest affiliate program that we use is Amazon.

Amazon is super popular and can be used in multiple ways. Amazon is usually used for physical products, but can also be used for digital products like their e-books. Amazon is a huge website.

To go through there, go through the categories, and take the category name. Plug it into kwfinder.com or a Google keyword finder. Add the word best before it and see what the search volume is. Then add the word review after one of the products that are within that category. You'll see what the search volume there is. That's what I've been doing. And so we're creating some really great niche sites there. And the coolest thing about this is that you can use the same back end funnel ideas as you can with the dropship insights.

You can build an association, newsletter, coupons, micro continuity membership into an affiliate site as you can in a dropshipping site. And that is what I'm doing right now. I'm focusing on building a micro continuity membership. Think of a thousand people. In a micro-continuity membership, they'll pay ten bucks a month, totaling to ten thousand dollars a month. And that's huge, right? That's the goal. Of course, that includes a lot of content marketing like YouTube, blog posts, and understanding the sales funnel. So you're out to capture those leads, get those email addresses of those interested in a particular topic, and then remarket to them via email.

You can even use those emails to build custom audiences and look like audiences on Facebook. And we target them with Facebook advertising as well, which is super useful because everybody's on Facebook. It's either they're in their email inbox, or they're on Facebook, YouTube, or Google search stuff. So just understand that and create funnels and capture the traffic.

Put yourself out there.

Be a billboard.

I've been working a lot with click funnels lately to build sales funnels out. Building a funnel to introduce people to a solution to their problem is the main key here. Understanding that, you can build micro funnels out. In fact, you can build funnels just to pitch one particular product. And that's the most useful thing.

The cool thing about click funnels is it's super optimized to do just that. One way to do that is to watch videos on how to do affiliate marketing with click funnels. And basically, you got to click bank and find out a high commission product that sells very well using their gravity search function. Take that product and make a funnel specifically for that product. And the funnel works like this: you build a squeeze page that offers a free video, and that's it. They opt-in, and then they get the free video, which is you introducing yourself and then introducing them to the concept of solving that problem. Let them know that you're going to send them other messages with a 'click the button to watch the video.' When they click the button, they'll go to that affiliate offer right on Click Bank. Those are affiliate marketing sales funnels, in a nutshell. Building it out well is a bit more complicated because you may have yet to learn how to make the email lists and all that stuff. And that's what I'm working on as well.

Talking about education, some of the courses I'm currently taking are drop ship lifestyle, and that's the one I've been taking for a while. What I do is I go back through, and I rewatch the videos all the time because it is super important. I've been taking Authority Hacker Pro. Authority Hacker Pro is about affiliate marketing.

I go back and rewatch those videos all the time. I've been taking all these different courses by Russell Brunson that he pitches to you once you sign up for click funnels. I've read a book, DotCom Secrets, and Expert Secrets. I went and signed up for Click Funnels. I'm using it, and now he's pitching me other things like funnel hacker pro and funnel hacking secrets. He's got a bunch of other ones like the perfect webinar and little courses within his main course.

I think the main one I like is fuunelu.com. Funnel University is a monthly magazine that he builds. He basically hacks different people's funnels and then he makes a monthly magazine. You can watch it, download the digital version, and get the physical version. And he's got a bunch of courses in there too. And it's only like 50 bucks or a hundred bucks a month. You'll get access to all his stuff. It's a super awesome educational resource. If you think 50 or 100 bucks a month is high, that's silly. Go to a university and spend tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, to get an MBA. And, hopefully, you'll get a job after that. Whereas with this, I'm learning a skill and a trade, which is sales and marketing. And I can use that to make tons of money. Which is great, because then I can enjoy a lifestyle that is location dependent. So that's the goal.

There are more to my goals and current projects, and that's more of the lifestyle behind everything. That means traveling. The places I plan to travel to include Bali. We're going to go to Bali later this month, and next month we're going to Cambodia, and Siem Reap to see the ruins of Angkor Wat. And then we're going to go to Vietnam in December -January, around that time for our Visa run and spend a week there. We'll go up to some of the beach areas, and we'll go to Hanoi. That's the goal. And then come back after that.

A lot of traveling has led to learning a lot of lessons. That is mainly: healthy eating and staying healthy while you travel. And what we've learned is that most other places around the world don't have a vegan diet or a plant-based diet on their mind. They serve just normal basic food. Every culture will have their cultural food, and then they'll have American food. That's usually what we run into. So you have to make sure that you're eating healthy. There's always going to be tons of unhealthy food options, and you just have to make that decision.

It's funny. But every time I come out to Chiang Mai, there are so many healthy options here for restaurants that we just go and eat salads every day for lunch, and they're huge salads and super affordable. It's only like three to five dollars for a salad plus something else. It's amazing.

The lesson I learned is that when you have healthy options available, choose those healthy options.

Don't make a bad decision because it does wear you down when you make unhealthy. Do that while you're traveling, you'll be much happier. We've been doing that. We're very happy right now.

The next thing in my life is skateboarding. And skateboarding is like fitness plus art for me. I like to go out and skate. It's like dancing, sort of, but very difficult. It's like strenuous activities like basketball. You jump up and down a lot. Add on to that; it's very dangerous. It's like stunt work. You have to jump up and down things that you could really get seriously hurt if you fall. So it's a combination of things for me. And it's really cool because I get a lot of balance lessons, a lot of balance and fearlessness. Getting back up and trying again. Failure and success and a lot of lessons have helped me overcome fears and become successful at whatever it is, whether it's climbing a cliff or finishing a big hike or building a big website project. I want to learn more tricks.

I have a lot of stuff in the back of my mind. I want to learn gnarly flip crook, frontal 270, nollie heel, tail side 270s, and all the other tricks that are super-advanced that would probably take weeks and weeks to learn if I just put my head to that one trick. But the thing about skateboarding is that you tend to get distracted. It's hard to try one trick for more than like ten tries before you just like getting over it and want to try something else. So if you want to learn a trick with skateboarding, the biggest thing is to do one little part of the trick at a time. For now, your whole crook for nollie heel tail side. If you don't even know how to get onto the tail side. Try the nollie heel toward the ledge. Just do a little bit here. Throw it towards the ledge until you get your body comfortable with being over it as it gets onto the ledge. And then when you throw at onto the ledge, you always don't get comfortable with it. Then just stick it into it and just start pressing into the latches. Like, catch it and go then just slip out a few times and hang up. But eventually, you'll start landing on it and be more comfortable with it because you've already done a tailslide. Eventually, you'll get the motion, you'll land in there and then and then you'll come out. But it's the coming out that isn't easy because, like, you know how to get out regular, you know how to get fakey, but you wanted you to do 270 out. You got to learn that first. So learning at 270 is different. You've got to get into a tail side and then learn it out. You just jump out towards a ledge, just keep jumping out a little bit here and there. And then, all of a sudden, you start twisting your body around a little bit more, you wind up more, and you twisted more. You'll then learn how to put your back toe out so that that that wheel becomes a pivot point and you turn back around.

The key to learning anything in skateboarding is, is learning it one little step at a time. One little thing.

Health is the next big thing in our lives. Our current diet is definitely excluding any kind of alcohol, excluding any kind of junk food. I do drink coffee and have a little bit of sugar in it. So that's not the best thing. But it does keep me going every day, gets me excited, and gets me pumped up to do this content. And that's what I'm counting on, counting on myself to come through for myself right now. So I really want to keep doing that.

Keep that up.

But the key is, to eat lots of healthy food so that you'll feel good and that you'll keep going Getting sick puts you out. And it sucks.

Stay healthy, guys.

The last thing about this video is my goal to have a good marriage. I've learned to respect my wife and to help her learn. I'm learning slowly because I realize if I throw too much stuff just like anybody, they get overwhelmed. Just one little thing at a time and have fun with it make it fun like you would like a kindergarten class.

Keep learning stuff because when you make online business or any kind of business learning fun, all of a sudden, your body associates business with fun. And that's awesome because you want to do stuff that's fun or wants to do exciting things.

I'm a hacker, so I like to hack into different things and figure out what works and what doesn't work. Money comes as a result. That's pretty awesome. I can now check my Amazon affiliate dashboard, and every day I'm making a few hundred bucks in sales. That's pretty amazing. It shows that doing those review videos on my channel really does result in getting commissions. And it's only a little bit right now. But I'm scaling it and building more videos out and building websites for niche affiliate stuff.

My goal is at 10x within the next six months, and I'll be having a few thousand dollars a month in affiliate income, and that's going to be huge. We'll go from just covering rent with income to being able to cover tons of travel with a filtered income to which can be scaled even more. Now we have the money to travel with better gear and stuff like that and be able to provide more solutions to people with problems. That's the whole goal here.

I want to say thank you so much. It's difficult to make my life relatable to other people. Sometimes we do so much crazy stuff. But if you are reading this, I want you to understand that it is all possible.

I'll do a separate video on productivity. It will be all about figuring out what's the most important thing in your life. What's going to bring you the most results and make you feel the best about yourself. What will make you feel good and bring you the most reward in multiple ways, spiritually and health-wise.

Get out there, guys.

Create more great things in your life.

Don't stop.

Don't be afraid and do what you think is the best thing to do.

We'll see you again!

eCommerce Paradise was created by Trevor Fenner of Seattle, Washington in 2015 to help you, the entrepreneur, to start and scale your own eCommerce business. Trevor owns multiple 7-figure eCommerce stores and is a digital nomad, traveling the world while working remotely with the help of his team of virtual assistants from around the world. Trevor is currently located in Bali, Indonesia, and is a passionate skateboarder, surfer, scuba diver, photographer, environmentalist, outdoorsman, fitness and tattoo enthusiast.

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