Grasshopper Review: Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

Communication is a vital aspect of every industry. Communication will always be a part of the business, whether in healthcare, transportation, or retail. With the advancements brought about by the internet, there are tons of communication channels options for businesses to utilize. Having an active communication channel is crucial, considering it directly affects the business’ productivity and coordination, especially now that most companies are going digital. 

Businesses have now changed - from having mainly stationary to slowly employing remote workers, distributed teams, and freelancers. The problem is, now that businesses are getting flexible, what happens to the regular communication? Here is where virtual phone solutions come in. 

While there are new digital messaging channels available such as e-mail, chat, and other social media channels, many clients still prefer phone lines. Thus, businesses still have their phone numbers available for viewing in their calling cards and websites. 

With a boost in the number of companies providing virtual phone services, choosing can be overwhelming. Different virtual phone system providers offer different sets of features as well as pricing structures. 

Thus, it's best if you look for a phone solution that comes with all the features you need while keeping your employees, even the remote ones connected under the same system. With these qualifications, Grasshopper is the one to call. 

This blog will give you a look at how Grasshopper can help you with your virtual phone solution needs. Let’s take a look at what it is and its features before hopping in! 

Solve Your Hotline Issues! Start With Grasshopper Today!

What is Grasshopper?

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs that aims to provide a simple and robust phone system that can be used anywhere in the world. It’s one of the virtual phone systems providers that has proven its capability to 350,000 customers globally. When you switch to Grasshopper, all the fundamental features of standard phones and virtual phone systems will be available to you with no virtual limits. With no external equipment and software installations, all phone calls and information will be on the cloud. 

The company offers tons of features that you’ll benefit from, including a straightforward account manager, which you can easily customize from greeting messages and voicemails to call forwarding and routing. You also get a desktop softphone when you sign up with Grasshopper.

How does Grasshopper work?

So how does Grasshopper work with no hardware and software installed? For starters, all you need to do is get a toll free or a local number. Then you need to record your main business greeting and assign extensions for departments and employees. It is just that simple! 

Each employee and department has a specific and dedicated extension. You can quickly group employees into each department to easily set their extensions - thus, making it easy for callers to get in touch with them. When there is a call, your service has many options on how you would answer the call. You can directly answer the call, send it to the voicemail, or hear the caller’s name or phone number to screen if it’s someone you want to speak with right away. 

Managing the system is smooth through its online portal. You get access to the portal to set the call-forwarding tree. Then you can assign numbers they want calls forwarded and the order in which they will ring. 

With Grasshopper, calling is not the only option. You can also respond via text, especially for clients who prefer texting over calling - without the need to give out your personal number. You can also respond to missed calls automatically with the instant response feature. 

Your Virtual Phone Line and More

One of Grasshopper’s features is its desktop and mobile phone applications. This feature allows you to work no matter where you are as long as you have your device. With these apps, you can even see a log of your calls to respond to your clients efficiently. Missed calls would not be an issue because you can answer your calls even at your home’s comfort. 

Up next is Grasshopper’s call forwarding. Call forwarding is redirecting incoming calls to another phone number or another service. It is sometimes referred to as call transferring. 

Forwarding your calls is efficient for businesses. If your business receives a lot of calls, a single receiver won’t be able to answer it all. Most of the calls will be left on hold or, worse, get lost. Forwarding your calls to specific departments of your business will ensure there are no missed calls with the caller’s queries efficiently answered. Extensions of Grasshopper can send calls to any phone number; it doesn’t matter where your employees are. It can also forward callers to your cellphone or even your skype line. 

Another feature is call management. Incoming call management lets you control how and when you receive calls. You can set a time for your business hours and set an away greeting for those who call beyond those hours. With this feature, you can separate your business hours with personal hours without worrying about your clients. 

Grasshopper also has a feature called simultaneous call handling. With this feature, the callers are forwarded to the next available forwarding number when they reach a busy line. Instead of getting “busy,” the caller hears a standard ringtone until the available team receives the call. This feature makes a high volume of calls more manageable.  

The fifth feature is for conference calls. Grasshopper has an available conference calling available in its service. With this feature, you can host a conference call with up to 10 callers or up to unlimited callers with the small business plan. 

Grasshopper has a lot more features for you. They have a support team available 24/7 via phone call. You can also request help via the online forms. Check out their page to find out more. 


Grasshopper has three available service plans: Solo, Partner, and Small Business Plan. All plans include unlimited minutes and a full-suite of what Grasshopper offers. The main difference between the subscription plans is only the number of phone numbers and extensions they include. You can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. When you decide to sign up with a yearly subscription, you get a 10% discount. Know more about the said plans below.

For starters, you may opt for Grasshopper’s Solo Plan. The Solo plan costs $29 per month, which you can get for as low as $26 per month if you choose an annual subscription. This plan offers one number paired with three extensions.

Then we have the Partner plan. This subscription plan costs $49 per month and $44 per month for annual subscribers. The Partner plan comes with three numbers and six number extensions. 

Lastly, we have the Small Business plan, which from the name itself is best for small businesses. This plan costs $89 per month or $80 per month for annual subscribers. The Small Business plan comes with five numbers and unlimited extensions.

Grasshopper has no contracts or lock-in period. You can pay month to month and cancel whenever you want to. But do notice that with the annual service plan, you can save ten percent compared to the monthly billing plan.

Is it time to hop with Grasshopper?

That would be an absolute yes!

Grasshopper has one of the best call management systems. With its simple account manager, Grasshopper assures that your organization - whether big or small, can handle all call-related traffic without problems. It also has a price that is just right for the included features and unlimited minutes. 

You should try it! With its 30-day money-back guarantee, it might be the business phone solution that you are looking for. 

Solve Your Hotline Issues! Start With Grasshopper Today!

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