G Suite Review: Best Email Service for Small Business


One question in mind that always pops out is, “what else can Google do?”. This prominent tech company seems to be able to invent anything, from driverless cars to anti-aging devices to Google glasses. Google doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, all thanks to its genius Googlers.

For entrepreneurs, they developed a productivity & collaboration tool so that team members can work together and access files wherever they call it G Suite. G Suite is a compilation of collaboration tools for small businesses around the world that enables web conferencing, file sharing, team collaboration, scheduling, and many other productivity tools in the cloud. G Suite is ideally suited for small-to-medium businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and anyone who prefers to work through the cloud.

Here are some insights on why G Suite is much needed in many businesses today:

  • Enables hassle-free document sharing
  • Offers ample file storage
  • Gives you the ability to have your domain name
  • Centralized access to files and email accounts
  • Single sign-ins across other integrated cloud-based apps
  • Customizable user interface
  • Reliable online support
  • Compatibility across all devices

In this blog, we’ll give you an in-depth review of G Suite’s features that will help you evaluate if G Suite is worth trying for your business.


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G Suite is the flagship product of Google aimed at productivity and collaboration. It’s a cloud-based service. Meaning, you don’t have to store anything on your storage disk, desktop, or flash drive. You may be familiar with Gmail, which is the most used application within G Suite. However, G Suite is more than just Gmail. G Suite hosts several other apps, including Google Drive - for data storage, Google Docs – for documentation, Google Sheets – for spreadsheets / tabular content, Google slides – for presentations, Google Hangout (Meet / Chat) – for messaging, and a bunch of other workplace tools. We’ll dive deep into each of the G Suite applications below.


Gmail is the most widely used app within G Suite. Many of us must have used it either for personal or business use. However, G Suite’s version of Gmail is an enhanced version of the typical one. Aside from having your domain name in your email, you also get to create group email addresses, enable S/MIME encryption, read and draft emails offline, redirect mail access to other team members, and many others.

This email tool is very user friendly and easy to use. It also has other apps built within it, including Google hangouts meet and chat for messaging and video calls. You can also integrate extensions for enhanced email usage.

Google Calendar

G Suite’s calendar is similar to the free version that lets you share meetings, events, tasks, and reminders with each team member. A huge plus is that it also enables you to see available resources for your meetings like meeting rooms. Another feature that is nice to have is “Find a time” that lets you see the same free slots for multiple team members to make it easier in setting meetings.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of G Suite’s top assets. It’s a cloud-based storage tool that keeps your file on the cloud, which you can easily access through your browser anytime – through laptop or mobile.

Google Drive makes it extremely easy to store, access, share, and search files among team members. Its enhanced administration control lets you limit the members you’re going to give access to specific data. The only downside is its compatibility issues with non-Google email accounts – thus, sharing files with these non-Gmail users tends to be such a hassle.

One highlight of this product is its search functionality; if you’re as disorganized a person can be – this will come handy. With this feature, you can search intensively for content not just through the folders but within the documents themselves! Unsystematic files? Google Drive’s got you covered!

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

This pack is essentially Google’s version of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. While the interface may be a bit different, its functionality remains evident. Since these tools are cloud-based, files are saved automatically with every change - which is also updated in real-time for everyone to see. Collaboration is not an issue since multiple users can work on the same file simultaneously without conflicting variations.

However, if you’re expecting a full list of features with that of Microsoft office (in terms of advanced spreadsheet formulas, advanced formatting, etc.), this might not be a good option.

Google Hangouts Meet and Chat

This tool is equivalent to Microsoft’s Skype and Microsoft Teams. This collaboration tool isn’t so familiar, like Gmail and Google Drive, since it’s a relatively new product. The main highlight of this app is its integration with Gmail, which instantly helps you message / call your team members in one application. This app also improves seamless collaboration between team members in terms of file sharing.

Google Keep

Fond of taking down notes? Then this is for you. Google Keep is simply a notepad or a list-tracking app than can be personal or shared.


This product is Google’s attempt to have a social network to connect its users.


G Suite’s price ranges from $4.20/user/month to $25/user/month, depending on your requirements. Let’s review the plans below:


G Suite offers several support options, the main one being the Help Center, which has step-by-step instructions in addressing different issues with your G Suite account. G Suite also provides administrators 24/7 support through phone, email, and chat. The service is extremely reliable since agents are well-skilled and fast to address the issues. For more resources, you may opt to check out Google Cloud Connect Community wherein you’ll get further insights from other G Suite users.


G Suite is worth every penny you’ll be paying. There’s a lot G Suite has to offer, which will increase your productivity and streamline your process for better collaboration. With its guaranteed and reliable uptime and enhanced security features – you’re sure you’re getting the best value for money.

As for ecommerceparadise.com, G Suite has been our primary tool in managing everything for our high-ticket drop shipping business. It’s the primary tool we use every day to accomplish everything within our company. Google Sheets and Google Drive being our primary tools.

How about you? Do you have any questions about G Suite?

Let us know below in the comments.


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