I am going to show you how to do a high-ticket drop shipping niche hacks. I have found some high niches to get into and also, how to find suppliers in that niche. We are also able to find out if the niche is profitable or ow. Amazon is a great place to start since they have so many different products. 

I usually start in the Home category because people are buying all over the world and the USA. The cool thing about the Home category is that you will be targeting people that can afford expensive products. 

Let’s start in Garden & Outdoor. I am going to go with Grills. I choose specifically outdoor electric grills. The first thing I do is to filter the price from high to low. Now, to verify if the electric grill is a right niche, let’s go to Google. Search electric grills. I am going to check the BBQ Guys website. Make sure that there is no physical store; it means that a supplier can do dropshipping. What I like to check on the website is to see the brands. Seeing so many brands, there is a chance that some of them are doing dropshipping. All we have to do is to email each one of them. 

The good news is, you can do a demo store that is very easy using Shopify. All you have to do is go to ecommerceparadise.com/shopify. You can sign up for 14-day free trial. With Shopify, you can easily set up a website. You can create a logo, search function, collection page, banner, and products. You can create a demo website, so suppliers are willing to sell for you. 

I talk about this in my masterclass. I show step-by-step on how to do this. If you are interested in this business model and you know that it is right for you, you can check that out. You have to go to ecommerparadise.com/masterclass



The course is in-depth, it is beyond teaching a demo site. It is an over my shoulder video where you can see how I do my niche research. I can also show you how to recruit suppliers, how to add products, how to optimize your store, how to set up email marketing, facebook retargeting, how to set up google adwords and run paid traffic. In the course, there are also templates you can use to contact suppliers or do email marketing.



Now, back to the website bbqguys.com. I always tell my students to pick one specific niche at the beginning. Since it is easier to get suppliers that way and close sales as well. The key here is not to stick to one niche. You have to expand for you to grow. This way, you will be able to have a million dollar a year store. 

With this niche research, I can start with a full store name like electricgrillcity.com or grillcity.com, this way I can sell pellet grills, comodo grills, charcoal grill, and anything related to the outdoor kitchen. 

This is just one niche, and I can say there are more niches that you can sell out there. 



Just make sure you have a reasonable credit limit for you to be able to operate a high ticket dropshipping. For a 1,349.99 website price, it will cost you around $800. As I observed while doing top card dropshipping, I can say you need to have ten times more credit limit. That way, you can support at least ten orders a time. 

You also need cash because building a store would cost you around $500. Now, you need to budget another $300 - $500 just for ads. 


When you know it is right for you, make it happen! Get into the masterclass to get things started. 

See you on the inside.

Trevor Fenner

Founder of eCommerce Paradise. High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Digital Nomad, Skateboarder, Photographer, Tattoo Enthusiast, and Cat Guy. Currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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