High Ticket Drop Shipping vs Digital Marketing Agency: Which Online Business Should I Start?




I recommend before getting started with an online business, you have to write down your ideal lifestyle outlook. From there, you can decide what kind of business model you can build. 

You have to picture out your lifestyle first before you run a business because if it is the other way around, your life will be run by your business. Focus on the life you want to live first then build a business. 



High ticket dropshipping is a great business model, it is evergreen. You have suppliers that make the products and you just have to market and sell those products. You basically a middle man. It is essentially retail but you are selling an expensive product. The products that you are going to be selling are the products sold year after year. You don’t have to constantly look at new products and create new ads. The ads funnel is also evergreen as well. You are catching them in the middle of buying the product and closing the sale. You have to do the processing the orders and customer services. It is a location independent because you can do it on your laptop and you just have to make sure you have an internet connection. 



Now, a digital marketing agency is a service-based company. Usually, people start by being a freelancer and doing certain service for themselves for people. Like creating a logo design for eCommerce businesses or local businesses. If you are really good at it, you can hire people and train them to do it for you. You can sell it on websites too. It is a service-based company so you have to be dealing with customers and you have to understand what they want. You have to be really creative and really good customer service and communication skills. 



It can also be hard to do because you are dealing with people as fulfillment. Instead of fulfilling the product, you are fulfilling a service. The quality of the service depends on the quality of people that are finding the service. What will make or break is how well you can hire people to do the work for you and deliver it to your clients. You have to set your package really well because if you don’t it could be confusing for you and the client. You have to do a lot of organic marketing. You want to create content like youtube, blog, or podcast. You have to get people to go to you. 


When you are just getting started, you have to take a look at yourself and your skill sets. If you are not good at managing people, I would recommend starting with high ticket and work on people management skills as time goes on and you can do a marketing agency later. If you are really good at managing people and you don’t want to do all the issues you will encounter in dropshipping you can start with a marketing agency. 


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Trevor Fenner

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