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It lets you connect unlimited devices and more!


If you’re still taking your online security for granted, then for sure, you’re only luring cybercriminals towards you. You might think that incognito tabs are good enough protection, but let me just say it, it’s not. Incognito mode merely hides your search and browser history, but it doesn’t conceal your real identity, address, and your online activity can still be monitored by your network provider. Worse, any cybercriminal can even intercept your connection and sneak into your browser.

Many cybercriminals are out there just waiting for someone to victimize. These people are well-equipped to do their schemes by slowly and surely luring you into their web, so you will eventually fall into their trap willingly and unknowingly. And, people like you, who are the most vulnerable with online attacks are the greatest prey among these predators. That is exactly the reason why cybercrimes today are constantly increasing.

So, the main question here is, how do you protect yourself? Is it by merely having anti-virus software? Always clearing and backing up your files on cloud? Or probably signing up for ad blockers and free VPNs? Well, yes - these are some of the things that can be done proactively to add a layer of security to your online data. However, if you really want an airtight security that will enclose your online and personal data to yourself, then having a good and reliable VPN is what I recommend.

There are tons of VPNs available online. However, not all of them are true to their word of giving you utmost security. Some VPNs are even the ones collecting your data, while giving you a false sense of relief that you are protected. There are not many of them but you have to be careful, especially with free VPNs. If you’re looking for a list of the best reliable and legitimate VPNs that can offer you good security and customer service, here’s my list of the best VPNs.

In this blog, we’ll give you an insight on HideMyAss VPN. We’ll talk about its features, strengths, subscription plans and essentially, if it’s worth your penny.


Hide your Online Tracks with HMA VPN




HideMyAss (HMA) VPN is a UK-based company built in 2005 with the intention to find a way around school firewalls.  Since then, the company grew to having 52 privacy experts provide the best VPN service to its customers.

To date HMA VPN boasts over 1,100 servers across 290 locations around the globe. The company has a fair share of controversy in the privacy space but has greater features to offer its users, which you’ll learn in the section below.

What can HMA VPN offer?

Like any other VPN, HMA VPN offers online security with its military grade encryption, anonymous surfing, massive worldwide servers, no logs policy, and all other features expected from a VPN. But, the thing that makes HMA VPN stands out is that it actually works on all devices. In fact, HMA VPN not only provides custom apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux, but there's also an installation guide to help you set up the VPN service manually across all other platforms. This includes the capability to configure routers - which essentially allows you to enjoy the service with all your smart devices connected to the router.

To give you a better understanding, let’s now go through each of HMA VPN’s top features.

Top Features of HMA VPN


Massive Server Location

HMA VPN has 1100+ servers in 290 locations spread out across 190 countries. With this massive scope, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy comprehensive coverage from anywhere in the world. Thus, you don’t have to worry about unsecured internet connection and not being able to access website content even when you’re on the other side of the planet.

Military-Grade Encryption

A VPN service is nothing if it offers substandard security. With HMA VPN, you get top-of-the-line online security with its military grade encryption. It’s encryption standard is set at 256-bit AES, which is simply the most powerful encryption that even government intelligence agencies use.

Leak Protection

HMA VPN also comes with a built-in added security against IPv4, IPv6, and all other DNS leaks. In addition, HMA VPN has its own no-log DNS servers to handle all your DNS requests to keep your data private and encrypted at all times. Hence, protecting you against dangerous malware and phishing websites.

IP Shuffling

If you want 100% anonymity online, then you will find this feature absolutely perfect. IP Shuffle randomizes your IP addresses to anywhere starting from every 10 minutes to  once a day. With this feature, trackers and hackers will certainly not be able to keep up as you jump from one IP address to another.  


Many VPNs offer an all-or-nothing VPN service. This means that either all your applications are on VPN or none at all. This is somewhat hassle especially when there are apps that you need to access using your local network. HMA VPN's solution is the split tunneling feature. With split tunneling, you have the flexibility to choose which applications will go through HMA VPN with all other apps connecting to the web normally. In essence, you can watch your favorite shows from another country while checking out the latest menu of your local pizzeria.

Smart Kill Switch

With an airtight online security, of course it comes with the benefit of ensuring that you don’t experience data leaks in unfortunate situations. For instance, when you suddenly experience internet or power interruption, can your VPN still protect you? Because HMA VPN surely can.

With its smart kill switch feature, you can be sure that no data leaks will happen during such instances. In fact, when you use Windows, you can easily customize it to activate for your entire system or on an app-by-app basis – giving you the flexibility and security that you need.

Certified and Audited No-logs Policy

HMA VPN prides itself in its certified and audited no-logs policy. The importance of this to a user is that you’ll be sure that they will not keep any of your online data including your original IP address, DNS queries, online activity, and the timestamps of your connections among others. So, by knowing this alone, you can already be certain that HMA VPN will give you an airtight security, which not even them can or will access your personal data.

Universal Compatibility

If you’ve experienced a VPN connection that’s problematic when it comes to other operating systems, then good news is that you will not have the same issue with this VPN service. HMA VPN prides itself with its universal compatibility that allows its users to use its VPN service seamlessly across all devices including Windows, Mac, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, and even your router.

Unlimited Installs

If you’re looking for a non-restrictive VPN in terms of device count, then HMA VPN will surely make the cut. It allows you to enjoy unlimited installs for all your devices and even for the other family members. However, the catch here is that HMA VPN only allows up to 5 connections at once.

Streaming Capability

HMA VPN claims to be a good VPN when it comes to bypassing geoblocks, including Netflix. In fact, HMA VPN runs five servers specially optimized for streaming that allows you to watch your favorite shows in HD without a buffer. This VPN also has the capability to bypass other streaming apps including Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

Excellent Customer Support

If ever you’ll encounter any issues in using HMA VPN, you can easily contact their customer support. There are several options on how you can get support, including 24/7 live chat, online tickets, social media, and even from the user guides on HMA VPN’s website. The company boasts an extensive knowledge base on their website where you can find detailed installation guides, FAQs, blogs, and a community forum.

Upon testing the live chat support, I immediately got a response under 2 minutes. This is great for those who demand an immediate response from an actual person – and not from a bot. Thus, with HMA VPN, you can be sure that you will get help from an actual human being in a timely manner.

Subscription Plans


HMA VPN offers three different subscription plans and a 30-day money back guarantee. Here are the details:

  • 12-month Plan: $4.39 per month
  • 24-month Plan: $3.69 per month
  • 36-month Plan: $2.79 per month

Do I recommend HMA VPN?

With all the features mentioned including military-grade encryption, universal compatibility, massive server network, excellent customer support, etc., HMA VPN certainly proves to be a good VPN that can be at par with the offerings of big brands like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. If you’re looking for a reliable VPN with advanced security and is feature-rich, then HMA VPN is surely a good choice. If you’re still hesitant, simply sign up and take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee so you won’t risk anything. Just try it for yourself!

What do you think of HMA VPN? Let us know in the comment section below!


Hide your Online Tracks with HMA VPN

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