Today, I am going to talk to you about how long will high ticket dropshipping last. This is the question where a lot of people wondering. High Ticket Dropshipping is a very lucrative business model. The people that are getting into it are probably thinking to themselves if this is a long term sustainable business model or is this going to fade away or just a fad.


I want to go over some of the things that I learned over the past ten years of doing high ticket drop shipping and why I firmly believe that it is not just going to last but it’s going to grow like crazy in the coming decades. Now is the best time to get into it.

IT STARTED IN the 1930s

High ticket dropshipping has been happening before the internet. Entrepreneurs put the advertisement for a product, someone will call them on the phone to order, they will then place the order with the supplier. The supplier would then ship it to the customer. You would take payment for the customer over the phone. 

It is the same thing done with the catalog. Sears is one of the first companies to do catalog back in the 1930s and it grew like crazy. Some people get catalog and mail it to them. You would place the order in the catalog and sent it to Sears. Sears will then go to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will ship it to the customer. This proves that dropshipping has been going on for many decades. Entrepreneurs are just using different kinds of advertisement.

 Dropshipping is an old business model. It has something that has history to it which is important to start with.



Ecommerce is now a trillion-dollar industry. That means it is really intense. That is only going to grow as technology improves like smartwatches and smart TVs. We are able to buy things through advertisement in many different ways that before we were not able to do. It is making it easier for people to impulse buy things.   


However, high ticket drop shipping is not an impulse buy as it is more targeted based on the person that is being on the market to buy our product. When they are on buying phase, that’s when you put the product in front of them. Since it is a high ticket, there’s usually a longer sales funnel approach with that. A lot of times, you need to have email marketing backing up so you can bring people back into your funnel.



Technology is improving in all different places, there will be new and better marketing automation that’s happening these days that you can use to bring people into the funnel. The software's are getting better and as time goes on, this will improve and it is going to become more lucrative.



There are people think that this business model is going to decline when the economy declines. The truth is, even as the economy goes through ups and downs and booms and recession, there will always be rich people who can afford expensive things.

In bear markets, rich people gets richer. They hold out their cash reserves and in a bear market, they are going to be able to purchase a lot of investments so that they can they become richer when the market comes back up to normal. The smart rich become richer.



The platforms for selling and marketing products are becoming less expensive and easier to use. Making the opportunity to enter a new market with ecommerce dropshipping store is easier than ever before.  If you ever used the internet - such as forum pr social media site maybe you have created a Facebook page. Things like that are just like making an ecommerce store. The same things apply. To add more to your skills, you can read books, watch videos, and listen to podcasts.



  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action




Shopify is an ecommerce store building platform that is really easy to use. I highly recommend it. I use it for all of my stores now. I offer a free Shopify trial if you go to ecommerceparadise.com/shopify. You will get a two-week trial of Shopify. You can test it out and see what it is like to actually build a store. They have free themes and apps you can use to optimize your website.



It is a good thing to have competitors. You don’t go to a market without competition because that means there is something wrong with the products in that market or just a pain in the butt to manage the products.


Set your self apart. Make your business unique and has the best deal to make your business last. You have to make your business memorable to the people.



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Trevor Fenner

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