How to Build a Brand that Stands Out


Hey, guys, Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise. 

Today, my talk is going to be about how to build a brand that stands out. I think the key to long term business strategy is to build a brand. 



  • What you do and how you treat people,
  • How the public perceives you; and
  • The social proof in the reviews you get.  


Let's start by talking about the brand as a whole, and then we'll go into a deeper category of that. The brand as a whole is multiple things. It's the language used with the customer. 

Is it to your customer base? 

It is why you're in business as a company, and it's what you're in business to do. 



You really want to have a clear description and understanding of what you as a business are. You want to know exactly what you're trying to help people achieve or exactly what the problem is that you're trying to help people solve. 

To work with that or to start with that is to find your problem, find your customer who has the problem, write down exactly what they need, and then just model your business after finding those needs. 


Establish Your "Why"

You got to establish your why. It's the solution to the problem and then why you are doing what you're doing with your business. Maybe it's a personal story that has something to do with that solution to the problem, or maybe it's a family member that had a problem that you find a solution to whatever it is. You've got to establish that why in a story form. 

I recommend doing content, blog, audio, whatever, anything you can do, but then make that the cornerstone of your website and your business and your marketing messages. 



You have to discover who you're talking to and what language they speak. Understanding language matters a lot because every industry has a different language. They have different buzz words. It matters a lot to know how to speak those languages. You can also use them to help educate the consumer.


Educate the Consumer

A consumer that knows nothing about the product that you're selling or the solution to their problem that you're selling can be true fans if you educate them along the way about the buzzwords and how it works. It will make them want to give back to you. 


Build a Subscriber Base

A really good hack right to figure all this stuff out is to build a subscriber base somehow, either Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram profile, or an e-mail subscriber base or YouTube subscribers.

You have to build some subscribers by making free content. Once you have those people on your list, you can actually private message them and ask them what their biggest problems are with their biggest pain point.


Know Their Stories

You're trying to survey people and discover the biggest pain points so you can create solutions to those problems. People will come out of the woodwork and really tell you their whole stories. You can discover exactly it from person to person, what their true problems are. You'll discover other things that you can talk about and create content around. That's a great habit of figuring all this out. And as far as a solution, you've got to figure out how to provide small wins for these people, because if you provide them with this huge thing they have to go do to accomplish anything, it's going to make the accomplishment way harder to achieve. Providing small wins really helps people, and it helps them get to that next stage that they can take and then take that next step. 

People have the easiest time and taking baby steps. Help them take baby steps one at a time. Small in in each continent should be just about a small man. And then, you know, you have an action step for them to take. So that's key. 



You really want to have consistency with all your messages. That means consistency of timing and consistency of quality. All that stuff really matters a lot, because if you think about it, if your favorite TV channel didn't post when they were supposed to post their segment on that particular show, it would definitely lower the quality of the brand image. If that TV show came on and it sucked, you wouldn't probably tune in again. 

You have to make keep consistency of quality and content posting as timely as possible. 



Building a brand is all about building your community. Like I said, with the subscriber base, with the group and people joining the group and people liking a page, you really build a community. You want to engage with the community and get the community to engage with each other. You do that by simply engaging with the community yourself, asking questions. And when people answer, you engage back with them as much as you possibly can. Tell other people to join in, and you engage with the people.

You say if one person, your community has a better answer to that question than you do, then ask that person to provide an answer. That's a great way to get other people to engage in communities, especially other gurus in your industry, to build your community as much as you can and keep asking questions. Don't ever stop asking questions.

People love answering questions. 

One of the key parts to every community, of course, is creating a name for your community. It has to be a trendy name. It has to be nice and something that you'd actually want to follow. It's got to sound like quality, and it's going to sound like a place that someone's going to want to be. Use terms like town, city, community, group, and congregation. It depends on your niche. You've got to find the community type word that really works with your niche and then build that in many membership sites. Use the word insiders, insiders group, or insider mastermind. You can find a word, and you got to give it that branding work so that people really feel like it raises the value of that community brand. 

Keep in mind, guys, this is the last point that people pay for your content like you're at your courses and stuff like that, but they'll stay for the community.


When it comes to creating an eCommerce site, people will pay for your product, but they're probably not going to come back to your side or back to your group page unless there's really a community there and you want people to do repeat purchasing from you.

If you think about a physical retail storefront, whatever niche it is, they'll probably hold events often, especially if it's like a recreational niche or sports and outdoors. For instance, if I think about skate shop, the biggest way they build their brand in our community is by sponsoring local riders and holding events where people can compete with each other, or those local riders will demonstrate their skills and out front of the shop. That's one of the biggest ways that they build their community. 

Think about your website that way, too, and build your community. People will want to come back to your website repeatedly to consume more content and sign up for more of your e-mail lists and buy more of your products.


I really hope you enjoyed this episode in tune with eCommerce Paradise. I'll be doing these as often as possible. Subscribe, like, and comment. 


Thank you. 



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