How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Shopify Store 

Shopify is a service that allows you to create your own website to sell and ship your product. You can join with a free trial for 14 days before purchasing a subscription for $29 a month. Obviously your goal is to sell your product. So in order to run a successful Shopify store, make sure to read this entire article to get the most out of your business! 

In this article, you will learn strategies on how to grow your Shopify store and how to make your shop stand out above the rest. 


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How to Grow Your Shopify Store 

Once you go through the quick and easy steps to actually set up your Shopify store, it’s time to work on strategies to grow your business. You can output as many products as you like through your site. But, if you don’t have enough customers or if they don’t know that your shop is even out there, your Shopify store will not succeed. Here are some marketing strategies to help you grow your Shopify store. 

5 Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Store 

1. Instagram Micro-Influencers 

A micro-influencer is a “normal” person who has anywhere between 10,000 or 50,000 social media followers. So why would micro-influencers help promote your business? First, micro-influencers share a high-degree of trust with their followers. If they share their latest go-to product, their followers will want to have the exact same product. People trust and value their favorite influencers’ opinions. Second, micro-influencers are able to reach a high volume of people on a single platform. As a result, if they promote your Shopify store on their social media platform, thousands of people will see. This goes hand in hand with the trust aspect. If someone’s favorite influencer promotes a particular Shopify account, the shop and its products must be worth taking a look. Even if you already have a pretty big following on social media, still reach out to those influencers. If you are scared of being rejected or ignored, give it a shot. You’ll never know what could’ve been if you never try! 

2. Optimize 

Optimization is crucial to increasing traffic for your Shopify store. Optimizing your Shopify site will allow you to get the most out of your business. Through optimization, more people will find your site. Therefore, more people will buy your product. An important part of search engine optimization (SEO) is focusing on keywords. Keywords are the words that people use to look up whatever they are trying to find. If you understand what people are searching for, you can create

the perfect website content to attract the most people. After all, increasing traffic and sales is the main goal of your Shopify store. 

3. Guest Post 

Guest posting is also known as guest blogging. This means that you publish your own writing on another website. If you are not sure where to start, look at blogs and websites you frequent often and that have to do with your product. For example, maybe you sell workout gear. A perfect website to guest post on would be a healthy living or workout site. Once you find a website or two that would work well with your Shopify store, reach out to the company and ask if they would be open to featuring guest content. Through guest posting, not only will you gain more traffic on your Shopify store, but also gain credibility. You will be researching and writing topics related to your product. If people see that you are writing these great, insightful articles and blog posts, they will see that you have a complete understanding of your product. 

4. Email 

Emails are a great way to stay connected to current customers, as well as reaching out to potential customers. You can send emails featuring new products in your shop, discounts, and any other content that would make people want to visit your site. After deciding what you would like your emails to include, it’s time to build your email list. A great place to start is placing an “email subscription” button or “newsletter” button on your Shopify website. This way, people who want to know the latest information about your Shopify store can sign up. The last thing you want to do is bombard people with emails that they consider spam and annoying. So it’s very important to give customers a choice in the matter. Lastly, here are some tips for creating an engaging email. Write a direct subject line using keywords like “special” or “exclusive” to pull the reader in. To make your email more personal, use words like “you” and “your”. Use graphics that will catch your readers’ eyes, giving your email that wow factor. Make sure to include a call to action by linking your Shopify store in a highly visible place. For example, you can place a “shop now” button in the front and center of your email, making it clear to readers that they can easily access your shop. If all of this email talk sounds scary and intimidating, don’t worry! There are many email apps for Shopify that will make email marketing simple and easy to use. 

5. Giveaway 

Giveaways are the perfect way of promoting your Shopify store. Everyone loves free stuff! A giveaway can help grow your email subscriber list and business, and get people excited about your store. The simplest way to host a giveaway is through social media. It’s as easy as posting your giveaway on Instagram. The prize can be a variety of things. It can be free products, limited edition items, gift cards, or anything that you think your customers would enjoy. Now you might be wondering how giving away free items will help increase traffic for your Shopify store. Well, it’s all about what rules you create for the giveaway. You can have people tag friends on the post or repost your giveaway on their own social media accounts. Whatever you decide to go with, just make sure that you integrate a marketing plan into your giveaway. By making these rules, you are having people spread the word about your store and its products. Through a

giveaway, you create a win-win situation: some lucky person will win free products and you will gain more Shopify traffic. 

How to Make Your Shopify Store Stand Out 

Everyone wants their Shopify store to be the best. In order to be the best, you need your site to stand out. Here are some tips and tricks to make people want to shop from your website rather than your competitors’ sites. 

5 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out 

1. High-Quality Images 

This tip might seem obvious, but it is very important to remember when building your Shopify store. There is nothing worse than finding low-quality photos while shopping online. Customers are less inclined to buy your product if you don’t have a nice, clear picture to show them. Pixelated images are also distracting, taking away from your amazing product you are trying to sell. 

2. Customer Service 

Having great customer service should always be at the forefront of your mind. People will not want to buy your products from your Shopify store if they are not treated nicely. Not only will good customer service make customers want to keep shopping from your store, but it will also help you improve your business. If you listen to customer feedback and make the needed adjustments, it will show customers that you actually listen to them and care what they think. In general, customer service is just being a kind human being. No matter what you are doing or what your business is, always remember to listen and be respectful. 

3. Unique Branding and Marketing 

In order to run a successful company, you need unique branding and marketing strategies. First, start off with the basics, such as your mission statement and how you want others to see your brand. When people hear your Shopify store name, what do you want them to think of? Do you want to be thought of as the fun, whimsical store? Or, do you want to be thought of as the serious, professional store? After establishing your brand, come up with marketing strategies that go hand-in-hand with how you want others to perceive your business. There are various marketing strategies (discussed in the previous section) that you can utilize to give you an edge above the competition. 

4. Design 

According to KISSmetrics, 93% of consumers say that they value the visual appearance of a website when purchasing a product. This statistic shows that design is crucial to your business’

success. If you have a beautifully designed website and logo, not only will your sales increase, but it will set your shop apart from your competitors’ shops. 

5. Philanthropy 

People feel good when they know that their actions are helping people. A great business strategy is to team up with a charity to help raise money and raise awareness for their cause. For example, maybe you’ll give 10% of each sale to your chosen organization. You have a chance to use your platform for good. Don’t waste the opportunity to help those who need it the most. Sometimes it’s not all about you and your needs. Instead of just thinking about yourself, think about how you can help others. 

Now that you know how to grow your Shopify store, there’s nothing stopping you from being successful. Maybe you don’t even have a store yet. But, after reading this article, you might be inspired to create and sell your own product. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and sell your product! 

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