How To Drop Ship Profitably

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In this article, I am going to talk about the ultimate guide to high-ticket drop shipping, 


The reason why I want to talk about this topic because a lot of people ask me how to make a dropshipping website that’s profitable. Most of the people do some research and they always find low-dollar products and AliExpress drop shipping topics. 


The truth is, those websites are profitable but it is very unlikely. It takes a lot of orders to become profitable and Facebook ads are becoming more expensive to run. There is a better way to do dropshipping profitably. I am going to teach you how to do that. 

First of all, keep it simple. You just have to understand the foundations and focus on the basics. Dropshipping can seem complicated at first but just make sure to understand that there are few solid foundations. 

I am going to go over those right now. 



  • BUILD niche-specific stores because it is more profitable to start with a niche-specific store than to start doing a general store.  
  • PRICES should above $500 products because when you do the math, the average take-home profit with dropshipping is around 20%. If you sell a $50 product, you are taking home close to $10 but if you sell a $500 or more product, you are taking a hundred dollars more per sale. 
  • COMPETITORS should be present, but there shouldn’t be more than 10. If there is no competitor, you might consider choosing an entirely different niche.
  • FIND those websites that do not have addresses. That means the suppliers only do dropshipping.  You just have to set up a website first and contact them to ask if they dropship.
  • TARGET MARKET - know who to target. It is a lot easier to run a business selling to baby boomers and older people than selling to college kids that are broke.  You have to make sure that your target market has disposable income. They should be older, more seasoned, and nicer.
  • GOOD NICHE. You don’t need to choose the perfect niche. There is never going to be the perfect niche. Just consider that you have enough interest with some good content on it. This is not about a business for passion but about a profitable business.
  • HELP CUSTOMERS find products that suit their needs and solve their problems. It is important to focus on the target market than it is to focus on the product category. It is the people that are going to be determining whether your business is fun, enjoyable or maybe a nightmare. 


It is simple, you just have to use Google Ads to find drop ship only competitors just by typing in keywords related to those products. If there is no address listed on their site or no brick and mortar store present, you simply understand that their suppliers are dropship friendly. Take note of their suppliers and put it into the spreadsheet. 



This can be a very lengthy process especially if you’ve never done it before. In my Masterclass, I will walk you through the process of how to create a website. The bottom line is you need a website before you can call suppliers so they can give you an account. They don’t just work with anybody,  they want to see your professional and optimized website to make sure you are legit and profitable.



You can email or call suppliers. Usually, calling them works best. You just have to fill out their dealer application that they send you. You will also get their price sheet, codes, images, and videos. Then you can add all this information to your website. 



Once you have your suppliers, you can build into your website with the trust signals, social proof, email abandon cart sequences, lead capture sequences, new customer 'thank you', upsell sequences and build an urgency and scarcity to get people to place their order right then and there. 

I teach all of this in the masterclass course. I will also teach the best theme to use so you are able to optimize your website to the fullest. 



Once you optimize your store, you can start driving traffic to it. You can use Google AdWords first and foremost.

Next thing you do is to use Facebook Ads for retargeting. Anyone who visits the website can be retargeted through the facebook feed and get them back to the website. It is to remind them about us.

The next thing I do is to do SEO, optimize the website for search engines and organic search.

Lastly, Social Media Marketing to get backlinks 



Use systems to outsource your business. You want to create the system yourself then hire a business manager usually in the Philippines. They will do everything on your website from uploading the products to customer care.


You can learn more at ecommerceparadise.com



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