How to Gain Confidence Fast: 5 Steps to Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone Today


Hey guys, this is Trevor from eCommerce Paradise. 

Today is about the five ways you can gain confidence fast.

It took me a long time to get out of my skin and make these podcasts and videos. And while I may not have gotten an insanely high amount attraction yet, it's still pretty cool that I'm creating the content, and I'm actually adding it all to YouTube and my podcast. It's really fun.

Now, the thing about eCommerce is that you are pretty much putting up other people's products and other people's content onto your website. But the key with eCommerce and other marketers agree with is that you cannot be faceless anymore. You have to show your face, and you have to show your emotions. You have to show your personality in order to make sales.

For instance, we have a really long about page with pictures and a video on our eCommerce site. It does help increase conversions. We get many customers who come to us and say, "Hey, the only reason I bought from you is that it tells your whole story on your about page. And we really appreciated watching that."

Yes, you can throw up an eCommerce site and just put a templated about page up there. The key is you have to break out of your comfort zone, make a cool 'about me' video, put pictures, make a cool story about how and why you started the business and how you want to help not just the people that you're selling to, but also help the world in general. That stuff really does help drive conversions on eCommerce. This is paramount to success when you come to creating information products.

There are a lot of successful information products and Click Bank of people that are just like a slide show and a sales letter, maybe even have an anonymous person you've never heard of on the about section, on a sales letter. And yes, those may convert very well, but it's not like that person is going to be able to build a whole brand image around that product. They're only going to be able to build that a couple of different products with that image. And then they're going to get a lot of negative reviews online and on YouTube of people saying, "Hey, that person's fake, that person's not real. So, look, if you want to get positive reviews, you want to build out a really good, solid business and brand, you have to focus on getting out of your comfort zone, creating good content and helping people and just focus on that."

Here are five reasons.

Number one, be fearless.

You have to start by getting rid of all that fear you have inside you and the anxiety you have for creating content. Yeah, it's scary at first. Whenever you go on Facebook Live, you'll think that the whole world will tune in, and everybody's going to be judging me, and everybody's going to think I look funny. Everybody's going to think I sound funny, and no one is going to listen. And yes, that's true. Sometimes people do judge you. People do think you look funny, and sometimes people don't want to listen. Even your best friends are like, this is boring. I'm not going to listen to this guy right now. I've got better things to be doing, like watching a YouTube video or watch a movie. But that's OK.

That's OK.

You're not going to help everybody. You can't please everyone. You just have to create content.

To understand that the power of indexing and creating a library of content because your stuff will not get noticed for a few months probably. Just think about creating content, especially if it's for your eCommerce site. Just start pumping it out there and set up a weekly scheduled to create really good videos.

I recommend doing slide shows when you first start out, and you can put your face in the corner or just be faceless in the slideshow, but at least have it your voice, not just like a hired actor, and tell about your products. If you're a content creator, you go talk about you and your story and lifestyle or talk about your products, your digital products that you want to help people with.

You have to be fearless.

It's kind of like going to a networking event and walking in the door. It's scary at first. Your heart gets pumping. You're not sure what's going to happen on the other side of that door. You're not sure who's going to be there, what kind of conversations are going to spark up, and stuff like that. But as soon as you walk out the door, something magical happens. Like we break out of our comfort zone. You break into that survival mode, that survival instinct, and all of a sudden, it becomes way more comfortable to deal with. And you start enjoying it.

I don't know if any of you guys have done public speaking before, but I've done it quite a few gigs with public speaking on a stage in front of a bunch of people. It's the scariest possible thing because inside of you you're thinking everybody's going to be judging me, everybody will think this or think that or whatever. But the truth is that other people's feelings are none of your business. You have to think about yourself. You have to think about how you're going to be serving that audience and just focus on that. Everybody has the same fears, and then everybody feels like they're going to be judged. Just know that people in your audience, they're even going to feel like they're judged while they're watching you. And, you know, people will feel awkward when you start feeling awkward.

We're speaking with getting out there, with creating content. So you have to understand that to be fearless because those fears that are inside, you aren't even valid fear, so just get rid of that stuff.

Number two, focus on being helpful.

You have to focus on serving your audience. That's what I wanted to do right now. I want to serve you guys by understanding how I found success by breaking out of my comfort zone and gaining a little bit of confidence to create content. And that's a success. You have to understand that every little bit of success in your life should be documented, and it should be taught to other people because other people want that little bit of shred of success. A successful moment is key. Document those in an index, and share them. Help people with that, and then you can really build an idea. That's the beauty of it.

Focus on being helpful.

These five tips thing is all about getting you out of your comfort zone and gaining some confidence so that you can go out there. You can take action consistently every day on the business model. You can go out there and know that if you spend a thousand dollars on a training program to pursue that business model, it's going to be worth it. You're going to take action and have confidence in yourself that you're going to make it through that training program no matter what. You're going to take action, and you're going to find success with that. And it's going to pay itself off in a fairly quick period because you believe in yourself and you have confidence. You have high self-esteem. You don't care about other people judging. You don't care what they think about you, but you do care about helping them. And that's the key here. You have to focus. Take the focus off of you. Put the focus on the person you're trying to help, whatever you're trying to do, and everything will come to you. People will appreciate you for it. People will subscribe and follow.

Number three, try to be your natural self.

Like right now, I'm not trying to be some crazy public speaker with a huge script. I just have five talking points, and I refer back to them because it keeps the conversation flowing in my mind. This is a monologue. This is not a dialog. This is just me speaking to you. You can put a comment, which is awesome. But unfortunately, I don't even read those comments while I'm doing these videos because the problem is that I get distracted easily. I really feel like in the future, I will do that. I'm just not quite ready for it. As soon as I prepare for that and gain my confidence and get out of my fear, the fear and get to my comfort zone for that, then I can start doing life Q&A videos, which is really cool. But the thing about that is I need to start scheduling them ahead of time and market them a little bit and get people excited about it. I'll just do random Q&A videos. Whoever's there might ask a question. That's great. I might answer it. But if I don't have a lot of people, it will feel dead. I have to do a lot of marketing ahead of time to do that. But that does require a lot of confidence to do.

I would say probably ninety-nine percent of the people out there are not entertainers and content creators. And the one percent that are doing it know how to get out of their comfort zone and have the confidence to do it.

You just have to be your natural self.

This is how I talk to people normally. This is how I talk to you when I'm in a conversation. I like to make a point, and I have a great time doing it. I just try to imagine my best friend or someone I really want to help on the other side of this camera. And I really hope that you can gain for something from this.

Number four, understand that you're talking to people just like you with the same fears.

I kind of covered this earlier, but I want to go over it again. It's really important because you and I have to have the same fears in life. We have the same fear of being judged. We have the same fear of pain. We have the same fear of failure. Sometimes we can even have the same fear of success.

Success comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of eyes on it, which means even more judging, even more chances of being ridiculed when you fail and stuff like that. So, yes, we all have the same fears. I think it's important to understand that. When you understand that the people on the other side of the camera or the microphone from you are fearful of the same exact things you are, you wouldn't be so fearful.

You have to be fearless. You have to get rid of the fear because it's unfounded. It's not real. It's just inside your mind. It's not an actual physical thing that's really happening. It's that thing that you think is going to happen for no particular reason. It's built into our psyche as human beings. We think that could happen when, in reality, it's most likely not going to happen. Just get rid of the fears and understand that you are helpful. When that happens, take that and make a big deal out of it because our emotions are important. You have to build yourself up when you're doing this kind of thing. You won't get a lot of feedback, at least at first. So build yourself up by thanking them for thinking you could stuff. And this especially goes for eCommerce. Your customers have a lot of fears when they're on your website. They have the fear that you might not come through, that the product might not be as advertised. It shows up. They have a fear that it's not the best price they could find, a better price somewhere. You have to allay all these fears in your sales page and your website. If you don't, your conversion rate will be lower because people will not have trust in you. They would not have the trust that they're going to get what they want, and they're going to be fearful of ordering from you. You have to remind people of like all the cool things you do to make sure they're going to have an experience. Every little marketing message will build a small amount of trust with your customer base. It's going to help you close those sales in the long run. That's why every little marketing message is key.

It said that it takes seven marketing messages to get someone to buy from you. And it's true. They never heard of you. They've never seen your website or your products before. They land on your website. That's the first marketing touch. The more engagements they have per marketing touch, the better. So if they click more pages on your website, then there's a pop-up, and it gives them a way to enter their email for some sort of an incentive, like a coupon, that's really good engagement. Then they click out of that name, close more. If there are no more engagements, they might click out.

You have the chance. You have that email, and you have their pixel. You can retarget them in two different ways. You can retarget them through Google AdWords, through their display network, which means on blogs. You can pop up ads in front of them that show your products and your brand image again. You can retarget them through Facebook ads, target them through Instagram.

Your messages need to be in line with your emails, which is the second method, your emails. If both of those messages align with each other, it will be really cool.

Urgency is really key. Using sales tactics that will get people back to your website. And if they're ready to buy and you have an urgent and scarcity and trust built into every single step of the funnel, then it's more likely that you're going to close a sale.

The fifth way to gain confidence fast is to have your long term goals in mind every moment of the day to keep you going.

My long term goal is to make fifty thousand dollars a month instead of fifty thousand dollars a year. That's my thing for a while. I want to provide enough value to people so that they believe in me, in what I teach, and they take action. They find success in their life. I'm going to make that money if I make other people that money, especially if I'm teaching how to make money course. That is why a lot of my videos are about how to make money.

The key is that if I'm going to teach you guys how to make money, I need to find I need you guys to succeed for me to succeed.

My goal right now is to create a bunch of awesome free content to help you with that. My goal with my eCommerce site is different. My goal is that the eCommerce site helps somebody achieve whatever that product is going to solve for them. They may come to the site with a problem that they already have figured out that my products may solve. So they're halfway through the sales funnel. There may even be very close to the bottom. They may have done research on other blogs and YouTube and forums and discovered that that brand and a particular product solves the problem. Now, the key is to sell them on my site, my company, my brand, and say, "Hey, I'm the best person to buy that product. I know you have five or ten other competitors you could buy it from, and they also have great USPS. But mine is even better because _____ and a lot of that is just because of you and your personality."

Suppose you were to just put yourself out there with a video of all sorts of cool content, and they found that content elsewhere, and you marketed that content to them. In that case, it's more likely they'll have to feel the law of reciprocity. They'll want to give back to you because of what you've given to them.

Have your long term goals in mind. Who do you want to help? What do you want to help them achieve? How are you going to help them achieve that? And then what is the process you're going to use to attract them? What's the bait you're going to use to attract them? And then what is the course you're going to have them follow to get them from where they are to where they want to be? And that's it.

Your long term goals should be in line with your customers' long term goals or your viewers' long term goals. And that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to help you guys achieve success. My long term goals are in line with your long term goals. You have to keep that in mind for your customers, whichever niche you happen to be in, whichever business you happen to be in. That's what you have to keep in mind.

Hope that was helpful for you guys.

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Take care.

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