How To Get Motivated To Work On Your High-Ticket Drop Shipping Store


Hey guys, welcome to today's episode.

So what I'll be talking to you today are the things I do right before I start working for the day to get my mind ready.

So the first thing I usually do is wake up, brush my teeth, and take a shower, and then I go and drink some coffee and eat breakfast, and then I'm good to go.

But all the while, what I'm doing is meditating about what I'm grateful for. I think of the important things.

Sometimes, I catch myself, like when I go over to grab my smartphone, I looked for a sale on my Shopify app or Facebook or Instagram for a minute. And I try as much as I can not to do that now because I'll end up looking at everybody else's life and all these external factors that make you feel one way or another.

The first thing you really should be doing in the morning is not paying attention to any of that. You should just think about what you're grateful for in your life and then be grateful for that. Feel that gratitude, that good energy. Wake up immediately, go and do the things you have to do and get out of the house, get dressed, and all that if you're girl, maybe put on your makeup or whatever.

Start feeling what you're grateful for. You need to have those thoughts of gratitude for where you are and how you feel. Feel the food and the weather, and your clothing and hair, whatever else you want, and think about it. All your technology like an apple watch and be grateful for that. Be very grateful for all those things.

Be grateful for your shoes, and you ride. Be grateful you have a skateboard, a bicycle, scooter, motorbike or a car. Be grateful for that. Put on some media, listen to some motivating podcasts, or some kind of music that you like and be grateful for that, too.

Once I start working, one of the hacks that I do is put on some skate video on the corner of my screen. If I'm working on and I am grinding, and I don't know how to do too much, where I'm kind of in the trenches where I find myself digging through the mud to get the work done, what I do is put on some skate video. The video will go on, and it will kind of make me feel good and release endorphins in my body while I do my work.

It really helps because you got to understand, that was why social media is so appealing to us. It is because every single little thing we do there is releasing endorphins, especially when you get a like or a comment. It's releasing endorphins in your body, and those make you feel good. So you have to replace that somehow with your work.

If your work doesn't give you endorphins, which usually doesn't, unless you get like some sort of feedback from your boss or a customer, which doesn't happen very often, you have to replace that somehow.

I usually like to have some other form or something going on that gives me endorphins while working. That's not social media related. Social media is very tempting. So I usually put on some sort of a skateboard video and boom.

So whatever it is for you, whatever you like, maybe a yoga video or funny videos. Whatever it is, put it on, but don't get too distracted by it. Just have it going on in the background and grind away with your work because you'll be getting endorphins while you work. You're training your body to appreciate the work more, that you like work and that you can't wait to go to work in the morning and get the work done.

Usually, I go to a coffee shop or co-working space, if there is one around, or I just get some breakfast and come back and work at the apartment. So it really depends on where we are.

We have a hotel, and I stay there. But if we're traveling and there's no good Wi-Fi in the hotel, I'll find a place to get some work done there.

The way my day usually goes is, I work really hard in the morning until about lunchtime. Then I take lunch off, and then I go and exercise for a couple of hours midday because that's when I feel like I've accomplished something. I got a lot of work done. And I think that's a really good habit.

If you exercise midday, you're training your body to raise your metabolism rate after eating lunch. It helps you digest your food. It helps you do better things, and it helps you stay fit. You sweat out, and you can drink more water and stay hydrated. I mean, you get back to work in the afternoon, you'll actually feel really good. Instead of stressed out, you get rid of all your stress. So for me, that means skateboarding.

Some people might mean running or cycling or just working out at the gym. Nowadays it works really well for me instead of waiting until the end of the day, because ay the end of the day, eight hours have gone by and everywhere's really packed. The streets are packed, and the gym is packed. But nowadays, it's pretty empty.

Streets are empty, so it's easy to get around. Skate parks are empty, so it's easy to skate and do tricks. The gyms are empty, so it's easy to get out and workout using machines. Working at midday is really good. And then you go back home, take a shower, get back to work, get some work done, and feel that it's pretty easy to get back to work because you're relaxed. But again, I'd like to get those endorphins going. So I put on something I like to watch, and start grinding.

I go to my next project, and the productivity hack that I use is using the to-do lists. It is for me to know what I want to do next. I just use the to-do list app that's included in the iPhone when you buy it. The Apple version and it works really well. I just keep a simple to-do list with less than ten things. And I'll know exactly what I want to do and I do it. I think of the one big thing that I'm going to get done, and I do that one big thing.

These are all things I do before I work because it's just really important. You got to know what you need to do, and you need to be grateful and be in the right state of mind. You need to have your endorphins released consistently so that you're always happy with your work, you're always excited to get back to work, and you can't wait again to do it.

I remember when I was working at my sales job, I used to watch skate videos. I was between taking calls or helping customers, and then the boss caught it. And, you know, he's like, "You can't do that anymore." And I thought to myself, why not? You know, you would think, "You want your employees happy, and watching skate videos makes me happy." Well, of course, I didn't want to get distracted, though, either. But I thought to myself, what if I could figure out a way to do that and not get distracted at the same time? Now that I figured that out, it works really well, and it releases endorphins. It makes me happy, and I can keep working at the same time. It keeps me motivated to keep working and start working again throughout the day. So it's a really good way to do work and keep focused.

Come evening time usually eat some dinner and then you know, get back to work again. I usually work late hours if nothing else is going on somewhere between like 7:00 and 10:00, maybe even midnight. It just depends on the projects that are going on.

For instance, we're building a new eCommerce site we really want that going, so I manage my virtual assistants and making sure they're on task. I'm building out certain parts of the site and stay at the apps and all that. So it's quite a bit of a process. I'm also building courses, and I'm recording this podcast. It is a lot going on throughout the day. Still, I feel like as long as I'm using my downtime constructively, and recording podcasts, making a video, adding to my courses, and organizing things there, I'm moving forward, and that's what I like to do.

It reminds me of a video that Russell Brunson did on his page one time, where he said that an entrepreneur is not happy when they're on vacation a lot of the time because they're not moving forward. You know, entrepreneurs don't need a vacation because entrepreneurs just want to move forward. Even when on vacation, if you're an entrepreneur, you'll always want to be out and do stuff and get something done. Moving on to the next project or setting something up or whatever it is, and that's when you're most happy. You're most happy when you're getting things done, you're being productive and moving forward.

You got it. You got to keep it up and keep going like that because that's important in life. And don't let other people drag you down. Don't let people make you feel like that's not a good thing or make you feel like a weirdo or anything. I mean, it's true. You're different from people. That doesn't mean you're a weirdo or an outcast. You're a good person. You're pushing ahead. You're building the things that other people won't build. And they're going to look at you. When you are all set up and have huge sales and making tons of money, they're going to be like, "Dude, how do you do it overnight?" You'll be, "I've been doing it for years." It didn't happen overnight. It just looked like it happened overnight because you weren't paying attention.

So that's just how it goes and work consistently every day and build something amazing. Choose the most lucrative projects to work on and work on those. Build a team and keep it going, and be grateful for what you have in life.

Generally speaking, be grateful and then find some sort of art, passion, or hobby you can work on. So you can always grow there and be creative and be the best person you can be to the people around you and have a good time of it.

Make sure you think, do, and be grateful today. We'll catch you next time. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel as well. Sign up for one of the free offers over there at

We'll catch you later.

eCommerce Paradise was created by Trevor Fenner of Seattle, Washington in 2015 to help you, the entrepreneur, to start and scale your own eCommerce business selling high-ticket products online with the drop shipping fulfillment method so you can make more profit per sale, have a sustainable and evergreen online business, get started with very little upfront investment, and live a location independent lifestyle. Trevor owns multiple 7-figure High-Ticket Drop Shipping eCommerce stores and is a digital nomad, traveling the world while working remotely with the help of his team of over 10 virtual assistants from around the world. Trevor is currently located in Bali, Indonesia. Trevor is also a passionate skateboarder, surfer, scuba diver, photographer, environmentalist, outdoorsman, fitness and tattoo enthusiast.

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