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Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise. 

This episode is about calling customers back. 

When it comes to selling expensive items online, a lot of people tend to have reservations before they place their order. This means a lot more presales calls before getting a sale. The magic here is understanding. 

Don't be afraid to call people back right away. If you're afraid, there is a possibility that they moved on to something else. It could also be possible that people want to purchase your product but have trouble purchasing it. That happened to me one time. The customer was having trouble. Luckily I was able to call her. I helped her. She called her credit card company then she called me back. I was able to process the payment, and the product was sold. 

Sometimes people just need a little help with one thing or another; it might not even have anything to do with the product specifically. And maybe most likely, they've already made up their mind as to what product they want, but they for sure want that product that's going to solve that problem. And that's the magic of our system at eCommerce Paradise as we teach you how to drive specific targeted traffic to your product listings for people that are searching to buy those products, people that are actually already decided to buy that product, that is now just doing comparison shopping, trying to find the best place. (If you want to learn more about that, definitely check out the eCommerce Paradise Academy). 

Once people go to your site and decided that you are the right site to buy from, the next step is to try to place the order. People may have reservations. They might be looking for different payment methods or maybe financing. Like what happened this morning, the person's credit card might decline, and they don't know what's going on. It's your job as a retailer to set up either automation or to set up ways to make sure that they're called back and talk to them about it. If there was a way I could set up my website so that every time my credit card got declined, it gave them a screen that said, "Hey, your credit card got declined. But there might be these three things that you could do to get it fixed right now and try again." 

Number one, call your credit card company to check if there's a fraud. Hold on to it. 

Number two, check to make sure you put all your information correctly. 

Number three, try to enter the order again after you've double-checked both those things. 


If I could create that, I'm going to try to talk to Shopify about that probably. That would be really cool to have a pop-up that does that. And that's just simply automation. Think about that in your business. If anything happens that slows down or is a bottleneck and requires you to jump in and be actively involved, think about ways to automate it digitally. I can go to your website or customizing the process somehow. I know Shopify; the only way to customize the checkout process is to either have some app installed that does that or buy the Shopify plus membership. But with that said, maybe that's a good idea for some app. So there you go, come up with good ideas all over the place here. Let me know if you guys have developed that app. I want to be a part of it.

I just want to talk to you guys about calling customers back. I think it's really important that you understand that people really do like talking on the phone, depending on your niche. They will trust you more if you call them back on the phone and stuff like that. You know, generally speaking, just having a phone number displayed very clearly everywhere on your website is going to really help conversions. But that doesn't mean that you don't have to call anybody back.

People are going to call. And if they call and get a message machine and no callback, they're not going to trust you. What I suggest doing is taking those calls yourself, especially in the beginning when you don't have that many customers. Later on, outsource the calls to either a call center or a virtual assistant in the Philippines. And right now, we have outsourced to a virtual receptionist service, which is basically a call center. They answer all the calls for us. They go to the product page to answer any specific questions, and they try to take orders. That really does help us take incoming calls, especially simple calls. But the only problem with that is they're not as well trained in the sales process as we are. So sometimes, you know, the customer will say, "OK, well, I'm still shopping around. I'll talk to you later." But they don't know how to close the sale at that point. Unfortunately, it might not result in as many as in as many sales as maybe a virtual assistant where we hire them in sales would be able to do so. This is something to consider. 

Cost-wise, what can you afford? 

What are you willing to give up? 

What are you willing to sacrifice? 

What do you what are you looking for? 

Are you a traveler? 

Do you need just somebody to take a phone call where you can call them back right away? 

Having a virtual assistant really does help, especially when you're traveling. But when you're at home, I suggest taking those calls yourself.

You've probably got pretty good sales and marketing skills in the sales process. It's pretty simple to go through on the phone. Take those phone calls, and call people back. Work with them and be as friendly as possible. Most of the time, the people who can afford these products want to talk on the phone to make sure that you're real and you're not just a fly by night company.

Sometimes they want to talk on the phone just to see if you are real. Some phone calls that you've taken may have given you thoughts about different ways you can improve. 

When I first got my job and was on the phone with this guy, I had no idea. He just kept asking me so many questions. What I did was take him to the very beginning of the sales process. That helped me a lot. 

Ask them if anybody has offered them any products or has any family or friends said they should try the product they plan to buy. Narrow it down right then and there and say that you have that product available. And more than not, they'll actually be more inclined to that brand just because somebody referred it to them. 

What are your best tips for closing a sale when you got to that point where you're pretty sure they're ready to buy that maybe they still have objections?

What are your techniques? 

If they have any questions, try to answer the questions and help them out. Make it exciting for them, like having a same-day delivery. 

If they're really sticklers, then you give them more time to order. I've had people call me back like a day or two later and actually order everything. 

Answer the questions of your customers. Put it in the product listing. They buy it because you answer their questions. It helped that we outsource helpers - call center, receptionist. She's able to go in there and see what the person is asking. 

If you shop for reviews or any other reviews app, you should have the ability to reply to reviews. And you can go in there and actually write a really nice reply. You see this a lot of times on Google Maps. If you go on Google Maps and you search any particular listing, you'll see that sometimes the actual business will have replied to some of the reviews, and it just makes the business look more friendly and nice. And you tend to trust the business more just because of that. Every little marketing touch helps, and those little friendly touches really do make a difference in the sales process. I go through all your reviews and leave a comment, a reply to the review. Sometimes it's hard to be friendly or be very customer service oriented because you have so many other things going on that you just want to answer the question and get it over with. 

Thanks so much for your question. You know, if you have anything else, I'm here to help.

Sometimes it's good to have template responses. Check out Zappos. Zappos is known for its customer service. They're known for sitting down on the phone with their customers for as long as it takes to help them decide upon the right shoe for them. I remember they sat on the phone for some crazy amount of hours with one customer to close a sale. That was really cool. While that might not happen for you, the truth is you've got to have those people there to answer the phones, and you've got to have them trained properly to respond back to emails properly with the templates and talk on the phone properly. It's all about customer service training. 

I worked for a sales firm in Los Angeles, California, for about four or five years before starting an eCommerce business. They taught me how to respond properly and have things called canned responses ready for when you have issues you have to deal with. Take those kinds of marketing messages, the ones you send in your customer service messages. You can actually put them into your website, too. Consider putting them into your product pages, putting them into your home page, and your about page. The same kind of messages, the same sort of things. 

Every customer matters. 

That's it. Make it a great experience for your customer. Look for different ways to optimize your website by customer service conversions.

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Happy selling! We'll see you out there. 



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